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Byron Shire
January 19, 2022


Human judges! What’s next?

So, NSW Coroner Therese O’Sullivan was brought to tears when hearing from the family in the inquest into the tragic mystery of missing Theo Hayez.

Be concerned, be very concerned…

I popped by the supermarket on Wednesday to pick up a few groceries on the way home from the local doctors’ surgery where I’d just been given my booster shot for the wretched SARS-CoV-2 virus

The gift of belonging and the Christmas story of short-term holiday letting

If Jesus was born now and the government knew his folks were rubbing shoulders with mules, lowing cattle and bleating lambs, child protection would have swooped in to remove the baby.

NSW Govt squeezes councils

‘Hell is empty and all the devils are here’ wrote William Shakespeare in The Tempest. With that in mind, dear reader, the Liberal–Nationals NSW government have shuffled their ministry deckchairs.

Media shmedia

Do you pay close attention to who owns the news you consume, and what their agenda is?

‘Business as usual’ and we’ll drown in cars and people

In this term, Council has adopted a revised Bike Plan and first-ever Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan. Masterplans are prioritising people over cars in town and village centres.

Editorial – Council restart and the most unsafe house in the nation 

Expectations of government have been undermined – so where to from here and how to rebuild a nation based on good politics.

Editorial – More Byron Shire council candidate Q&A!

Where do candidates stand on disused railways and pay parking? Are they to the left of Chairman Mao Zedong, or the right of Genghis Khan?

Editorial – A potted history of local elections

The election of the Byron Shire mayor and councillors on December 4 will be the ninth such poll this newspaper has covered.

Editorial – Power transfer station

How’s the election campaigning going for December 4? As a voter of considerable intellect and breathlessly appealing good looks, are you wanting to enter and exit the election booth as quickly as you can?

Election wedges

Since the ballot was drawn last week, all the candidates are now presented on a platter before a hungry electorate. Are you hungry for change? Voters...

Editorial: A PowerPointless presentation

After all the sound and fury from the Nationals, the Prime Minister announced that his government would move to net zero emissions in 2050 by printing glossy pamphlets and making PowerPoint presentations.

Climate talk vs climate action

The UN Climate Change Conference will open in Glasgow on Sunday, and Scott Morrison will be there, with the grunts, farts and oinks of the National Party ringing in his ears.

Editorial: Jabby jab jab jabb

As of this week, NSW reached the double vaccination target of 80 per cent!

Editorial: Clear as a muddled government

Good news! Local police will not be actively enforcing the government’s Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021 when it comes to business activity – see NSW govt’s Health Order lacks clarity.

Covid Cassandra peers into the future

As the COVID lockdowns draw to a close, there are still people who profess themselves unwilling to vaccinate under any circumstances, and who object to bearing any consequences that may arise.

Sneetches with stars and Sneetches behind bars

Apart from the fact that some people have a valid reason for not being fully or even partially vaccinated, today, the precious lambs become sheep and the others are goats, that is, Sneetches with stars and Sneetches behind bars.

Editorial: A primer on local power in Byron Shire

There are nine elected councillors (including the mayor), but since the departure of the mayor earlier in the year (just before COVID-19 lockdowns), Council have been operating with eight councillors. Hence, Cr Michael Lyon was appointed mayor by councillors, not the public.

Editorial: Convictions make you convict

On Monday, cartoonist Michael Leunig became the latest victim of cancel culture.

Nuclear Submarines – just a foot in the door

In the next few months we will hear a lot about how superior nuclear-powered submarines are. Vice Admiral Mike Noonan is even claiming superior stealth characteristics – which is simply not true. Yes, they tend to be faster. This is great if you want to go thousands of kilometres in a matter of days. But they are also much more expensive.

Lismore Women’s Festival cancelled

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that is sweeping NSW and other states in Australia the Lismore Women’s Festival has been cancelled.

Vale Byron girl, Patricia Marcia Dailhou 

Patricia, better known as Pat or Patsy, was born in Byron Bay in 1933 and was the second eldest of nine, to Horace Cecil Vernon Freeman (better known as ‘Bluey’) and Dorothy Lulu Freeman (nee Daniels). 

Daintree buyback sees more forest retained

Over the last two-and-a-half years the Mullumbimby based Rainforest 4 Foundation has had a mission to buy back parts of the Daintree Lowland Rainforest that were subdivided for sale in the 1980s. 

Over 1,000 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Northern Rivers

There have been 1,099 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWHD) to 8pm 18 January. These numbers include 663...