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March 3, 2024

Hundreds rally in Byron to demand Gaza ceasefire

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Hundreds of locals marched through Byron Bay on Sunday to call for a ceasefire in the ongoing war in Gaza, and to raise funds to support the Palestinian people.

Meeting at Railway Park at 11am, the protestors marched down Jonson Street to Apex Park carrying banners and placards demanding peace and declaring their support for the Palestinians.

Protestors marched through Byron Bay on Sunday to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Image supplied by Northern Rivers Friends of Palestine

Speakers then addressed the crowd, including Bundjalung writer and activist Ella Noah Bancroft, Indi Grey from Student Strike for Palestine, and Greens candidate for Richmond Mandy Nolan.

Ms Nolan called for an immediate ban on military exports to Israel.

‘From hand grenades to nuclear weaponry, modern weaponry relies on aluminium-based technology,’ Ms Nolan told the crowd

‘In the months since war in Gaza began Australia continues to be one of the biggest suppliers of aluminium to the region.

‘Since 017 we have exported $60m in aluminium and bauxite ore to Israel. But it’s not just the exports.

‘We have signed or received $300 in Israeli weapons since Albanese came into government in 2022.’

The rally at APEX park in Byron Bay following the march. Image: Northern Rivers Friends of Palestine

There were also a number of live music performances and art and craft activities.

The war in Gaza has been a divisive issue within the Byron Shire, with protests held by groups representing different sides of the conflict, and a diverse range of views expressed.

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  1. Demand a ceasefire! Tell your mates who run Gaza (and have since the only election they allowed, in 2007) to release the hostages, stop shooting rockets at their neighbours, and arrest all murderers and rapists. Instant ceasefire!

    • Des, how about we let Hamas and Netanyahu fight it out.

      Would be great if we could focus on the innocent Israeli hostages and Palestinian kids/families for a change. Otherwise the same old hate & excuses from both sides keep revolving.

      The initial attack was barbaric, outregeous, but when does the killing of more innocents even the ledger? At 50,000, 500,000 a million or when genocide is complete?

      Peace for the innocent majority for goodness sake✌🏻

    • Tell the oppressors, Israeli Govt, to stop attacking the oppressed innocent Palestinians, and stop following corporate media lies that try to reverse this that ignores the huge difference.

    • Oct 7 was because the Israelis wouldn’t stop firing at them, would not release the women and children they have taken hostage, nor arrest the murders and rapists, colonising the West Bank.
      Either way, you would not get an “Instant ceasefire!”. Bibi loses his position and goes on trial for his previous crimes when this ends, so he will make sure it never ends, to save his own skin.

      • Israelis wouldn’t stop firing ???? It’s Hamas that shoot thousands of rockets at civilian targets in Israel !! Why do you think Israel has built the Iron Dome ?? Gaza has become a terror state….they have murdered 1500 men women & children inc rape torture & kidnapping…there is no excuse for that…Israel won’t stop untill Hamas are finished because Hamas will just do it again….they have said they will !!! Why do you people support terrorists ???

      • No one is being held for being Jewish. Israeli does not mean Jewish. I’m not Israeli, and they don’t even like me very much, but our local Muslims do.

  2. How about you also have a bit of balance and call for the military dictatorship called Hamas to surrender, hand back the hostages, stop using jihadi propaganda to tell kids from birth to hate and kill Jews (and other so called infidels, including all LGBTQI people), and stop using the billions in aid funding (that is supposed to be given to the poor Palestinian people) funneled through UNRWA to buy rockets and build a tunnel network that literally rivals the NY underground in length and which also goes directly under their Headquarters.

    This article is so one -sided its’ beyond belief.

    • How about you have some balance and call for King Bibi’s dictatorship called Israel, to surrender, hand back the hostages, stop using hasbra propaganda to tell kids from birth that they are god’s chosen people, that everyone else is inferior, and that all non-Jews ever think about is killing them, so you have to take power over the world before they can. And stop using the tens of billions funnelled through the US, to buy weapons.

      Your comment is so one-sided, it’s beyond belief.

      • Whoa !
        I am astounded Christian, that is the most sane statement I have ever heard from your pen.
        Everything you say there is beyond argument and frighteningly rational. I would add my total disgust at Australia’s continued support for this Israeli slaughter of an entire nation in order to steal all of it’s assets.
        Cheers, G”)

      • Your comment is just antisemitic, and spreads hatred of Jews. Only the extreme minority fundamentalist settler Jews believe that they are ‘gods chosen people’, and no Jews are trying to take over the world, but ironically fundamentalist Muslims intention is to have all countries under Islam

  3. I am amazed that there are still people who think that massacring 35,000 innocent people is ok and that is a way to create peace and to resolve the “Palestinian problem” That sort of brutal treatment hasn’t worked very well over the last 75 years of illegal occupation has it. Why is now any different? And even if they kill every Hamas person which is not possible, how do you think the other 2 million Palestinians will respond who have been treated worse than animals by the occupiers and lost family members. Extreme violence never permanently resolves conflict. It just may push it underground like a pimple to explode another day. Respectful Peaceful negotiation like they did with apartheid in Africa is the main way to bring about peaceful change. Marches like these remind our politicians that they will be replaced at the next election if they keep supporting the Israeli genocide and sending weapons to them. Cease fire now and free Palestine.

    • I join you in deploring the mass deaths, but the Hamas fighters, and the Gazans that voted for this Hamas’s Charter to violently takeover Israel and convert it to a fundamentalist Islamic state, with Hamas confiscating all private land that wasn’t in private hands before the creation of the Sate of Israel, arent innocent bystanders. It is not a case of “75 years of illegal occupation”. It would be good if you got the historical dates correct – it may give you some idea on where this situation developed from. Israel was established by the League of Nations in 1948 on the deconalisation of the region from England and France, with half the land for the Israeli Arabs and half for the the Israeli Jews. Surrounding Arab countries attacked but were defeated, and Israel subsequently did not gazette its borders to include Gaza or the West Bank – they were left under the control of Egypt and Jordan for 19 years untill 1967, and neither of those countries pursed a ‘Palestinian’ state in Gaza or the West Bank, (the original Israeli Arabs that fled to Jordan were given Jordanian citizenship, but the later violent ‘Palestinian’ fundamentalists were kicked out). There is no respectful peaceful negotiations with Hamas – read Hamas’s Charter, it is purely for Hamas to take over Israel, and their recent massacre of Jews under the banner of Islamic Jihad, from their now fortified Gaza, is the way they hope to do it. The PLO abandoned armed conflict, and supported creating a Palestinian state, with a secular govt, alongside an Israeli state, but Hamas hasnt , and Hamas will not accept a peaceful result that leaves a Jewish state in place, and wont accept creating a secular Palestinian state alongside of Israel. Genocide – youd see a genocide if Hamas fighters invade from the south, and join with the other Iranian puppets of Hezbollah from the north, and Irans Syrian Hezbollah army from the west – at Israels 400km length, these fundamentalist Islamic armies could start after breakfast and meet in the middle of Israel by lunchtime, leaving millions of Israeli dead bodies in their wake to rot in the sun – this is the real life scenario of Hamas

  4. The mentallity of some byron palestine protesters defys logic, morality and just plain common sense. Antisemites are not welcome in this country, so please leave if this is what you do. You are not wanted.

  5. “$300 in Israeli weapons”? You can’t buy an X95 for that, and they are seriously inferior to our EF88s anyway.

  6. What Planet does Des live on? This problem has existed since 1948 . it will only end when the people of Palestine have their own Country free of zionist domination. How many times has Israel bombed Gaza, smashing infrostructure killing thousands of people , using banned weapons
    ie; Phosphorus Bombs. If you live by the sword so shall you die by the sword. The only solution is to go back to the proposed 1967borders and set up two separate states of equal status
    Frank Ball Tweed Heads

  7. Why don’t you report both sides ??
    It’s disgusting how one sided the media is
    We have a large Israeli community here and we are being bullied and harassed
    The crazy thing is the ceasefire you demand would happen if the hostages were released and Hamas lay down their weapons !!
    You actually just want to fight about anything !!
    The Jewish community has always supported First Nations people and I think it’s disgusting that the Palestinians have latched onto the sadness that the First Nations people about the recent referendum and connected the two causes
    It’s so wrong !!

    • I’m indigenous Australian and me and my clan does not support the Free Palestine movement. Please don’t let those few misguided few cloud your judgement about the rest of us. Thanks 🙏😀

      • If you were indigenous Australian you would never refer to your people as a clan which is of ( Scottish/ Irish) ancestry. First Australian people refer to themselves as a mob .

    • Dear Caleena. I was involved in organising the recent Survival Day event. I was unaware and affronted that the Free Palestine group would be there. While the ‘Palestinians’ of the region now have a history there, after the 635 A.D Islamic conquest and occupation . There is a perverted view that ignores that it was a Jewish state thousands of years before Islam, and that Israel is the birthplace of Judaism and of Jewish historical cultural identity, as similar to Mecca for the Muslims, and as simillar to Australia for our first nations people.

    • How can you support indigenous Australians and not Palestine? Palestinians are going through exactly what indigenous Australians have. Exactly the same, different technology and on a whole, Indigenous Australians support their rights, hence the mobilisation of both movements on invasion day around the country. I still scratch my head how anyone can still defend israel. It blows my mind. Look at what they are doing. If I was Jewish I would be even more outraged than I am now and that seems impossible. That they are doing this and saying its in our name.

  8. 100% agree! People must be held accountable. Geez, imagine how many Palestinians would get to go home if Israel started releasing hostages as well! A lot of kids would get to see their families again. Imagine how many Israelis would be arrested if killing a Palestinian was also considered murder! Imagine how many trials there would be if Palestinian testimonies of rape were also investigated! What a world that would be. Both sides taken seriously. Maybe they’d all be able to live harmoniously again, like they did in historic Palestine. We can only dream! ✌️🫒

  9. Learn from the history. To understand october 7, 2023 we all need to go back 1948.
    Any occupation is sickness.
    Freedom is the only way to solve conflict.
    All occupation failed before and rest will be failed in just matter of times.
    Freedom needs to be supported

  10. Israel is the only free nation in the middle east…. & you guys basicly want them…. all 7 million DEAD !!…cause that is what Hamas wants
    All I can see is racism….do you realize there are 2 million arab muslims living peacefully in Israel….BUT No Jews in Palestine, Gaza, or any of their
    Islamic middle eastern neighbours….why?…because of hate….anti semitic racism. Gaza has become a terrorist state….sad but true & the atrocities they have committed against Israeli civilians is only the tip of the iceberg if Hamas is allowed to flourish. Read their own charter.

    • All you can perceive is racism, and you perceive that if we don’t support what someone wants to do, then we must want them dead. None of us have the certifications or training to help you with that.
      If Israel is a free country, which requires us ignoring what the protest and riots before Oct 7 were about, then can you show me where in the Israeli Constitution there are any rights guaranteed?
      There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli Settlers in the West Bank, and you should totally look into the nature of their interaction with the Palestinians, and Muslin holy sites.
      I’m not on the side of either of them. I think they are all barbarians. And I think that because of the well documented atrocities of both sides, that are so bad that the pro-Palestine moderator won’t even let me mention most of what Israel has been doing non-stop for decades, as it’s not fit for publication. Are blinding yourself to half the story so you can pick a side? Or has no one ever told you what has been going on?


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