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September 22, 2021

Hundreds protest COVID laws across the region

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Paul Bibby

Hundreds of locals are rallying outside Council chambers across the Northern Rivers this morning to protest against the loss of freedom and rights brought about by Australia’s COVID laws.

In Mullumbimby at least 250 people are gathered on the footpath outside Byron Council.

They are being watched by a growing number of local police and officers from the Tweed Local Area Command, raising the prospect of arrests.

There is also a protest happening outside the Ballina Council chambers, including a blockade by a number of truck drivers, and approximately 100 protestors on foot.

It is understood there is also a rally taking place in Lismore.

‘I’ve always been a law-abiding person, but this is too much,’ one protestor at the Ballina rally said.

‘We have to do something.’

Hundreds of locals gathered outside the Mullumbimby Council chambers to protest against Australia’s COVID laws. Image: Jeff Dawson.

A flyer promoting the rally is emblazoned with the words: ‘Join our historic fight for liberty’.

‘Sick of being told what to do? Sick of the mainstream media lying to you? Sick of the government lying to you?’ the flyer states.

‘There are several grassroots movements standing up for the rights of all Australians.

‘You do not know about them because they’re being censored and silenced.’

The flyer then displays a QR code to ‘find multiple organisations that can assist you to preserve your Human Rights.

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    • Sorry to say love but there were many employees, bussines owners, therapists, doctors, artists, mothers, fathers, children, grand parents, christians, buddhists, animists, alternatives, conservatives, right leaners, left leaners, .all walks of life represented to hold the love and freedom for humanity..I feel sorry u are so brainwashed in fear and judgement…this is not gonne stop even if we r all gonne be vaccinated..the only thing we might realise then is that in the shadow of the fear all our freedoms have been taken away…Blessings to you and may u find peace

    • Really nothing better to do than stand up for our constitutional rights ? Our business’s have been shut down our human rights are disappearing faster than you can blink this isn’t about nothing better to do this is about the fact that this virus hasn’t even been isolated ? It was patented in 2003 so that makes it a bio-weapon as its unlawful to patent a living cell its a rebranding of the flu and now they’re telling you to inject a gene mutating therapy TRIAL its not mandatory but we will take away all your FREEDOMS if you don’t ? Not only that the clot shot doesn’t stop you getting it or spreading that which hasn’t been isolated its so deadly you need a test to see if you have it .. crazy forgive me if I seem angry right now but at this point this is all we got It was a beautiful peaceful inspiring powerful morning standing in solidarity for YOUR FREEDOM .

  1. What I’ve really had enough of is this virus. It’s a pain in the a..e! Is anyone interested in joining me in a protest again this huge imposition on my rights 🦠?

      • Hi Annette and Realist, but I can’t believe you have interpreted my comment as supportive of the “protest” or downplaying the seriousness of the virus.

        It’s about the nonsense of seeing the measures to contain infection as the enemy – rather than the reality of the virus – and thus the childish harping about how they are so inconvenient. No one would support curtailing people’s freedoms or making them wear masks as worthwhile ends in themselves.

        It’s about how nature throws us curved balls – much worse to come – and we can stamp our feet all we like about how we don’t like it but it doesn’t listen.

      • Jill, from my reading it’s a pain just about everywhere and I don’t want it. It’s why I got the vaccine. My comment was, an obviously wide of the mark, attempt at irony.

        I was suggesting this, and similar protests, make as much sense as shouting at a virus!

    • We haven’t had the virus Liz. Don’t worry though. We will get it in October when we reopen. In case you haven’t decoded Glady’s language Learning to live with the virus means people will die. I hope it’s not you.

      • Having a transport system means people will die (1096 road deaths in 2020). We measure and live with that risk. It’s time to start talking honestly about the risks we are prepared to live with in relation to Covid.

    • I too, am sick of this virus but unfortunately, this virus does not follow any rules …. It’s a fact that if you regain your freedoms, the virus will wreak havoc, as has happened in so many places across the planet (look at the US right now)
      What sort of proof do you require to convince you that this virus is life-threatening and life altering?
      I, for one, have all the proof I need and it doesn’t come from completely trusting governments or the media. It comes from my own ability to critically think, read the real science and keep my eyes and ears open and my awareness fully in tact. I’m happy to forsake some freedoms for the greater good. Because I’m a caring human.

      • Hi Annette and Realist, but I can’t believe you have interpreted my comment as supportive of the “protest” or downplaying the seriousness of the virus.

        It’s about the nonsense of seeing the measures to contain infection as the enemy – rather than the reality of the virus – and thus the childish harping about how they are so inconvenient. No one would support curtailing people’s freedoms or making them wear masks as worthwhile ends in themselves.

        It’s about how nature throws us curved balls – much worse to come – and we can stamp our feet all we like about how we don’t like it but it doesn’t listen.

        • A very simplistic analogy and one which actually undermines your argument. Random breath testing, variable speed limits, compulsory seatbelts and safety design features, have all been successful in reducing the national road toll. So to, COVID measures along with vaccination will reduce deaths and a level of manageability back to life.

          • The analogy is sound. On top of the measures you mention we could go the extra step and reduce speed limits to 10kmph which would probably reduce the 1000+ deaths on our roads to almost zero. We don’t though. We accept the deaths on a risk vs reward basis. We have to do the same with Covid which I’m afraid will inevitably mean increased deaths.

  2. It all makes me think we’re living in one big madness asylum. How the hell did wearing a mask become a flag for war ? Or vaccinating against a deadly virus ? So you don’t to have a vaccine, then please wear a mask .. Respect others. Think about others.

  3. What a bunch of selfish, brainless, despicable, uncaring, irresponsible morons. Hardly a mask to be seen and no social distancing. Deliberately putting others lives and liberties at risk, and determined to make a bad situation even worse!

    They should all be locked up in solitary confinement immediately so they can’t do any more harm. If anyone dies as a consequence of their shocking behaviour they should be charged with murder.

  4. You protesters are selfish privileged ignorant individuals lucky to be living under the safety net of the Australian health system , you’ll be the first trying to cry for help when you can’t breathe. It’s a hackneyed old phrase but with rights come responsibilities to everyone not just you nimbys .

  5. We need to stop this now…The govt are dictating to us and have taken away our freedom with their actions. They are holding us to ransom with their synthetic mRNA virus spike protein jab mandates. Hazzard is a career politician and a dillusional old fool and needs to step down.
    Berejiklian is corrupt and has lost the people’s trust. The media is censoring any expert medical advice that doesn’t tow the line of this madness that is happening. Scott Morrison is silent and is hiding in the shadows. The govt has signed agreements with these pharma companies and have sold us out. Wake up Australia. We are being treated like prisoners. We need to clean the lot out and start again. Liberal, Labour…same party different flavour.

  6. I wear clothes, I wear a hat, it’s no big deal to wear a mask. Life is full of risks and which is worse, the disease or the measures to minimise it. A lot of Aussie’s just don’t like being told anything, it’s a noticeable national trait compared to many other countries. Every shop or cafe I visit is staffed by young people, many just out of school, who serve hundreds of people in a work shift. I choose to wear a mask for their benefit as well as my own and they are long fed up with abuse when they ask customers to wear a mask who by not doing so, are nothing but selfish and inconsiderate of other people. Draconian laws are passed to stop the media reporting government misdeeds and no one blinks, Delta spreads and people protest freedoms. As a friend once said to me, sometimes stupidity has a very high price and unfortunately a lot of innocent people will be affected by the stupidity of others and for some, a very high price will be paid.

  7. Can’t wait for our freedom fighters to get infected so that they can really and honestly tell us that YES! COVID is a joke! Bloody subterranean crack pots.

  8. All rights have a pairing with responsibility. The right to do your own thing is great as long as it doesn;t put others at risk; And that is what the protesters are doing – putting others at risk as well as themselves although they might not recognise it. A major anti mask leader in USA dies yesterday from Covid! Its interesting that the protesters activities are highly likely to lengthen the lockdown -exactly the opposite of what they want.

  9. Everyone is fed up ,many are angry but the majority is prepared to err towards caution .
    Are there any political demands being made around for example decent Newstart payments and job keeper payments, rent relief ,easily available mental health services ?
    The council cant do much except put pressure on the State and Federal governments around such political demands.
    That’s where the real pressure on government needs to be built.
    That’s where the majority support will come from..
    Not being told by some they are idiots for getting vaccinated.
    The virus certainly is a pain that’s for sure especially if you catch it !
    And if you do catch it you will be too knobbled to protest about anything.

  10. Wow .. i really didn’t think the far right would get such a foot hold of support in the northern rivers …
    why havnt you rallied to release of asylum seekers / refugees ?????they really have had there freedoms taken from them ..

  11. ‘Liberty or death’, the battle cry used to be. This lot has added a twist: ‘liberty AND death’. A pithy epitaph, dare I say. Too bad about the rest of us, though. Northern Rivers, homeland of the the Selfish Idiot.

  12. “We have to do something.”
    What we have to do is continue to be law abiding citizens.
    Just what we need right now is a rally which may become a super spreader and mean that we continue in lockdown even longer. Foolish behaviour.
    Who is the anonymous person/s responsible for yet another conspiracy theory against the Government? Maybe those idiotic members of federal federal parliament.

  13. Nonsense words straight lout of American right wing social media. You are being had folks.
    Conned by the ultra-right Trumpian propaganda machine. Liberty,Rights, Freedom !
    What about MY rights you selfish bastards.
    It’s a bloody pandemic ! And it is real. We are all sick of it
    You can protest till you are dead from Covid and it won’t change anything.
    You are just pissing people off who are doing the right thing trying to keep themselves and our community safe.
    Get over yourselves and go home. And stay there
    You get no sympathy from this old anarchist, protester, tree hugger

  14. Oh dear, you protestors are probably too young to remember that smallpox vaccinations were mandatory. And you couldn’t travel overseas without proof that you had been vaccinated against it. And guess what? Smallpox was eradicated throughout the world. And nobody rallied or complained about their loss of freedom. Grow up people and wear masks and wash your hands ortherwise you may not get the chance to grow up if COVID gets you.

  15. yes sure … the virus will really care much about your feeling about it … it will feel ashamed it is taking away your freedoms and curl up in some corner and go away … especially if you go out on the streets and protest about its existence … get a grip and stop blaming the government … stop not believing in science … the earth is round last time I checked … gravity exists … viruses exist … vaccines WORK!

  16. You guys no longer serve the community. You became another main stream media source with no longer the values that you have held in the past. There was more like a thousand community members had showed up today. Not 250.. stood proud and united.

  17. The lockdown is spectacularly inconvenient. One could argue various points that Australia, a first world nation, buying AstraZeneca on the cheap and then rationing all MRNA vaccines according to age groups because they don’t have enough. Buying from Poland as if that’s something special, that’s just spin. But even if AstraZeneca, rebranded by Australia to a different name on the assumption that everyone is mentally deficient, turns out to be an extraordinary vaccine, every step by government from Canberra to Gladys have somehow managed to mismanage all of it. But the inconvenience for loss of work, loss of human interaction, particularly in the Northern Rivers region is tragic and selectively a mistake. Covid has been found in waste water two weeks ago but not one instance of Covid has been yet reported. All of the other nonsense. tyranny, deep-state, unproven virus, fake virus, untested vaccine, fake vaccine, Bill Gates, all of that is American borne ridiculousness spun out of control by social media and the good Mr. Murdoch. Conflict generates revenues. This virus is real, the inconvenience to our northern rivers needs to be renegotiated or we vote for change. All the rest, medical advice by word-of-mouth and Facebook is where we start paying for our freedoms (to be stupid) with human lives.

  18. Please help:- we need volunteers to travel to India and Indonesia to witness what a hoax this Covid is. Free flight there, with tours of crowded streets, hospitals and slums. Return by cargo ship without doctor or medical facilities. We want to prove this for once and for all. Please don’t have the jab as we want this to be a viable survey and report. Folk with no skills welcome.
    I mean, if Covid-19 is in fact a reality, then everyone should be free to die as if drowning. Shouldn’t they? How good is it to stretch the hospital system? How caring is it to pass this disease on to the more vulnerable? It certainly is a brutal way to sort the sheep from the goats. Liz L has a good point there.

    • Jude, Surely you jest. Otherwise you are asking people to break the law. I will take your comments as satire and have a good laugh.

  19. I heard a lady with a group in Bruns on Sunday talking this protest up to anyone passing.
    I also heard her say that the Bryant shooting at Port Arther in the 90s was a conspiracy for the gov to get guns off people and erode our freedoms and that she knew someone in the CIA who said this was true.
    You couldnt make this stuff up….well you could and someone did.

  20. there seems to be some confusion between rights, liberty and accepting thecresponsibility of looking after others rights. with rights come responsibilities in the world I live in … herewith the responsibility not to endanger others.

  21. I have tried so hard to get this many to a rally for the climate or the forest or for the refugees trapped in hotel prison for years .
    They need to make a stand for climate change that’s going to kill many more people… selfish me me me . My rights V our obligations to mother earth

  22. Liz, be careful you don’t catch COVID. You’re not Robinson Crusoe re being sick of the lockdowns but believe it or not, it’s for our good. The sooner the vax numbers get to 70/80%, the sooner we ALL can enjoy more freedoms. Selfishness will only prolong it – it already has.

  23. The echo has done nothing to highlight the unscientific mandates and the international legal actions against the fraudulent tests. My conclusion is that the echo is as corrupt as any politician.

  24. Appallingly predictable.

    All about RIGHTS, but living in a vacuum of RESPONSIBILITY

    Loaded with misinformation these people stand for a selfish minority.

  25. Yep fertile ground for nutters. Why council chambers? Most staff working at home. Trying to share their love, no, trying to share their lack of respect to other people. ,agree with Liz l.

  26. Visit the Intensive Care Unit and then stage your protest. Don’t wear protective gear-its’s not needed as after all covid-19 is a hoax.

  27. Interesting comment on the bias of press when you won’t publish my comment. Could this be censorship? Doesn’t quite fit with your claim of liberty and human rights.

  28. Hell’s bells – don’t you realize we’ve all had a gut-full of politics, slack happy stirrers
    along with the local businesses that can’t open & may never do so again? If you’ve
    got time on your hands find a way to help out those who are worse off than you.
    This mess is a world mess – see things as they are. The damn pandemic is no picnic;
    it’s a pain in the butt. One last word – recall these break-outs have happened before
    & many died in 1917/18. This thrash up is a mongrel. Try to not make it worse. Human
    Rights weren’t taken seriously while most of the population had jobs that suited
    them – you know that. Keep one eye on the sparrow & the other on the Federal
    Election. Calm thinking is needed along with Climate Change.

  29. Um,
    Anti vaccine protests go back to the late 1800’s. It is eerie how similar those protests are to todays protests (civil liberty argument, no to mandatory vaccines, vaccines are poison etc.) Literaly, if you look at photos, the signs used in protests then are exactly the same as ones used today. Meanwhile, vaccines for Polio, Measles, Smallpox, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Diptheria and about 30 other illnesses have been by far the greatest medical achievement of the past 100 years. Some estimates are that one in five people on the planet are alive due to vaccines.

  30. Well these are indeed strange times…
    Can you believe that it has come to this?
    Our Nation… land of the Fair Go…
    You must do something… you must speak for your constituents and your fellow Australians…

    It has gone too far, Vaccine Passports of any kind cannot be allowed in Australia, and the Government’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic warrants questioning.

    The immense coercive control and propaganda pressures around the issues surrounding vaccination are causing a manufactured division, affecting our entire nation. People are dying… and not of the COV-2 virus (or the flu for that matter).

    The government has admitted on MULTIPLE occasions that the primary cause of low vaccination rate is SUPPLY….
    it is not hesitancy (which is in fact low enough to arguably still allow for vaccination targets to be met.) Yet this divisive propaganda is encouraged and fellow Australians rights are being raided under this subterfuge.
    The Government cannot be allowed this proposed and fast tracked (under coercive fear) method to register, surveil, segregate and punish Australians (or indeed any human).

    The government has admitted that the problem has been supply, and as you would expect – as supply as increased, vaccination rates have increased – exactly what would have happened under less harsh measures and certainly not justifying these still experimental “vaccinations” being forced on those who remain cautious until the end of the trial.

    This boggles my mind! How can this POSSIBLY be allowed to be mandated when the data required for official approval will not be available until 2023? How is it that individuals who pose questions – expressing their concerns about an experimental “vaccine” are the cause of lockdowns around the country – but particularly for us in NSW?, when lack of supply was the primary cause?

    Every time the Premier says “. … died weren’t vaccinated” this is manipulation – the country has a low vaccination rate mainly because of supply, the virus is here because of an appalling series of mismanagements and the individuals who passed away did not do so because they were “anti-vax” which is how it is framed. This is shameful from representatives of the people.

    Current vaccines are approved for TRIAL on humans… there is no long term data – although I notice the propaganda is starting to use that language. “Long-Term” by definition is equal or greater than 3 years, hence 2023. Yes, pharmaceutical companies have spent a lot of money on development (they’ve made a lot too), but it still takes 3 years for approval – because that’s what it takes to see what it will do long term.

    In addition, there are other treatments for Covid-19 being trialed that use drugs that are already known and generic (hence cheaper) why are they not being included here? (would cost very little to treat the country…) what is happening here?
    and others using natural ingredients that do not use this new, genetic based “technology” (one where not that many years ago would have likely been considered unethical and banned on humans… funny how that happens huh?).

    Why has the government spent so much on propagandising fear – when the main cause of low vaccination rates has been supply? Why has it not been promoting and supporting Australians with preventative care – restoring the community of our Nation?
    Instead it is being destroyed before our very eyes.

    I have no problem with anyone making their choice. I have reasons for making mine, because I am the one that knows my history medical and otherwise. I am not “anti” anything, I am pro caution and have valid and accepted medical reasons to be so. I also question the use of the word “vaccine” to describe an experimental product that is shown to not to kill the virus, and to not prevent the individual catching or spreading the virus and the valid argument that data shows it helps prevent hospitalisation – cannot be verified until 2023. How can what effectively is the segregation and much more of individuals be allowed in Australia on this basis? What has become of us?

    I wholeheartedly agree that people living in community should be mindful of their germs – in my day it was called manners. Where is the promotion campaign for that? Would have certainly been more effective at preventing the many suicide deaths that these measures (not the virus, these measures) have caused. Only fear and terror for months…

    Seeing as we will be living with this “forever”….
    Why are the State and Federal governments determined to encourage the destruction of our communities?

    Please… DO SOMETHING – Mandatory Vaccinations, Vaccine Passports and segregation cannot be allowed in Australia.

    • I havnt read so many lies since the last article on Donny Trump! You say the vaccine doesnt kill the virus. Well thats correct BUT it starts a bodily process that does kill the virus. Or do you know more than millions of doctors and scientists?

    • every time i read a comments like this, i think willful stupidity… the days of overseas travel for the un-vaccinated, are ov-ver… enjoy your freedom!

      • Last year June (2020) I reached the conclusion that the New World Order has no intention of allowing open travel again. I consider myself very fortunate to have already ‘done it all’ and have reorganised my life to be wholly within NSW (no borders or vax for me).
        For the deluded and fully vaccinated jumping around forever boosters, sudden variants and surprise restrictions and new orders of carbon allowance – good luck – the good vibes that made travel great are long gone.

        • Spot on A Human.

          There is more deaths in Australia from car accidents every year than Covid-19 to date.

          The comments here are are coming from a place of fear, it’s palpable.

          When the general public start using terms like “super spreader” you know the mainstream media, the real super spreaders of fear, have infected the masses with their propaganda.

          The deaths and the data does not justify the fear.

  31. Ignorance seems to be as contagious as Covid amoung the misinformed. Is this a rally for the “freedom” to die on a ventilator gasping for air (?) or haven’t they thought this one through. It’s very far-right, trumpian (self-absorbed) rhetoric. We should expect more intelligence & social responsibility from our community. #MaskUp #VaxxeUp #StayHome for now.

    • It is indeed so ironic that people who consider themselves ‘alternative’ (who believe in the concept of a society) would take on the Libertarian rhetoric of ‘self above all else’.

  32. This is why we are in lockdown. The Morrison and Berejiklian Govt’s have completely failed in their duty of care and are completely negligent. How they are still in Govt is incredible and testament to the corruption of or corporate media that refuses to hold them to account. If you must protest, at least protest about the cause. You’re all just being used for political gain by the very people responsible for your problem and that problem is the LNP. Every other problem is simply a by-product of that LNP problem!

  33. ‘Why are we in lockdown?” “It’s to stop the spread of the virus: COVID 19”. “Well how does that work?” “Well, the virus is spread by human to human contact, mainly by droplets spread when talking in close contact. If you reduce close contact, and also wear a mask, you greatly reduce the spread of the virus.” ” Oh, OK, I’ve got a great idea; why don’t we have a protest against the lockdown, we can all stand close together, yell and sing and we won’t wear masks. That should work.” ” Um OK!!!”

  34. If you think COVID does not exist. Then go and work or be with someone who has it. Don’t wear any protective equipment. Put your money where your mouth is.

  35. I can’t wait to see how these people will behave when the lambda strain reaches Australia.
    Or in this present time, do they realise the ongoing affects of covid AFTER a person recovers?

    Furthermore, the restrictions were worse with the last pandemic, the 1912/14 Spanish flu, except more people died.

  36. Well there are people on the front line treating people in icu. These people have been vaccinated. Im personally having a hard time believing anything because ive never trusted the goverment. Yet i work in law enforcement, have always been a greeny at heart and ive got all u lot calling me a Nazi. Meanwhile the usual routes id take to feeling better after a day of being insulted are closed so.. selfishly id like for those things to reopen, they’re important to my mental health which has been put into question lately, namely the gym, but realistically i cannot expect for that liberty to resurface until its actually safe and presently its not. So thanks again hippy community for smashing hot air in my face day after day about your rights putting me at risk of both myself and a deadly virus and whoever else you’re subjecting this behavior too. But for this greeny, I’ll never identify with your level of leftist agenda again


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