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March 9, 2021
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Have you been to Oma yet? 

Oma is the newest food and wine bar in Byron Bay, established by the team at Three Blue Ducks....

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Interview with Claire Atkins from SHIT

I saw SHIT last year and I was blown away. Incredible script. Incredible acting.

Top of Mt Warning

Daniel O’Brien, Federal Letters about Mt Warning were interesting. Chris Gee defended National Parks and Wildlife for adopting the views of...

A Lego load of fun on the Gold Coast

A place for water dragons to thrive was the theme of a construction competition at Southern Cross University (SCU) yesterday. The tricky part was making the build with Lego.

TAFE job cuts not so bad, says Nationals MLC 

Ms Saffin said last week that 29 local jobs were going under restructures and that almost 700 frontline TAFE NSW jobs will be slashed.

New Greens team

Matthew O’Reilly President of CABS and a proud member of the NEW Byron Greens team It seems that some readers have...

Supporting independent news or making fat cats fatter?

The recent skirmish between Facebook and the government is hard to miss, even if you rely on Facebook for your news. But what does it all mean?

Stories about "illegal doofs":

Music on Byron’s Main Beach until 2.30am

Locals and visitors alike were kept awake by an illegal full moon doof on Byron's Main Beach as the DJ pumped out the music until around 2.30am this morning.

Potential doof party shut down

Seven Mile resident Alison Drover has praised police after they acted upon information over a doof party that was being arranged for an area within Arakwal National Park, Byron Bay, last Saturday evening.

Doof organisers lit ‘blaze’ at Tallow Beach during fire ban

On Saturday night would-be organisers of yet another illegal doof at Tallow Beach lit a ‘blazing’ fire, according to locals, on the eve of the hottest day of the year and despite a total fire ban.

Police close illegal beach doof at Pottsville

Following a combined effort by residents at Suffolk Park to resist illegal beach doofs there, it seems organisers are turning their attention to Pottsville.

Doof ‘ban’ not imminent

Gavin Greenoak, Byron Bay.  Fake news, I wish this were not: ‘From 2 March 2017 it will be illegal to “doof”, and heavy penalties will...

New group forms to prevent trashing of Arakwal National Park

Fed up with a lack of action against the organisers of illegal doofs in in Arakwal National Park, a group calling itself Friends of Tallow Creek has formed with the specific intention of saving the site from continued destruction.

Illegal doofs attract all nationalities

Jim Rogers, Byron Bay. So M/s de la Fuentes is offended because the Spanish speaking community were blamed for the illegal NYE doof party at Tallow Creek that annoyed and offended local residents.

Doof heads or boofheads?

Maggie Brown, Byron Bay Many thanks to Dialan Pugh and Jim Beatson for drawing attention to the recent Byron Tallow Beach Estuary doof party and...

Police break up ‘dangerous doof’ in Arakwal National Park

It took until 7.45am on Sunday (November 6) for police, council rangers and NPWS to finally break up an illegal doof party at Tallow Beach Byron Bay that had been raging all night.

Doofers ruining Byron’s pristine, preserved environment

Dailan Pugh, Byron Bay. I understand that some people just want to have fun, but why do they think its their right to trash Byron's environment when they do?

Where does a lack of empathy lead us? 

Democracy, as a concept and a form of governance, was first introduced by the Greeks around 507 BC.

A Lego load of fun on the Gold Coast

A place for water dragons to thrive was the theme of a construction competition at Southern Cross University (SCU) yesterday. The tricky part was making the build with Lego.

Kingscliff, trucks, and development – what’s the right outcome?

The debate over the movement of fill via the Tweed Coast Road and through Kingscliff to fill future development sites has been considered by residents, Tweed Shire Councillors, and staff at the last two planning meetings and a workshop in between.

Spring into Scavenge in Lismore this Saturday

Different, fun and rewarding are some of the words used to describe what's going to unfold in Lismore this weekend.