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July 30, 2021

Fluoride still a divisive issue in Lismore election

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Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water yesterday. (Picture Robert Hearne)
Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water. (Picture Robert Hearne)

The deep divide in the community over water fluoridation has been reflected in replies to a questionnaire from Fluoride Free Northern Rivers to all Lismore City Council mayoral candidates.

Each candidate received a score from 1 to 6 on how they would vote if motions were put forward on a range of fluoride issues in the next council.

FFNR spokesperson Leisa Webb said the questions ranged from fluoridating the Nimbin water supply to suspending the operation of the dosing plants under various scenarios, such as reviewing the Corndale plant breakdowns

‘Two further questions on whether to halt funding Rous Water for fluoridation and support for a referendum at the next election were also asked,’ she said.

‘In collating the results two conservative candidates Gianpiero Battista and a Mayoral favourite Neil Marks each scored zero. Cr Marks responded by saying “Your questions are now irrelevant…..no longer in the realm of local government in the Lismore LGA”.

‘The alternative conservative Greg Bennett scored 6 on the grounds “purely as a rights issue I believe people have a right to choose whether they consume this chemical or not”.

‘Big Rob scored 2 stating generally on suspending plant operations that he “…cannot respond without further information.”

Vanessa Ekins from the Greens scored 6 saying she was ‘’prepared to move such motions” (to suspend the operation of the dosing plants and for a referendum).

‘Labor’s favourite son, Isaac Smith, broke with former Mayor Jenny Dowell to score 5 out of 6.

‘He lost a point because he did not support a referendum believing it to be to divisive in the community.

‘The survey results indicate that there may well be a realignment of the council numbers to it’s historical stance of actively opposing water fluoridation for Lismore.

‘If the electorate votes or preferences anti fluoride candidates Isaac Smith, Vanessa Ekins or Greg Bennett for Mayor, the balance in the council may definitely swing in favour of councillors opposed to fluoridation.

‘Except for Cr Dowell, no other mayor, whatever political persuasion, had ever supported Lismore to be fluoridated.

‘We very much welcome Isaac Smith’s strong support if elected to help get the fluoride out of our water supply. ‘Also Greg Bennett should be especially commended while Vanessa Ekins had shown great courage in the last council and Rous, sometimes against vehement opposition, keeping the fluoride issue on the agenda.

‘We encourage voters in this council election, whether conservative or progressively inclined, to support anti fluoride candidates to make Lismore safe again from forced medication given without consent,’ Ms Webb said.

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  1. It is immoral for the government to force a drug/chemical, fluoride, on everyone against their will. It results in a condition that no doctor or dentist will ever allow;

    1. Offer a drug to people, without their consent, they have never met and never examined.
    2. Offer a drug with absolutely no control over the dose (one glass, three glasses, eight glasses, who knows?).
    3. Offer a drug with no way to treat side effects (allergy, dental fluorosis, brittle bones, and much worse).

    • jwillie6 – The only justification for your claim that, “It is immoral for the government to force a drug/chemical, fluoride, on everyone against their will.” is your imagination. Provide evidence that scientific or medical organizations consider optimally fluoridated water a drug that is forced on people – otherwise it nothing more than your opinion,

      Fluoridation is just one of the water treatment methods along with disinfection, pH adjustment, corrosion control and flocculation/coagulation, which add chemicals (toxic at high exposure levels) to water to protect and improve the health of citizens.

      Your attempt to label fluoridation as medication is as ridiculous and illogical as someone who does not like to ingest toxic disinfection byproducts claiming “Stop the disinfecting the water. It is immoral for the government to force a chloroform and other poisons on everyone against their will.”

      Since the rest of your comment is based on a flawed premise it is irrelevant. However, you make a series of claims about alleged side effects of drinking optimally fluoridated water and provide no proof – which would be difficult, since there is no legitimate supporting evidence.

      [Furthermore] … in a comment to a 8/2/16 letter in the Arab Tribune you quote from the Malin & Till 2015 ADHD paper that, ““Exposure to fluoridated water causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),,,” That quote does not exist in the paper, and the authors nowhere claim that fluoridation “causes” ADHD or any other health problem.

      • You use the term optimal, yet I ponder as to your full understanding of that term. What is optimal when we are discussing of a populous of varies sizes and age, not to mention tolerance levels. Your ‘optimal’ motions are worthless.

        Other additives we know have a massive illness prevention ratio. They are however, easily and cheaply filtered, while the added chlorine will dissipate over a brief period of time (a jug in the fridge overnight for example, or with boiling). This is not the case with Fluoride.
        Fluoride will not be filtered by your local water treatment plant, therefore almost all of this hazardous toxic waste by product is effectively and quietly being ‘dumped’ into the environment, with a very small percentage passing through the body en-route.

        Society doesn’t have to be this way. You seem somewhat incapable of seeing beyond an Us vs Them scenario. There is a middle ground. It costs money to fluoridate the water supply. That saving, along with a very small increase to rates (a minuscule amount) could supply fluoride to those that need it, in other forms.I actually suspect that just the saving on mass fluoridation would get tablet form fluoride to those that do supposedly need it. This is, after all, the very basis of the pro-fluoridation argument. All those that can afford toothpaste, should continue to practice good dental hygiene, as they are already getting an ample supply of fluoride.

        Those against the fluoridation of the water supply are not saying to ‘ban it’, and I’m sure most would gladly help fund a program to help those that supposedly need it. The middle ground should be glaringly obvious, rather than living in a divide society, we can unite and find solutions.

        What are the health impacts of a community divided? The stress and anxiety this is causing to many who are against fluoridation is certainly detrimental to their health. All for the reasoning that some misfortune members of our communities don’t have access to fluoride toothpaste, which both parties wish to help. The solution is obvious, as the regular use of toothpaste supplies all the fluoride your supposedly teeth need, and to go full circle, this would easily achieve the OPTIMUM daily amount.

      • Fluoride History in Australia
        I have heard lots of half logic debate about fluoridation over the years, but what is the true story? This started politically as a means of ensuring better dental health even though the statistics showed this to occur naturally in countries without fluoridation in the following years. Levels are evenly shown between countries with and without fluoridation in 2016.
        Politiically this was introduced in Australia following the split vote by the Democratic Labor Party who held the balance of power at the time where the six Eastern states (3 for and 3 against) required the West Australian branch of the Democratic Labor Party to decide whether to vote Yes or No to fluoridate Australian water in approx 1963 in Perth.
        No medical information was available nor supplied to us as DLP branch members. No research notes were provided either. But it was indeed a medication process that was being presented with implications that dental decay would be amazingly reduced by its use. I tried to assemble some facts on this topic and argued against its use due to questionable medical outcomes regarding general health and the fact it is a halide that would (and does) displace Iodine in the thyroid gland and also is an essential component for all healthy cells in our bodies. Couple this to the highly unstable iodine and the fact that ALL of the other halides are now present in our water and food chains viz chlorine in water as an antibacterial, bromine as a spray used by customs workers for every imported container of vegetables from overseas (methyl bromide sprays) that cant be washed out of the foodstuffs and now fluorine as sodium fluoride added to our water supply. The end result is hypothyroidism as a massive health problem due to low iodine level as it is displaced out of the body by the other more stable halides. This leads to poor cell health for everyone forced into taking fluoride as an uncontrolled medication. Also noted is the initial invalid research results due to doctored research work in the United States. Over 200 towns were selected for the research. Of these only 2 or 3 towns provided a positive outcome as to decay improvement. Further statements went on to “prove” the results from those selected towns which was thereafter touted as “fact”. How skewed could any parametric research be that selects and puts forward results as “statistically significant” after that scenario? FRAUDULENT is a very good word to use.
        Now we are seeing political outcomes and industrial gain from this waste material scaped from industrial chimneys years later. Disposal of this material was/is very expensive. All we need do is FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL TO LOCATE THE ORIGINAL CULPRITS.
        As luck would have it my persuasion for a NO vote in 1963 trying to defer fluoridation to voluntary fluoride tablets was unsuccessful BY ONE LOUSY VOTE amongst approx FIFTEEN ignorant decision makers. This is the real history and the reason why Australia has fluoride in its water supply. WHAT SORT OF PROCESS ALLOWS THIS SORT OF PSEUDO-DEMOCRACY?
        It is also a well known fact that Hitlers experimental drug trials on prisoners included the use of Sodium fluoride as a calmative, as is its present use in mental illness. Let’s get on with the job of stopping this ILLEGAL USE of a compulsory medication without Australian TGA approval. If people are for fluoride they can take the pills. Much safer for the rest of us and our kids especially. The volume of people who have hypothyroidism would also welcome this action, as would anyone with pancreatic cancer which is made worse by hypothyroidism.

    • Maybe J willie can list the names and case histories of all these people who have been afflicted with these complaints at .7PPM.
      A refusal will be taken as an admission the whole post is rubbish

  2. Ban Ban Ban That is all we are doing today. Dogs fracking, csg, NG etc etc etc – all based on “community concerns”

    We have such a high standard of living all built on our forefathers work.

    If you look at the life style of our forefathers it is anything but “hardship”.
    Is this a psychology issue?

  3. I wish jwillie would mind her own business. She is a US based anti fluoride campaigner who trolls the world looking for fluoride stories to spam with fear and lies. 50 years of fluoride in Sydney and Melbourne’s water supply has proved it to be safe and beneficial to dental health. We should count our blessings for having a water supply and public health initiatives that the rest of the world envies.


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