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Editorial – Fake, fumbling and fabricated

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Ready for the meta-crisis?

The attempted assassination of Donald Trump has caused shock waves, but it’s sadly not surprising this would happen, with so much hate and vitriol being expressed in the US presidential race.

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Ready for the meta-crisis?

The attempted assassination of Donald Trump has caused shock waves, but it’s sadly not surprising this would happen, with so much hate and vitriol being expressed in the US presidential race.

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Scott Morrison’s latest lie (at the time of writing) is that the people who shared Novak Djokovic’s hotel detention before he was deported are not refugees. The follow-up lie is that he never said what everybody heard him saying.

This is Morrison’s standard lie-within-lie behaviour, and he cannot help himself. He is like the man who farts loudly and then denies it while his fundament continues to produce audible bursts of gas.

Echo readers will be well aware that our view of Scott Morrison is not a favourable one.

Liar, bully, hypocrite, crook are just some of the accurate descriptors he has earned during his term as prime minister.

Some politicians have been all of those things without being, in addition, utterly incompetent.

Morrison’s incompetence, however, is epic; it seems to derive from his belief that God has appointed him to rule in these end times, so that it is impossible for him to be wrong.

All that matters is the outward show of government, not government itself. Hence the glib lies to keep up appearances.

Everyone knows the old rule of thumb: if you have to choose between cock-up and conspiracy, choose cock-up every time.

So even Morrison’s harshest critics have assumed that the current crisis of COVID cases, test shortages, hospital overcrowding, supply-chain problems, etc is not an intentional plan but merely the result of his incompetence.

No doubt it is.

But the insanely ill-prepared ‘let it rip’ and ‘push through’ policies of the federal and NSW coalition governments seem to have been timed to coincide with the summer holidays.

If the highly contagious Omicron variant cannot be contained, best to get the wave of infections over when economic activity is at its lowest.

Then there would be three or four months left before the federal election to rewrite the story with Morrison as hero.

Of course such a plan would only avoid disaster if you procured an adequate supply of testing kits for essential workers, to keep supermarket shelves supplied, and a strategy for supporting the medical staff in hospitals and old-age homes, which would come under severe pressure.

As we know, these easy-to-foresee problems were not addressed, because they require competent government, and competent government is not Morrison’s thing.

If you have gutted the public service, its various branches privatised, politicised and atomised so that it serves your party rather than the nation, then planning for emergencies becomes difficult.

Never mind, there are ways to divert people’s attention.

Morrison’s background – apart from being the Messiah of Hillsong – is in marketing, and the tricks of marketing taught him how to play the media.

Although the perception of the prime minister as an incompetent liar is now widespread, it remains unexplored by most mainstream journalists, owing to his skill at feeding, managing and distracting the news cycle.

There is an election coming, quite possibly in May, and to cover up his mendacity Morrison can rely on the loyalty of the Murdoch media, the increasingly rightward drift of what used to be the Fairfax papers, the cowed state of the ABC, and the money mines of Clive Palmer, which will be devoted to telling lies about the ALP.

Nevertheless, it is one thing to lie during an election; it is quite another to believe you can govern with lies.

We will shortly see how the nation views this when a liar presents himself for judgement.

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  1. The approach shot to the 18th hole there is nothing like a great lie. At the time of editing Scott Morrison’s latest lie was not on the golf course on the greens.
    The people who shared Novak Djokovic hotel detention before this great tennis player was deported, were not refugees. The follow up lie is that he did not say what
    everybody thought they heard him saying.

  2. Once again, The Prime Liar tells a lie, get called out and then lies again that he didn’t tell a lie in the first instance We saw this exact show play out last November when The Liar from the Shire visited the Toyota hydrogen centre in Altona. The Prime Miniscule was called out for lying about Electric Vehicles during the 2019 election campaign. Trying to defend the indefensible, The Prime Liar lied again saying it was “Labor lies”. ScamMO must think we are all idiots, we got you on film and sound telling those lies!

  3. Top of the day to you, David. It’s good to learn I’m not the only one who’d
    like to arm-wrestle Hilly-sponge-song out of his political arena. A boot to
    buggery may fix it along with his chorus of people eaters .

  4. The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views.

  5. unfortunately, this is why he may survive, because so many that vote for him have exactly the same attitude towards lying, bullying and denying responsibility for their actions.

  6. Just more of the same pile- on
    Against conservatives & Christian’s
    Blasphemy & Christophobia comes to mind .
    No big deal.. it would be if the Prime Minister
    Was a Muslim though … because this constant berating would not happen if he was .. hypocrites..

  7. Barrow, Barrow, Barrow, more of your bluster, bollocks, distract and divert. It not that hard to stay on topic, Barrow, unless of course the topic is indefensible. Pulling the Muslim card again, your go to everytime, does you ZERO credit old son.

  8. Joyce Walters ! With respect..
    What are you implying that the majority
    Of Voters who happened to vote the coalition in at the last election
    Are bullies, in denial , attitudes towards
    lying ? The General public are not politicians joyce .. politicians tell porkies
    This will never change . Bill shorten could not lie straight in bed , caught out on several occasions during the last election and Albo
    Is not much Different, telling one thing and in the next breath its different.. especially
    To those in the resources industries who count on incomes to put food on plates
    For families and keep the banks at bay ..
    And contrary to this article and the
    Constant berating of the Prime Minister .
    The country has come through the pandemic
    Very well , with the exception of the labor run states who have locked down the people’s to there very last dollar ..
    Not to mention mental health issues..
    Yet not one politician lost a cent
    During the last 2 years infact they gave
    Themselves a pay rise .. choose wisely
    Joyce not all are in denial..

  9. Barrow my man, a fact check for you. The majority of voters did not vote Coalition – only received 41.44% first preference vote! A ballsy attempted defence by you of the Criminal Morrison / Joyce Government handling of the Pandemic – PPE Fail, Quarantine FAIL, Covid in Aged Care settings Fail, Vaccine FAIL, RATS Fail – Covid is a Criminal Morrison / Joyce Government ongoing Catastrophic FAIL and sadly, well supported by that dill in NSW, Premier Domicron. But you must be right, it all the fault of the labor run states, yeah. And please do go ahead and explain to all the surviving loved ones of the 3,400 plus and rising number of Australian Covid dead – “the country has come through the pandemic Very well.” The surviving loved ones will be most thankfully to hear your soothing words.

  10. Yes Joachim will always go into bat
    For someone or a religious faith
    Thats been berated .. you talk of indefensible .. so its okay to discriminate
    Against ones faith and religion Joachim?
    Not whatsoever pulling the Muslim card
    Just stating a fact ..that if the Prime Minister
    Was of the Muslim faith.. if would never
    Be mentioned … double standards and how.
    Thats all i call out Joachim..you know it
    Everyone knows it ..

    • Everyone knows what? that religion itself is the greatest lie of all, no wonder Morrison is so deeply involved in it, it makes his job all the easier.

    • Barrow, Barrow, Barrow, everyone knows it, you full of nonsense.Try and address an issue, just once, yeah. Coming back with your add-on scribbles of distract, divert, flibberty gibberty are illuminating, they are the best retort to your own rubbish.

  11. Well keith if religion is a myth & a lie as you are Suggesting then why is there so much
    Emphasis thrust upon it as is the case above
    Only when it suits the narrative…

  12. “Issueless dish Stefanie.”. making fun of a person for his religious faith and beliefs
    Especially our prime minister and you lot
    Dont see a problem with that ?

  13. It’s not incompetence. Go watch “Rules For Rulers”.
    Rulers always appear to be doing unfathomable things from the point of view of the ruled.
    That goes for any party, group, or individual in power. Any time period. Any where.

  14. We are dealing with deliberate lie-tellers & the impact it has especially
    on those who are treated as ‘mugs’ by the ruling class. Our ‘leaders who
    hide behind religion of any kind’ deserve to be called out. Now Barrow,
    do you understand what’s being discussed? We all know our religious
    PM is a number one fibber because he’s been caught out on line by
    the public & the media so many times it’s shameful.

  15. Hi Stefanie, what we correctly recognise as ‘shameful’ is of no consequence for President ScamMO. He carries on regardless, totally ‘shameless’, he acts with complete immunity, no matter how bad the disaster he presides over, it the beauty of self empowering oneself with Presidential like powers ; 2019/20 Bushfire Apocalypse ,”I don’t hold a hose mate” as he nicks off to Aloha Hawaii; RoboRobberyDebt and it was the fault of the system; Aged Care Fail ( prior to the Covid arriving and the FAIL worse again with the Covid arriving ) and the system again at fault; Vaccine supply FAIL and “it’s not a race”. Questioned by media at Toyota, Altona and caught out about telling lies over EV’s during 2019 election campaign, ScamMO tells another lie by answering, its a “labor lie”. The French Subways issue , President Macron’s “I don’t think, I know”, about ScamMO lying to him …. its gotta be a’Macron lie’, yeah. But of course we all believe what our President ScamMO says when he declared that he doesn’t believe he has ever told a lie in public life. Of course HE believes he hasn’t, he has NEVER admitted to any failings.

  16. Oh – please David Lovejoy !
    Take a long look at yourself, EG especially after THAT Press Club interview with the PM in Canberra.
    Really are you serious declaring ‘the cowed state of the ABC’ ??
    What utter piffle.

    • Australians are so lucky to have such a great publicly funded National Broadcaster like the ABC. That operates in such an impartial and un-bias manner and is staffed and run by such dedicated and professional people, who do their utmost to hold dishonest politicians to account, sometimes under great duress by authoritarian Govts. Isn’t it going to be great to see the proper level of funding restored to OUR ABC. after this present treacherous and totally corrupt Coalition Govt. is removed from power.

  17. Yes Rob Andrews .. what took place at the national press club was a embarrassment
    Ms Tingle and fellow ABC activist are a
    Disgrace and we are paying for this
    Bias rubbish .. !! The pile – on was relentless
    Spent the whole time rubbishing the PM
    Even asked The Prime Minister to apologise
    To Ms Tingle !! Sour old cow she is …!!
    One of the charters of the ABC is impartiality? What a load of shit this organization has become hijacked
    By the Far left and this was no more evident
    When Albo confronted the National Press
    Club last week . And if anyone needs to
    Fact Check this watch the replays ..
    Now name one country that has come
    Out of the last 20 months intact ?
    Australia has done very well..

    • How great is it listening to the howls of outrage from these poor panicking conservatives? Embarrassing!, disgraceful!, bias!, rubbish!, sour old cow!. The only embarrassment at that Press Club appearance was the fraudulent, lying, psychopathic, manipulating, guest of honour, and he got exactly what he deserved. Strap yourselves in conservatives, it’s only going to get worse from here.

    • Barrow you do realise don’t that only two questions came from ABC journos – one from Laura Tingle (who is certainly not the first journalist to try unsuccessfully to get the PM to express some very overdue contrition) and one from Andrew Probyn. These two were amongst the milder questions. The other journos were from private media outlets. It’s the “Press Club” not the ABC – the ABC broadcast it as a public service, part of their charter.

      I too was rather amazed at the general level of antagonism in the questioning but that wasn’t down to an ABC agenda. Perhaps everyone’s starting to think Gladys’s purported assessment is accurate.

      Btw – it’s not very edifying to call someone a “sour old cow” and it certainly doesn’t add any weight to your position.

  18. Liz Levy .. Ms Tingles relentless pursuit
    In trying to bring down the Prime Minister
    and his government is no secret.. no elected
    Governments are going to always gets things
    Right .. and nor did labor when last in power.
    Not once has the ABC in my living Memory
    Applauded this sitting Government for any of its achievements ..i do not employ ABC
    Journalist’s to have agendas !! Liz why is the
    ABC by all accounts conservative free?
    The voting public voted in a Conservative
    Government the ABC have never come to terms with this.. best outcome for taxpayer’s
    Is to Privatise the ABC .. Sadly it’s become a swamp of far left conservative disliking
    Hypocrites.. !!

  19. No government gets things 100% right, true – but one expects them to get a few things right. Mostly in a crisis like a pandemic most of us would like to see the government’s focus to be on the welfare of the country not cheap political point scoring and a sole focus on getting re-elected.

    You probably gathered from the tenor of ALL the questioning that journos left and right see much to hold the PM accountable for. I would expect all of them, particularly the ABC, to interrogate power and hold governments accountable.

  20. Liz Levy.. yes we certainly need to hold all
    Forms of governments accountable ..
    The Guardian ,Sky , Nine all privately owned
    and can express views and opinions bias or otherwise .. but our ABC are 100 % taxpayer funded organisation Liz and one of the Charters of the ABC is impartiality is it not ?
    This is community and taxpayer expectations
    However from top to bottom the ABC are run
    By far leftwing activists.. laura Tingle , Sabra
    Lane , fran kelly , Hamish McDonald, Paul
    Barry , Patrica Karvellas etc the News Breakfast Team Michael Rowland and Lisa who gos from Zero to B in a matter of seconds when
    Interviewing anyone remotely Conservative.
    and incidentally Ms Tingle is Chairperson
    Of the national press club Liz and as Chairperson should be impartial !!
    Go back as far as you like for repeats
    Not once has this Chairperson been
    Impartial towards the Coalition..
    Its to late for reforms for the ABC
    Because when labor get in it will be one big
    Happy party where everyone will agree
    With everyone.. good luck Australia!!

  21. Asking curly questions is not bias Barrow, asking only Dorothy Dixes , by contrast, would be. Don’t confuse giving your pin-up pollies some rigorous investigation with bias.

    We’ll have to disagree on the obligations of privately owned media outlets – for immensely privileged and resourced media companies to mould reporting and public opinion to suit the agenda of the rich and powerful is a huge threat to democracy. My suggestion was that when the previously right leaning outlets start being antagonistic to a particular leader we need to ask ourselves what this tells us.

  22. Liz Levy iam a swinging voter had voted
    Labor for 2 decades .. have said many times if Jim Chalmers was at helm of Labor
    They probably get my vote.. !!
    Asking Curling Questions Liz yes support this 100% .. however the same curling questions
    Are not been asked of labor by the ABC at all. especially Albo , butler , miles etc.. and this
    Unconscious bias was no more evident
    Then what took place at the National press
    Club chaired by Ms Tingle thats a fact ..

  23. I don’t care who you vote for, have voted for or who you’d prefer to be leader of the opposition. The whole idea of presidential style politics and voting for a party on the basis of the leader is pretty silly anyway I think. Policy not personality is key.

    The questions to Albo et al will of course be different – they are not in government federally and can’t be held accountable to the same degree as those who have made the decisions – and mistakes. At state level, there has been plenty of pillorying of the Labor Premiers – because they carry the can for state decisions – including plenty by our very own Aunty ABC.

    Yes Laura Tingle chaired the Press Club briefing – so what, the role is cursory. She asked one question, which was her right then simply introduced the journalists in turn. She did not insert herself inappropriately in proceedings nor was it up to her to vet the questions. As far as I’m aware we still pay some lip service in this country of a free press.

  24. Liz Levy its likely that Labor / Greens
    Will win the upcoming Election
    Let’s shall we see if the ABC
    Asks the hard questions of Labor
    In the next few months because thus
    Far they have asked virtually nothing .
    Just listened to labor rubbishing the current government and just taking it all in like good little students .. incidentally Ms Tingle
    Interviewing the bitter hypocrite Malcolm Turnbull on 7.30 last night was just more
    Of the same from the matriarch of the
    Pile- on loving ABC .. by the way that reminds me !! Malcolm Turnbull was he not in Charge
    When he rolled out the NBN with a estimated
    Cost to the taxpayer’s of about 29 billion
    Its more than doubled that amount..
    What a disaster yet Tingle would never raise
    That to the Ex Prime Minister would she ?
    Of course not ..

    • Maybe she didn’t interrogate Turnbull about the NBN because, although he was Communications Minister, it’s very doubtful that someone with his nous would have been in favour of the vastly inferior, costly and outdated before it was implemented, fibre to the node policy.

      Tony Abbott, the consummate opposition leader – disastrous PM – was calling the shots then and just needed to be different from Labor no matter how detrimental to the country.

      Maybe Malcolm just may have some insights into Scot “I’m ambitious for my leader” Morrison that the general public aren’t privy to. Maybe he has some reasons for bitterness. Have you read Niki Savva’s “Plots and Prayers”? And don’t tell me she’s just another leftie.

      Thanks for the heads up though, I missed it.

    • You poor fellow, you seem to be suffering from something called “Sky News syndrome”; to much of watching this rightist propaganda can result in permanent damage, there is a whole world of truth out there, you only have to look for it.

  25. Liz Levy politics is cut throat as you are well
    Aware of.. what happened to Turnbull
    Is nothing new its whats best for the Party.
    Labor and the Greens have had similar
    In the past .. there is a reason why labor have had very few stints at running the country
    In the past four decades.. they will be under pressure and scrutinized from day one .
    And the ABC well let’s see shall we
    How neutral they perceive themselves to be .

    • Turnbull was anathema to the party because he was way too moderate and intelligent for the ideologues who held sway and – shock horror 😱 – he believed in action on climate change. Pity he didn’t last a bit longer for the Road to Damascus conversion the coalition has suddenly had 😉.

      I wonder if the party still thinks Scotty’s what’s best for them. What odds do you give him to be there at election time?

      • The irony of ex-PM Turnbull knifed for his climate friendly policy stance knifed by his party that in denial on climate issue, then installs new-PM Morrison who subsequently steers toward ( albeit grossly inadequate ) climate friendly policy. What then was knifing Turnbull all about??

    • Yo Barrow my man. Great news this morning. Your man Paulie Fletcher, your Minister for ABC funding cuts, has announced a backflip of Olympic sized proportions.Seems the ABC, as we all already knew, is doing a Fantastic job.

  26. Liz Levy Turnbull and his son are heavily
    invested in renewables .. Morrison ?
    Lots of propaganda can’t believe it
    Really what these elected Pollies
    Get up to with our money .. whats happened
    In the Coalition is very similar to what has taken place in the Australian Cricket team.
    My opinion Morrison will not lead to the

    • Mmm – I’d call that putting your money where your mouth is. What would the commentary be if he were heavily invested in fossil fuels?

      • Liz Levy just a heads up !!
        My concerns may be vindicated
        Tomorrow after the National press Club
        Latest edition.. we shall see how balanced the Chair person is..

        • Thanks but I was already planning to watch. Outrageous that these women might be critical! Outrageous that the questioning may elicit their concerns. Laura Tingle might even ask one!

          Don’t they know they have been apologised to? Game over!

          • Liz Levy don’t condone any violence against women or Man or child..
            Grace Tame post speech
            As political bias as it gets ..

          • Who was politically biased? Grace Tame? She certainly has little tolerance for the Coalition in general and the PM in particular. And this is the ABC’s fault because …? Brittany Higgins who was a Government staffer?

            Or was it all Laura Tingle’s chairing that was at fault. Should she have demanded transcripts of the speeches and censored them to the Government’s liking or interrupted the speeches with condemnatory observations? Was it her opening question that was so offensive or should she have similarly vetted the questions of the other journos?

            Please enlighten us as to the ABC’s culpability for the free expression afforded by the Press Club that put your side in a poor light.

          • Liz Levy the people who are alleged to
            To have had the incident with
            Ms Higgins have not had there day
            In court yet .. let’s just say that we all
            Hope the truth comes out under oath .
            Liz as far as the ABC are concerned
            It is irrefutable the bias this past 8 years
            In particular has been disappointing
            To say the least.. iam a major shareholder in the ABC and if it was up to myself to bring some balance back
            I would cut wages and how ..especially
            Louise Milligan who gladly accepted
            750k from taxpayer’s who she did not
            Know or declared ..to fund her personal
            Vendetta not only against the current government but Mr Porter.. how ironic
            Ms Milligan..!!

          • Barrow, answer the questions! I know why you like your mate Scotty so much, when challenged you head off in a different direction.

  27. Token gesture really Joachim all political
    To get at Labor .. if they were to reform
    The ABC should have been done 2 years ago
    and yes we all need a healthy ABC Joachim
    But in all seriousness they do need to
    Backup regarding the Bias .. !!

  28. THE ABC [Stefanie Bennett]

    Back in the days
    when grief
    was good,
    the dead-letter
    was known

    ‘to rattle
    its chains’.


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