Global warming: the clock is ticking

My letter regarding ‘Climate Change or System Change’ in December elicited an unusual reply from Jim Nutter last month.

It would be easy to interpret that he has mis-perceived my intentions in critiquing localisation ideology, and draws totally wrong conclusions.

I offer no ‘grand plan’ quite the contrary.

This whole issue is complex, and deserves more open debate and constructive criticisms in the appropriate forums, not the letter pages.

Just to put in context, the latest news is 2015 is the hottest year in recorded history – global warming.

Global oil prices are at a three-year low – tar sands, oil shale, Iran re-entering the global oil market.

Market investors are very nervous with global share markets extremely volatile, with China’ economy slowing down and commodity prices at all-time lows.

Ocean acidification is increasing with predictions of rapid decline of ocean fisheries by 2030.

These are all part of the global capitalist economy, driven by the quest for ‘cheap’ energy and increasing profits.

Avoidance is no option, as some seem to think in our highly individualistic consumer society.

It will take an upsurge of mass action [not as implied ’violent’ revolution] but a collective realisation and consciousness that for the survival of the planet needs political solutions done in a democratic way.

The clock is ticking…

Boyd Kellner, Newrybar






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