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Byron Shire
March 1, 2024


Editorial – Prosecuting publishers

WikiLeaks founder and Australian citizen, Julian Assange, will soon face possibly his final court hearing in the UK High Court of Justice over whether he should be extradited to the US to face spying charges. 

Breaking bad promises

It’s so hard to introduce urgently-needed reforms in today’s fevered media climate that governments tiptoe around problems and hardly dare to act.

Wallum: councillors failed to listen to the community

Thank you, Councillors Lyon, Pugh and Coorey for explaining what went wrong with the Wallum development application (DA) process on Facebook. The community f*cked up because they failed to object?

Once known as the rainbow region

The most poignant moment from Thursday’s boisterous and unruly Council meeting was listening to elderly Mullum resident, Peter McGill. 

Editorial – Untethering from developers

There’s no doubt that social and affordable housing in NSW is in need of life support. Thankfully, the NSW government put out a media release last week to say the entire system will be rebuilt. But how?

Editorial – Young people listen up!  

Hello, impressionable young person. ICYMI, the world as we inhabit it isn’t in great shape. 

Editorial – We’ve had complaints

The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) sure did stir up a lot of complaints to The Echo, given their inflammatory and inaccurate statements in their page 5 advertisement last week. 

Editorial – Council as a developer

There’s a few Council-led housing projects burbling away under the surface, one of which has popped up again with the statutory requirement to engage with the public.

Editorial – If you haven’t got anything to hide…

It’s an odd Byron Shire Council that Mayor Michael Lyon, and acting General Manager (GM), Shannon Burt, lead.

Editorial – Northern rivers are sick

A recently released scientific paper on the health of the Richmond River has found a mix of pesticides (herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) at dangerous levels.

A Christmas message for Darrell

Happy, Merry Silly Season Darrell! It was genuinely lovely to see you at the party the other week. It must be three years. We share such long, hard, deep memories…

Editorial – Narcissist awareness week!

With a myriad of ‘weeks’ dedicated to raising awareness for many different causes, here’s a pitch for one focussed on one of the most destructive human traits known – narcissism.

Editorial – Make Mullum Great Again!

Have you been watching the gradual decline of Mullum over the years? Less attention to curbs and gutters? Virtually no improvements to drainage after a catastrophic flood? 

Editorial – Don’t know, don’t care

The victorious ‘No’ camp is oddly reluctant to examine the roots of its cruel snub to our First Nations peoples.

Direct action – antidote to despair

The truth about climate change is alarming to say the least. But I was heartened over the weekend of November 25 and 26 to hear it discussed with great clarity and nuance at the Rising blockade of the Newcastle's coal port.

Editorial – The best democracy money can buy

Last week, The Juice Media published a YouTube video, Honest Government Ad | How to rig elections.

Truth-telling beyond the Voice referendum

In order to transcend the disappointment of the Voice referendum, many political and Aboriginal leaders are focusing on ‘truth-telling’.

Editorial– Byron Council’s $250k deficit

Among the many pressing issues on the agenda are budget adjustments, which are proposed by James Brickley, Council’s Manager Finance. 

ADHD push warrants more attention

Amidst all the recent tragedy, you may have noticed what appeared to be some good news. A Senate Committee last week called for more support for Australians with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). 

Editorial – Young people fight for a future

Young people are fighting for their future. They are asking governments to stop approving fossil-fuel operations and to put the money, focus and opportunity towards technology and options that will make a difference.

Putting planning in balance

From the protests over the development of Bayside’s Wallum Estate at Brunswick Heads to local housing forums and demands for housing for all, the challenge facing us is difficult.

Crown Lands has a problem – Dirawong Reserve at Evans Head

For more than a year and a half the former Board of the 360ha Dirawong Reserve at Evans Head sought the advice of Crown Lands about how resolve potential conflicts between Native Title Rights and the by-laws of the Reserve. Yet the answers are yet to be provided.

Editorial: Time for drug law reform

The ACT is leading the way and it is time for NSW to step up and address the adverse impact of current drug laws.

Israel. Palestine. Gaza.

There is a beautiful apocryphal story I heard shortly after the Twin Towers were attacked in New York.

Editorial: The biggest burps, ever

Preppers, or those preparing for an apocalypse, may already know, but in 1859, the sun belched trillions of tonnes of plasma at our small pale blue dot, causing major disruptions to primitive telegraph poles.

Editorial: Submission on Council’s Housing Option Paper

Byron Shire Council is asking residents to comment on its Housing Options Paper, which is currently on exhibition at www.byron.nsw.gov.au until November 6.

Potoroos at risk of extinction at Bayside Brunswick Heads

Everyone loves the cute quokkas though few realise that they were hunted and bulldozed into extinction in Western Australia and avoided annihilation only because a few remained on Rottnest Island and now generate vast wealth as tourist selfie subjects.

Editorial: Saying ‘Yes’ to the Voice

The Voice is a matter of conscience, not division.

Editorial: The have yachts 

Australia’s image of ‘a fair go’ has waned over the past two decades, with the gap ‘blowing out’ between those who have lots, and those without much.

Editorial: It’s a done deal!

Congratulations to Council staff and Mayor Michael Lyon on convincing the NSW Labor government that Byron Shire is a unique place, and as such, it will now have a tailored holiday letting policy.

Editorial: Be more like Gavin Newsom

The US state of California is suing five major fossil fuel companies over their contribution to the climate crisis.

Editorial: It’s a social housing party!

After six months of bickering, federal political parties of similar stripes – Labor and Greens – came together and said ‘Yes’ to a $10b social/affordable housing package. 

Editorial – The answer is ‘Yes’

Yes, we have printed the Uluru Statement from the Heart on the front page of The Echo newspaper this week. They are the words of simplicity, dignity and truth that stirred the government into presenting us with a referendum. 

Editorial: Upscaling urban development

Let’s take a short dip into how Mayor Michael Lyon intends to ramp up urban development in the Byron Shire. 

Editorial: Just say know 

Let’s briefly unpack the ‘No’ campaign rhetoric for the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum!

Editorial: All hail, Supreme Unelected Planning Overlord

I CYMI, Marcus Ray, Deputy Secretary NSW Planning, has been bestowed enormous powers by an ineffectual and weak NSW Labor planning minister.

Editorial: If only Assange was a Kiwi

As an Australian, I’ve always felt somewhat inspired by New Zealand’s rugged independence and forward thinking.

Investment fraud charges – Gold Coast

Detectives from the Financial and Cyber Crime Group have arrested and charged five people in relation to an alleged ‘boiler room’ investment fraud operating on the Gold Coast.

How to supply water to the increasing population?

It is predicted that the next 40 years will see the demand for water increase by 50 per cent in the local government areas that Rous County Council supply with water.

Protections can’t wait another seven years for NSW critical habitat 

Protections are needed now for native habitat in NSW as the state has seen a significant increase in native habitat clearing following the NSW...

Appeal following attempted abduction – Tweed Heads

Investigators are appealing for public assistance as investigations continue into an attempted abduction in Tweed Heads at the weekend.