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July 15, 2024

Rising Tide activists head to Justine Elliot’s office with kayaks

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Over 40 people kayak from John Follent Park in Tweed Heads to Faux Park in South Tweed. Photo supplied

Today saw just over 40 people kayak from John Follent Park in Tweed Heads to Faux Park in South Tweed, before walking close to a one km with their kayaks to the Labor Member for Richmond’s Office to demand an end to new fossil fuel projects.

The action was part of the Rising Tide Climate Defenders that saw around 3,000 people gather in Newcastle in November last year as part of a 32-hour blockade to demand action on climate change from the government. 

‘This included 20 people from the Northern Rivers. After the protest deadline expired, more than 100 people were arrested for continuing to blockade the coal port,’ explained a spokesperson for Rising Tide Northern Rivers. 

‘Today’s action is the first in a Rising Tide national tour, which aims to build momentum for the upcoming November 2024 People’s Blockade.’

Over 40 Rising Tide Climate Defenders took their message to Labor Member for Richmond, Justine Elliot’s Office to demand an end to new fossil fuel project. Photo supplied

The Rising Tide climate defenders left a letter under the door calling on Justine Elliot, the Member for Richmond, to support their demands for:

  1. Immediately cancel all new fossil fuel projects
  2. Tax fossil fuel export profits at 75 per cent to fund community and industrial transition, and pay for climate loss and damage
  3. End all coal exports from Newcastle – the world’s largest coal port – by 2030

‘We are taking action today, in Tweed Heads, to draw attention to our local members’ inaction on climate change,’ Monique, from Murwillumbah told The Echo

‘We call on our Australian government to take action on our demands, and until they do Rising Tide will continue to build a mass movement to take on the fossil fuel industry if our government won’t.’

Rising Tide Northern Rivers are holding ongoing training, education and workshops, and are calling on the Northern Rivers community to join the movement!

MJ, from Bilambil said that, ‘although, the Labor Member for Richmond locked the doors on their community again, the Rising Tide climate defenders left another letter under the door calling on the Member to support our community’s demands.’

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  1. Let’s just pretend that a transition to renewables – after nine years of inaction – can be achieved without a back-up source of power. Let’s just pretend the Labor Government is not showing itself committed to action on climate change while it battles the manufactured NIBYISM of the right.

    Yep, let’s do everything to undermine Labor in the face of whipped up fear and outrage about wind and solar farms and misinformation about renewables being responsible for rising energy prices when in fact the opposite is true. In the face of the Coaltion seemingly getting away with “ Trust us we’re the Lib Nats and we’ll give you the answers to all those unanswerables after the election.”

    Let’s appeal to the lowest common denominator of the knee-jerk under-informed, the same malaise that will jump at the appeal of the Coaltion’s BS that nuclear power plants will give us all a free pass to do nothing about emissions for the next ten years.

    Grow up! Signs and chants outside an MP’s office are a fun day out – and perhaps a change from red painted swaddled dolls- but the country is at a crossroads.

    • Lizardbreath, “Let’s just pretend the Labor Government is not showing itself committed to action on climate change..”, the ALP is doing a good job at being, ‘The Great Pretender’.
      We have PM Albo and Resources Minister not having any of the ending of fossil fuels with able support from Environment Minister Plibersek who approves coal and gas adventures, all as Minister Bowen tells us its renewable energy or bust – The ALP speaks with forked tongue.
      We have the ALP funding the Middle Arm gas hub ( NT ) – $’s1.5billions already allocated direct from federal budget money with another $’s2biliions top up from the NAIF if the ALP has its way. Building gas infrastructure to expand gas usage and embed gas usage for decades and decades to come. Which is all so nice for the ALP and its masters in the gas industry when the ALP approves the infamous ‘Sea Dumping Bill’.

      Lab and LibNat are two sides of the same coin, they both aren’t serious about the climate science. Its what happens when political parties – both Lab and LibNat – are bought by $’shundredsofthousannds fossil fuel industry ‘donations’.

      • Really Joachim, I would have thought if the last few days (if you were at all listening) had taught you anything, it would be that Labor and the Coalition couldn’t be further apart on the issue of energy/climate policy, clean energy renewables and emissions.

        To pretend otherwise is as bad as the Coalition treating us all like idiots.

        • Lizardbreath, pretending is what both Lab and LibNat are doing.
          Lab and LibNat on nuclear, they are different, yes. The current nuclear argy bargy is all a convenient distraction from Lab’s record on fossil fuel. Fossil fuels, examine the words and all the actions.

          LabLibNat are pro fossil fuels for longer, happily boosting it along, no ending it in sight.
          All those $’shundredsofthousands Fossil Fuel Industry ‘donations’ makes it so.

          • Honestly Joachim, you’re going to have to be prepared to actually read the comments directed at you – and engage with them with something more intelligent than slogans – if you want dialogue.

          • Lizardbreath, so Lab’s actions, that I have detailed a number of times in other spaces in The Echo, boosting fossil fuel use just haven’t happened; so Lab collecting $’shundredsofthousands fossil fuel industry ‘donations’ just haven’t happened.
            Of course not, none of this has happened by the hand of the ALP, it is just the Joachim throwing “slogans” around. It would be comical if it wasn’t actually happening.

            Lizardbreath, I fully understand your discomfort whenever the ALP’s climate actions are interrogated in detail. And the reading of it isn’t improved with Minister Tanya approving another fossil fuel rollout, approving Gina’s gas wells in the Surat Basin.

  2. How rude of the ‘Member for Richmond’ to lock her gate on Rising Tide. Maybe she’s practising to lock gates on destroyers of state forests and other significant threataned spaces…bah humbug 💚

    • How rude of these people to interfere with the important work that goes on in the electoral offices of elected MPs. I’m sure they go home with a warm inner glow, congratulating themselves on, once again, saving the world!

      • I’m going to give these so-called climate warriors a little bit of credit, at least they are not acting like their “inner-city” compatriots by vandalizing ALP offices with red paint and smashing shopfront windows and intimidating MP’s, shame on these “inner-city” Greens their actions are totally un-Australian.

        • Keith, you have proof of who has committed the acts of destruction?
          Please tell us that you have provided this proof to the police?
          Or have you over stepped it again, in making a wild unsubstantiated accusation?
          Calling the Keith…….

        • Yes indeed, they should just let the lights go out! Honestly Joachim, how is rolling out renewable projects at an accelerating rate “boosting fossil fuel consumption”. All the experts agree, after a decade without an energy policy, the transition to renewables will require more energy than can be achieved in the short time frame.

          You lot pushing to just ignore the gap, give credence, for the uninformed, to the Coalition disruption (disguised as policy) of the important work of transition.

          You want to help the Nats destroy the industy they despise – renewables – so we can have BAU with fossil fuel consumption until some time in the future when the Coalition announces that no they have had to reconsider their plans. They will suddenly ‘discover’, that Labor left too much of a black hole for this expenditure – or some other rationale. Sound familiar?

          You lot are Soooo naive! Or are you?

          • Lizardbreath, do catchup with your beloved ALP;
            – in Opposition, ALP backed the Adani coalmine abomination and shamefully ‘teamed up’ with LibNat in the Senate to amend Native Title Law Rights to dismiss all objections under federal law to the Adani coalmine and paved the way for Adani approval
            – in Opposition and Government, ALP supports spending $’staxpayer to speed the frackup of the Beetaloo, a giant Methane Bomb in the making
            – in Government, ALP has approved 5 coal and gas projects
            – in Government, ALP passed its ‘ Sea Dumping Bill’
            – in Government, ALP approved $’s1.5billions spend on The Middle Arm Gas Hub, with another $’s2billions spending from the NAIF to come if the ALP has its way.
            – in Government, ALP unleashes its ‘Future Gas Strategy’ ( Lab’s version of LibNat’s ‘Gas-led Recovery policy ) to embed gas to 2050 and beyond.

            There is no ‘transition’ when fossil fuel exploration, production and consumption is actively embedded for decades and decades to come.

        • Mr Lizardbreath, our old mate Joachim is not listening to any one or any sense, he is fixated on a mission to try and destroy the only Govt that can deliver a low carbon renewable future, and he and his fanatical Greens opportunists are doomed to failure, and should be treated with utter contempt by the voters, they are actually more dangerous than a Dutton led Coalition Govt.

          • Keith, in case you missed it, global heating is an existential threat.
            Maybe you / ALP think that you are so exceptional that you are immune from the impacts of global heating. Talking nice words about climate action is all very nice but it is taking action that follows the climate science that counts.
            The climate doesn’t care who it is, Lab or LibNat, that is doing the GHG emission boosting. The climate just responds as it does.

            But I see again you just want to ignore the inconvenience of reading about Lab actions that I have scribbled further above that are boosting GHG emissions. Instead our Keithy always avoiding the information and evidence of actions as you divert to your Greens dribbling drivel.
            Keith, Keith, Keith, in breaking news Minister Tanya has given approval for the Gina’s gas project in the Surat Basin. Gina getting another ‘helper’ from Team Albo, Rofl!
            This is what happens when political parties ( both Lab and LibNat ) bought off by $’shundredsofthousands fossil fuel industry ‘donations’. It helps explain why the Fossil Fuel Industry receives subsidies of $’s11billionsplus per annum to keep doing what it does.

            Both Lab and LibNat are as reckless and dangerous as each other and need to be ousted from government.


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