Second run at ski jump

Charlie Hewitt, Lennox Head.

Reflecting on my outburst last week, I wonder if there is a more creative and less rude way to approach the Lennox ski jump debacle?

Clever countries like America use steep land to build summer ski jumps (google image search).  There is plenty of steep land between here and Lismore where, say, $3 million would go a fair way.  The support structure is included in the land price, and it’s away from a coastal environment and landform that simply could not be more ill-suited to the alternative of building and maintaining one out of steel.  Relative to the current proposal, capital costs of this option would be at least neutral I reckon, and of course operating costs would be much less.

Oh, and it would provide that huge economic benefit closer to where it’s actually needed.

Yes, NSW Sport already own the land at Lennox.  But that is a lonely contender against the numerous reasons Lake Ainsworth is a tragic and ludicrous proposition for a ski jump.

How about some leadership and common sense from NSW Sport and minister Ayres instead of the spin and obfuscation that a small number self-justifying bureaucrats are currently dishing up.

The noble sport of ski jumping deserves better.  Lennox deserves better.  And Lismore deserves better.


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