Black hole or money pit?

Interesting to read the article on the Clunes mobile reception black hole. Great to see black holes fixed but I am astounded at the level of corporate welfare handed out to the mobile phone companies.

Telstra is massive company raking nearly $4 billion profit per year out of Australia; Optus earns nearly $1 billion profit and is owned by a Singapore corporation; and Vodaphone is a large transnational corporation.

The government does not have the backbone to tell these companies that if they wish to operate in Australia they must build the coverage across Australia at their own cost.

Instead the government proudly announces that they have decided to spend $100 million of our money supporting these huge companies. They certainly look like they are having a hard time and really need the help, those poor homeless corporate giants!

I wonder if the government has even bothered to take some ownership rights over the new towers it is helping fund – or did they just hand the money over as a grant?

And we are constantly told that there is not enough money for essential services.

Just more govcorp corruption at high levels.

Love to see the justification for such high level corporate welfare.

Maybe MP George or regional development minister John Barilaro ‘who worked closely with the Commonwealth and the mobile phone carriers to maximise the funding’ could give us a short reply on why the three large telcos need such a level of corporate welfare.

Great to see the black spots being fixed but why the corporate welfare?

Richard Hughes, Upper Main Arm


One response to “Black hole or money pit?”

  1. anton says:

    ‘Great to see the black spots being fixed’ NO WAY , I live in Main Arm because there is very little Microwave Radiation from towers here, anyone who wants to be conned into the convenience that comes with this kind of radiation needs to do some due diligence into the effects of this stuff and support their claim that it is safe . As far as I am aware no one has done so, Lloyds of London won’t insure against health damage to communities from exposure, this exposure is steadily being increased all the time . Any landholder thinking of hosting a Tower should be aware that once they sign the contract , such as with NBN, they take full commercial liabilty for any damage to the health of the community , not the Telco, beware!!

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