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August 18, 2022

Spike in unvaccinated pre-enrolment requests

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From December 31, conscientious objectors to vaccination will no longer be able to enrol their children into preschools. Photo from International Business Times

Local preschools have been inundated with calls from the parents of unvaccinated children trying to enrol their kids in care before tough new vaccination rules come into effect on December 31.

Staff at a number of pre-schools say dozens of parents have been attempting to pre-enrol their children for 2019 and beyond, in a bid to avoid the new rules, which will mean they can no longer register as ‘conscientious objectors’ to vaccination.

But the preschools have had to turn away almost all of these parents because of their enrolment policies or long waiting lists, leading, in some cases, to angry, emotional interactions with staff.

‘We have been inundated since the government made its announcement about the new policy,’ said one local preschool educator, who asked not to be named.

‘They’re upset, angry, and desperately trying to get their children in.

‘We’ve even had pregnant mums ringing up trying to get their unborn children in.

‘We have to say “no” because we can’t do that. It’s been very emotional.’ 

Since January 2014, childcare centres have been prevented from enrolling children who are considered unvaccinated by the NSW government unless their parents have registered as conscientious objectors, or the child has been granted a medical exemption.

However in September this year, the government amended the Public Health Act 2010, putting an end to conscientious objection for new enrolments. It effectively stops children from entering the preschool system if they have not been conventionally vaccinated.

The conscientious objection option remains open until December 31, allowing unvaccinated children who will reach preschool age next year to enrol if they can get a GP to complete the form.

However, some parents of younger children have been attempting to enrol their children in 2019, 2020 and beyond under this option.

While a handful of parents appear to have been successful in this, most have not, either because preschools are prevented by their enrolment policies or they are already full.

Local mum Ziv Asher tried to enrol her two-year-old at Mullumbimby’s Shearwater preschool before the cut-off date but was unsuccessful.

‘It basically means that he can’t be enrolled in preschool,’ Ms Asher said.

‘It’s very disappointing, because I think preschool is important – it’s where kids start to learn some important values like sharing, and where they get to interact with other kids.

‘I think it’s a bit sick to discriminate against little children and to discriminate against parents on the basis of their health choices.’

Ms Asher acknowledged that there were many parents in a more difficult position than her because they could not afford to quit their jobs to care for their kids full time.

Parents whose children have not been conventionally vaccinated have already been ruled ineligible for Family Tax Benefit A and the Child Care Rebate by the federal government.

‘I’m hoping that we can get together to support each other as a community by creating our own little programs for our children,’ Ms Asher said.

‘This is a call for the community to get together and take on the role of looking after each other’s kids.’


Meanwhile the retiring head of the Periwinkle preschool in Byron Bay, Ellon Gold, said it was a serious concern that the school could ‘no longer be open to all children’.

‘The importance of early childhood education is thoroughly researched and well-documented.’

‘Early childhood education is about walking with parents through those important early years, but some of those parents will no longer have access to us,’ Ms Gold said.

‘We’ve walked for many years with parents who have made all choices [about vaccination] and we’ve had a very successful community.

‘I think it opens up the question of how undervalued parenting and a parent’s own intuition about their child’s well being is.’

Ms Gold said there appeared some confusion among some parents about the enrolment laws.

‘We always enrol children for 2018 in 2017 – that’s our normal practice,’ she said.

‘We can’t enrol children to come to pre-school after 2018. 

‘As I understand the law we cannot enrol unvaccinated children to come to pre-school after January 1, 2018.’

NSW Health

The director of Communicable Diseases at NSW Health, Dr Vicky Sheppeard, said that technically, a NSW preschool could enrol an unvaccinated child under the conscientious objection option for 2019 or 2020 if the enrolment was completed before December 31 this year.

However, she said this was entirely dependent on the individual preschool’s policies and practices.

‘A preschool could allow an enrolment in those circumstances but only if it was consistent with the preschool’s own practices,’ Dr Sheppeard said.

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  1. A well-balanced article – not! The importance of pre-school education is highlighted, but the dangers unvaccinated children pose to other kids they’re in contact with at pre-school and the community at large are virtually ignored.

    • If unvaccinated kids pose a danger to vaccinated kids then clearly this is an admission vaccination does not work to protect health, if it did then coming into contact with a contagion would not be an issue. The suggestion here is that vaccination does not afford protection but makes one less immune.

      • Rubbish Anton. Vaccination is highly effective and safe, but there is no vaccine that is effective in 100% of recipients. This is why we give multiple doses of the same vaccine.
        Additionally, children with genuine medical exemptions are still permitted entry (so these kids need the protection afforded by vaccination of their fellow preschoolers), and the family of children at the preschool also require protection – younger siblings may be too young to be vaccinated.
        Finally, if you’re not interested in protecting your own children from preventable disease, stay away from mine. You might feel it’s safe to roll the dice with your kids, I however value mine (and everyone else’s) far too much to take that risk.

        • CS has indicated they live in fear of being in the presence of unvaccinated people , this confirms once again the effectiveness of vaccines to compromise the proper functioning of the immune system.

  2. “It’s very disappointing, because I think preschool is important – it’s where kids start to learn some important values like sharing, and where they get to interact with other kids.”
    Seriously? I agree that it’s important that your child learn about sharing, but so should you. A successful vaccination program requires that a certain percentage of the community engage in order for the whole community to be protected. In effect, you vaccinate your child for the benefit of society as a whole, and to do otherwise, without very good (sound, scientific) grounds is entirely selfish.

  3. “parent’s own intuition” does not equal science, and the science is in; vaccines are safe and effective, and prevent life-threatening diseases.

  4. Rock and a hard place damned if you do damned if you dont. One pro vax doctor says a baby can safely take 10,000 vaxes.This is the science we are up against apart from the fact the shear volume of the vaxes are four times that of the baby,the mind boggles.I sincerely hope the preschoos are getting extra funding for those special cases that have become so commonplace. Regardless of ones beliefs or trust systems,IMO the parents should decide not the government. Maybe something good will come of this, when parents of the unvaxed will bandy together and create a safe place for their children to grow and learn in a caring society, that shoulders its own responsibilities

  5. I went to see a doctor to ask about vaccinations for my children – (1992) he said:

    If you are in the minority who has a bad reaction to the vaccine and your child dies, you will wish you hadn’t had them.

    If you are in the minority who has a bad reaction to the diseases vaccinations stop and your child dies, you will wish you’d had them.

    It’s a lottery.

    • if only actual lotteries were stacked in your favour like that! The “minorities” you mention are orders of magnitude different.

      A tiny chance of a reaction to the vaccine (maybe a slight fever or aches for 24 hours) vs a significant chance of a painful death that was preventable.

      I’d take those odds.

  6. Yet I’m hearing locally that parents who do do the right thing and vaccinate are finding it easier to get into the limited childcare and pre school facilities.

  7. All of the schools are open to all children. The parents are making a health choice for their children that are contrary to health guidelines and that are contradictory to the greater benefit of community health.

    In their actions they are isolating their children by the choice they make. They have every opportunity to have their children participate in pre-school provided their children do not pose a health risk to the wider community. If they wish to continue not to participate in being part of the community health solution then they must accept the consequences of their choices.

    It is the parents who are creating the isolation for their children. They are not being discriminated against rather they are setting themselves intentionally outside the accepted health norms of society.

  8. Children ie: your Property ie: { all inclusive to you and no other in society that may make a claim ] of the mother and father Demand that the man/woman please provide evidence ie: historical or scientific that the public authorities/public servants are relying on to give you an informed decision, .

    please be informed read Bodily Matters by Nadja Durbach historical information on Vaccines

    • Don’t bother reading any material about vaccination, except that provided by public health authorities for public consumption. If you have any doubts go to your GP – unless you have medical training in a recognised profession, or in epidemiology or public health, GPs are better placed to assess the literature. Gratuitous advice such as that of Anton and others above on the effectiveness of vaccines should be ignored – he has not stated here or on previous occasions that he has any qualification to advise on the matter. They present a perfect example of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We have a very high standard of public health in this country and the professionals who work in the state or Commonwealth health department are not corrupted by “big Pharma” . Nor are the health departments of the Northern Euroepan countries, NZ, Canada and its provincial health authorities, the UK and its county authorities, France and other countries with high standards of governance over research and public health.

      • If we listen to people like Peter Hatfield, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having so called vaccine protection. That is , herd immunity has not existed for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public health officials and the public into accepting vaccinations. Herd immunity was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich , this theory related to natural disease processes and had nothing to do with vaccination, This ‘theory’ stated if 68% of the population were allowed to build their natural defences there would be no raging epidemics. Vaccinologists now use the herd immunity phrase and have increased the figure from 68% to 95% to achieve immunity, with no scientific justification.

  9. Injecting blood’s serum from animal like green monkeys and baby cows..(-AKA fetal calf serum). Blood brothers with a MONKEY then… DNA is more of an antennae than people know. It pulls human/or/animals’s consciousness down from spiritworld / wherever and allow it to connect to the body and animate it.
    Be careful to refuse the direct injection from animal DNA material or human fetus cells DNA directly into your own bodies lifesupplying bloodstream. GOD ONLY KNOWS why they want to inject us with this questionable crap? Wouldn’t it be better to replicate a immunity with maybe an inhaled dead virus instead of direct blood transfer/injections?


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