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May 23, 2024
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New witnesses in long-running kambo inquest

Proceedings reopened in Byron Bay Courthouse yesterday in what is expected to be the final stage of the long-running coronial inquest into the death of Jarrad Antonovich.

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Bodies of man, child found in East Lismore home

A report will be prepared for the information of the NSW Coroner following the death of a man and a child in Lismore overnight.

Adam says it’s time for a Sunday bus for north Byron Shire

As many people are aware, there is no public transport in the north of Byron Shire on Sundays, making it difficult for people, young people in particular, to get to where they want to go. Adam Luck has decided to take action on this problem. 

NSW Gov’t promises to fast-track super battery storage

State government investment in major battery projects across NSW is to be increased and fast-tracked, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Penny Sharpe said on Wednesday.

New Murwillumbah pump station build underway

There is no denying that Murwillumbah floods and locals are hoping that the construction of a new stormwater pump...

Cartoon of the week – 22 May, 2024

The letters deadline for The Echo is noon Friday. Letters longer than 200 words may be cut. The publication of letters is at the discretion of the letters editor.

Hundreds of DV arrests across state

Police have charged more than 550 people during a four-day operation targeting the state’s most dangerous domestic and family violence offenders.

Stories about "Kambo":

New witnesses in long-running kambo inquest

Proceedings reopened in Byron Bay Courthouse yesterday in what is expected to be the final stage of the long-running coronial inquest into the death of Jarrad Antonovich.

Natasha Lechner inquest verdict released

State Coroner Teresa O'Sullivan was in Byron Bay Courthouse on Friday afternoon to deliver her findings in the inquest into the death of Natasha Lechner, who died after taking kambo in Mullumbimby in 2019.

Antonovich inquest delayed again, as new witnesses emerge

The inquest into the kambo-related death of Jarrad Antonovich has taken a surprising turn, with new witnesses coming forward to police. As a result, the rest of the planned dates this week have been abruptly cancelled by the state coroner, with the process set to begin again at Byron Bay Courthouse in late May.

Kambo inquest reopens at Byron Bay

NSW State Coroner Teresa O'Sullivan was back in Byron Bay courthouse yesterday, along with the family of Jarrad Antonovich and a number of other interested parties, including legal counsel.

Kambo/ayahuasca inquest to resume next week

The coronial inquest into the untimely death of Jarrad Antonovich, near Kyogle, will resume at Byron Bay Courthouse next Wednesday, after the inquest ran out of time to complete its work last year in the Northern Rivers and Sydney. A week of hearings is expected before the state coroner announces her findings.

Concerns over ayahuasca practitioner Lore Solaris’s plan to head to Brazil

Concerns have been raised over the intention of Lore Solaris, who was facilitating an ayahuasca ceremony at Arcoora the night Jarrad Antonvich died, to leave Australia for Brazil.

When western medicine doesn’t work 

Once I finally admitted I needed help with vicarious trauma, I tried a few techniques to ease my troubled mind. 

Inquest interruptus: to be continued…

Yesterday afternoon the inquest into the kambo-related death of Jarrad Antonovich stopped abruptly mid-witness. Family and media were later informed that the current witness would finish her testimony next month, with the rest of the inquest not due to be completed until February 2024.

‘Has anyone called an ambulance?’ Kambo inquest continues

The Jarrad Antonovich coronial inquest continued at Lismore Courthouse yesterday, with medical experts and bystanders alike expressing amazement that an ambulance wasn't called earlier to the unfolding medical emergency at the 2021 Dreaming Arts festival, held near Kyogle.

Disturbing revelations continue at Jarrad Antonovich inquest

Jarrad Antonovich’s long decline and ayahuasca-related death at theArcoora Eco Retreat was described as a ‘beautiful occasion’ by event organisers, disturbing his family. 

Police appeal again to locate man missing from Mullumbimby

Police are again appealing for public assistance to locate Gage Wilson, a man missing from Mullumbimby, since Saturday, 18 May.

Causes of death

There’s been a lot of talk about an epidemic of violence against women lately, including Dr Ray Moynihan’s article in the last Echo. I like...

Flood 2022

I congratulate Lismore’s Trinity College work experience student Bella Clay on her article (Echo, April 26), relating her family’s lived experience since the 2022...


The latest information supplied from Byron Shire’s Water and Recycling on future operational plans contains the term ‘renew’ numerous times. There is no clarification...