Gondolas and a light rail for Cape Byron?

The state government wants to remove two sites from the Cape Byron Marine Park. (file pic)

Improved walking trails and a light rail could ease some of the tourist congestion at the popular Cape Byron, visited by more than a million people a year.

Could gondolas, shuttle buses, light rail or better walking tracks improve visitor experience and ease congestion at the popular Cape Byron?

That’s what the managers of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area (SCA) would like to know as it prepares to survey the community and visitors on its draft master plan for the area, visited by more than a million people each year.


National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will place the master plan on public exhibition in April and May and is urging locals to comment.

NPWS Byron Coast area manager Sue Walker said the preliminary survey wanted feedback on how people thought walking tracks, vehicle access and other areas of the Cape could be improved.

‘Some options might be seen as pie-in-the-sky by some however, we need consider the widest wide a range of options possible to help ensure the best outcome for protection of the environment and visitor use to this very popular destination,’ Ms Walker said.

‘The draft master plan project aims to provide guidance for the future of management and operation of cape, with estimated at over 1.2 million visitors annually, and a focus on the provision of facilities and services for locals and visitors to this iconic location,’ she said.

‘A key issue is addressing access to the lighthouse where current demand for access is not met on most days for transport together with the walking tracks being a popular visitor experience.

‘Byron Shire Council is also undertaking master planning project for Byron Bay, and the Cape Byron master plan project team will engage closely with Council to ensure outcomes are aligned

‘We recognise there are a significant number of individuals and groups with a close interest in the cape and that they will all have an interest in future planning for this significant site.

‘Any ideas are welcome at any time and can be sent to [email protected],’ Ms Walker said.

The community will have the opportunity to comment on the draft master plan during a public exhibition period expected to occur in April and May 2016.

6 responses to “Gondolas and a light rail for Cape Byron?”

  1. neil mckenzie says:

    The gondolas could be useful in town in a few years time!

  2. Len Heggarty says:

    I don’t know where they get these suggestions from?
    I really don’t. Was it from a passing cloud?
    Where is McDonalds, the coffee shop, the Orange drink stand, the hotel and the beer garden, Dominoes, the fish and chip shop and the Chinese cafe going to fit, once you begin commercialism?

  3. Len Heggarty says:

    Isn’t that view worth walking to?

  4. Gary Ainsworth says:

    Fix the railway line and start a light rail – that is the quickest, cleanest and fastest way to reduce the traffic and congestion as well as providing new transport modes/alternatives. And as for walking trails, Byron already has plenty of them and they rarely get used so investing in them is just wasting money

  5. Allen Ho says:

    I am all for the gondolas, The ride down from the lighthouse would be a riot. I had not realised that it was April the First already. My how time flies!

  6. Meg Walker says:

    so why then do we need a filthy diesel train running from Elements Resort every 1/2 hour?

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