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Cinema: Battle of the sea folk

Yes, it’s school holidays so there are lots of films with ‘G’ in the rating, and Ruby Gillman – Teenage Kraken is definitely on the list. Sometimes the hero you are meant to be lies just beneath the surface.

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Tweed Council seeks businesses to join its rail trail ‘Connect Program’ 

Paying for the maintenance and providing an engaging visitor experience for the Tweed section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is a key aspect of Tweed Shire Council’s (TSC) Connect Program. 

Running the NY Marathon for type-1 diabetes research

Southern Cross University student Georgie Collis has type-1 diabetes but this won't stop her running in the New York Marathon in November to raise funds for research.

If not ‘Yes’ now, then when?

Being a Ten Pound Pom, I knew nothing of the history of massacres and dispossession of this continent’s first peoples when I arrived here in 1965.

Pre-Incan mummies found in Peru by gas workers

The mummified bodies of eight individuals have been found by city workers who were digging a natural gas line in the Carabayllo district on the outskirts of Lima, capital of Peru.

Close battle for Ocean Shores golfing glory

Will Fry held on through a gripping finish to claim the annual Ocean Shores Men’s Golf Championships two weekends...

After school is extra fun in Kyogle, Grafton, Goonellabah and Tweed

Go4Fun is a free, after-school, healthy lifestyle program for primary school-aged children who are above a healthy weight, kicks off in Term 4 in Kyogle, Grafton, Goonellabah and Tweed.

I cannot believe the Labor government wants to put through a bill to stop free speech. This is a direct hit on our democratic rights, as a ‘so called’ democratic country. This bill is going to be tabled within two weeks. It will stop what little debate we have around The Voice at the moment. I think that is the aim.

If we don’t all wake up to what the politicians’ masters (WEF, WHO, UN) want them to really do to us globally – we are in grave trouble of losing many of our freedoms.

Do your own research – please.

Margot Hays, Bangalow

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  1. All western governments have attempted to pass this type of legislation this year. It failed in the US, but passed in Canada. It’s not specifically about the voice. They need to hide the deaths, and the evidence that has been coming out. I’m disallowed to talk about it here, even if I’m just quoting Senate proceedings.

      • There you go. After everything that came out during the Cross-party inquiry, and Senate Select Committee, and its recommendation for a Royal Commission, Albo is blocking it, and will announce a judicial inquiry, that won’t be able to compel evidence from State Govts. Either way, anything that comes out will still be considered misinformation by the Echo, as per usual.

        • I think it’s a shame too if the states’ responses aren’t examined as I think many of their decisions would be vindicated. However, I was listening to one of the three panel members this morning on RN, Professor Catherine Bennett.

          She said they were inquiring into the national response, which would include the decisions and operations of national cabinet (and thus the states) as well as the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) comprised of the Chief Medical Officer and the Medical Officers of each state and territory. These were the ones largely calling the shots.

          Let’s wait and see!

          • National is code for the States working together, but under state powers and legislation. Without a Royal Commission, they can’t be compelled to provide anything they don’t want to, but they can be asked questions that they may or may no answer. This will allow the phrase ‘There was an inquiry and everyone was cleared’ to be thrown at us. They did similar in the UK.

  2. Probably THE most important issue of our time!

    This draconian bill is a free speech and accountability killer.

    Should be front page coverage Echo….unless you have given up on holding Govt and politicians to account and are happy to tow the line forever!

    • The activists at the Echonet daily don’t think it will ever be turned on them. Imagine what John Barilaro would have done to them.

  3. Own research you say Margot? Well THAT was easy…. bollocks & BS from the the usual hypocritical suspects… The unAustralian, Credlin on Sky, Abbot, LNP Sen Paterson! joined by a previously unknown LNP scaremonger Snr Chandler. Absolutely nothing to do with the Voice.

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority asked the then Morrison govt for these binding rules and codes of conduct powers in June 2021 as the existing rules written by the industry – not the regulators – are “too narrow” to prevent all the harms of misinformation & disinformation. (Then) LNP Communications Minister Fletcher (Nats) agreed, & the LNP went to the election with this exact policy & had every intention of enacting it. thge ALP endorsed it in January. Digital Industry Group Inc. (DIGI) – whose members include Google, Apple, Meta, Twitter & TikTok – have NO complaints, welcoming the move as “reinforcing DIGI’s efforts in combatting misinformation online”.
    It’s well-intentioned, although might need some fine-tuning, but has bi-lateral & industry support.

    Hardly the end of the world is it, unless you rely solely upon misinformation, distortion, hate speech & lies.

    • You actually just fake-newsed with some of that. Natalie is also missing out the part where truth will be no defence in court, as ‘legally true’ will have already been determined by the government. It will be arbitrarily decided by the department. If their expert buddies say cutting down koala trees is good for koalas, that becomes true, and you become a criminal for saying otherwise. Scomo and Albo have indeed been very keen on this, as have state governments.

    • I think you missed the point N.See.

      I’m of the view that Margot is advocating for your & my ability to debate and disagree with her or anyone else for that matter.

      This ridiculous pursuit of trying to remove or cancel anyone who does not agree with whatever thing is popular at the current moment is crazy.

      We were all once taught that sticks and stones break bones and name calling doesn’t. Sure it may take some will and strength to brush off pathetic and nasty comments, but being perpetually offended by something “online” that’s probably come from a bot or angry keyboard warrior is now turning into a debilitating mental illness for many.

      There has always been and forever will be people spewing hateful comments and lies.
      Those types help us to determine our own kind and path.

      It does take some skill to disseminate what is BS and what is not. If this bill is passed, that task will become a little harder for the majority I suspect.

    • It will need to be carefully drafted and monitored, but something needs to be done about the combination of the instant social media communication with a post truth era. This lethal partnership currently represents the greatest threat to democracy and the vulnerable we’ve experienced.

      If a government wants to quash free speech it doesn’t need to introduce this type of legislation which should be able to tackle the difference between subjective judgement and demonstrable falsehoods. We deal with it in the advertising industry.

      • Governments are well known for competence, diligence, and non-partisanship. They always know what’s true, and traditionally tell the pesants at gunpoint.

        • It’s very scary how easily dictatorships can emerge. As I indicated though, if things have got to that stage an autocrat has no need for this type of legislation.

          The way I see it though, the frightening speed at which a population can be manipulated to fall into dangerous territory, is greatly enhanced by untrammelled mis/disinformation.

  4. Well said Margot. Don’t listen to the likes of our lefty socialist friends. You know their agenda, suppression of speech is their main objective. Only the socialist Albo government is exempt from this disgusting affront to our freedoms. Keep speaking out Margot, we need many more like minded thinking people to join our outrage, and hopefully put this rabble where they belong. Russia.

    • Just facts & truth. You can probably fact check this too!

      Not a lefty socialist agenda. There are a few problems that get in the way of a good scare campaign here: the reforms are actually quite a small evolution of self-regulation, & as recently as 2022 the LNP was in favour. It was actually an LNP policy more than 2 years old just adopted this year by the government. This confected outrage is not about this law, but who proposed it. It was acceptable to them when they were sooo recently in power, but now they’re not in government they oppose it? Go figure.

      We already have laws limiting harmful speech such as defamation, obscenity, blasphemy, incitement, sedition etc. Limiting harmful lies on line like bullying & hate speech. Is it a great loss to free speech to require social media companies to have rules on posts that encourage another Cronulla riot, or January 6 insurrection, or for people to try to cure Covid with bleach?

      It’s far less draconian than Scummos 2021 Online Safety Act, which gave the eSafety Commissioner the power to FORCE social media companies & websites to take down material that the commissioner deemed to be bullying, punishable by fines of up to $137,500 for individuals who refuse. This proposal has no such powers, it merely gives the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) – the regulator – power to strengthen & enforce the “Social Media Misinformation & Disinformation Code.”

      • So it’s a modest proposal, that’s going to fix everything, but it has no real effect. That’s becoming a standard rouse. I vote No.

        • I think the ruse in your reply is slipping in “going to fix everything” as though that is what is actually being claimed.

          I haven’t heard anyone claiming this. I have heard the suggestion that listening and consulting can be effective tools. I don’t have a problem with this. I also think it’s a modest proposal.

          • ❓We’ve moved a bit away from ruses.

            However you can’t have it every way either. You can either scoff at the idea that the representations to parliament, and executive government, will carry any weight OR you can fret about how the Voice will mean every diabolical thing imaginable – reparations, taxes on the non indigenous, land evictions, the slaying of every first born etc – because these are not specifically excluded by the referendum question nor the proposed amendment.

            I’ve heard so many people say lately “ I want guarantees it will make a difference and I’ll vote yes”. Sorry, life doesn’t come with such guarantees but it’s what has been requested at the culmination of years of First Nations representative deliberations. That’s good enough for me to agree to try it.

            I’m very aware though, that it won’t fix “everything”.

        • I’m sure N.See thinks the guy with the viking hat is in jail, and that the security footage at the Capitol has been released, and has no idea who Ray Epps is, etc.

  5. Wow saying will be taken over by the UN and WHO says it all about the quality of this letter. Alt right nonsense as promoted by those who want the right to insult and fabricate facts as long as they don’t get called racists or something then they complain loudly( mark Latham, the Donald, that Pauline woman etc).

    • Or we read the books the people who work for these organisations publish privately. The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab is not a conspiracy theory, it’s available on Amazon. I just clawed my way though Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. We just repeat what they are saying they are doing. If you think it sounds nuts, then you are agreeing with us. Wealthy, powerful people tend to become megalomaniacal and tyrannical. The modern ones are as bad as any Roman Emperor, but they have drones and stuff.

      • Really Christian this great reset nonsense makes me want to shout loudly at you respectfully. Maybe go to the Putin conspirators love festival and see who is being manipulated. Unfortunately I had to teach the Aussie Cossack briefly a decade or two ago. Enjoy his delightful company and join him at the russian embassy respectfully.

      • But Christian did you really read it? All of it? Hardly the hells inferno that the far right paint it as. As a general rule if the “moderate” crazies (Dutton, Hanson, Palmer et Al) support something you know it can’t be good. I find this litmus test works well for many things – the voice to parliament for example. You really want to keep company with Pauline Hanson??!!

        • Most people think Das Capital sounds reasonable. Lack of education does that, but ignorance doesn’t bring back the ~100 million who died because of it.

    • Nobody but you said we will be taken over Rod.

      It may help you if you study some of the WEF plans.

      The head of WEF openly suggested there may be no need for elections in future amongst other outrageous things. Read that again Rod, maybe ask yourself why someone which such power and influence would say such a thing?
      The WEF’s influence in National cabinets globally is deep and wide!

      To suggest Margot is left, right or centre for raising concerns reveals more about you I suggest.

      And the fact that some people prefer the Donald because he doesn’t like war (even though he says outrageous things), over other slick talking politicians ready to bomb the next generational target to “Keep U$ $afe”, should not be that difficult to comprehend.

      Most of us want peace regardless of who has the ugliest/prettiest voice or manner!
      This bill will have those brave enough to question political ills locked up.

  6. Disagree with the left ..ignore them .
    If the left Disagrees with you ..they will
    have you cancelled.. uh the tolerance they
    Preach but not Practise..

  7. Well said once again Barrow. It is very heartening to see someone that can think clearly and independently. Our country does not need such woke souls.

  8. STOP, Listen the Goo Roo N. See has spoken. Please don’t question, just conform. I can’t wait to read the next batch of utterances from this expert, so informed and correct aren’t we.


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