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November 27, 2022

NBN tower opposed in Rosebank

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Rosebank residents are concerned that wirelessly delivered broadband will be slower and may potentially cause health problems.
Rosebank residents are concerned that wirelessly delivered broadband will be slower and may potentially cause health problems.

Rosebank residents are opposing a NBN wireless tower – planned for later in the year – with resident Steven Davies claiming that a survey so far has over 140 locals saying ‘no’ to the tower and only five in favour.

He says he and fellow residents are battling the ‘relentless spin-doctoring of [telecommunications and information and communication technologies service company] Visionstream.’

‘Visionstream have no idea which homes will even be reached by the tower,’ he said.

‘In Rosebank, one of the most heavily populated parts of rural Australia, a high percentage of its residents will be battling to run businesses from home with the slowest imaginable connection speeds. Small business will suffer.’

‘Health and environmental costs are readily dismissed by NBN – studies highlight deleterious effects on vulnerable species and this ignores local values for this important wildlife corridor.

‘They avoid mentioning the 2011 WHO classification of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) as Group 2B – “possibly carcinogenic,” or more recent independent studies on how EMR triggers the human brain into responding to it as daylight – even at night. Some family homes lie within 50 metres of the tower.

‘This is one of the most densely populated parts of Rosebank. It won’t be NBN Visionstream that sleeps uneasy.’

‘And all this for third rate broadband.

‘Ironically, Rosebank already has fibre to the exchange on the corner of Repentance Creek and Dunoon Road. Despite taunting many bypassed homes, there has been no cost benefit analysis for delivering fibre direct in Rosebank. Why? Because – as the consultants confirmed – NBN Visionstream only delivers towers to rural Australia.’

He says despite this and criticism from NBN’s own minister, Malcolm Turnbull, ‘NBN seems determined to deliver low-quality broadband to this highly populated rural community.’

The proposed location is 191 Rosebank Road. To get involved, simply like the Facebook page RosebankNBNActionGroup.

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  1. The residents of Rosebank seem adamant to keep their community in the 19th century. Does the LTE wireless compare with fiber? No of course not, but if they forbid that tower they will get stuck on either Sattelite or FTTN… and then they will know real pain.

    I wonder what stellar Telecoms qualifications Steven has to make the comments he does, ontop of the appeals to the blindingly obvious. Yes David, Visionstream has a contract to build only towers! Did you think they we’re wheeling around a airplane trolly with a list of telecoms infrastructure and let you pick and choose? I wonder how small businesses will suffer in the face of no internet at all since you blocked the tower.

    The fact that there is fiber to the Rosebank exchange is meaningless. Not only is it owned by Telstra and is therefore untouchable by NBNco, but they cannot just simply slap an adapter with X amount of ports on it and let everyone connect to it. Just because a freeway runs a short distance past your house doesnt mean they are just going to easily replace the dirt track to your farm. Remember the civil works involved in digging up all that land to lay fiber to a handful of people, an expense likely in the millions of dollars.

    I see more unproven assertions with the health risks on Wireless. They say NBNco ‘avoids mentioning’ that the WHO classified EMR as possibly carcinogenic (POSSIBLY), yet they are the ones ‘avoiding’ the fact that these studies mostly speak about unshielded omnidirectional sources (such as microwaves) and mobile phones held right next to your skull. Not a weakly transmitting tower, aimed at a fixed antenna on your roof, with a solid wall between you and it as well.

    The towers get exponentially weaker the further you get (Inverse Square Law) and by the time they get to the closest property they are hundreds, even thousands of times below the public limit. A single long mobile phone call will give you many many times the exposure the towers will.

    If you are truly worried about the effects of EMR, make the following changes to your life:
    No mobile phones. Ever. Take them off your kids as as well.
    No Microwaves
    No wireless internet, radio or TV of course.
    Stay well away from the city and the rest of civilisation
    finally; dont EVER go out into the sunlight. A few hours in the sun and your skin will burn!

    Lets see how well you can live a modern 21st century life without those things. Have fun avoiding the sun in a rural community.

  2. DG are you completely ignorant of the impact of WiFi technology on birds, bees, bats and humans? Do yourself a favour and watch youtube video Resonance, Beings of Frequency.
    Why do you think WiFi is banned in schools in Europe?
    The people of Rosebank have taken the trouble to educate themselves, I say good on them.

    • That’s strange I come from the UK and saw many schools and other education institutions with WIFI in schools also the only reference I find to WIFI being banned in Europe is from a News limited Publication where a professor from Sweden says they should band WiFi schools. Maybe you should think about the future of Australia instead of how you view it from your retirement home.

  3. “The people of Rosebank have taken the trouble to educate themselves, I say good on them.”

    Evidence clearly suggests that contrary to your belief, the people of Rosebank have not actually taken the time or “trouble” to educate themselves. The evidence comes from the actual information provided by ARPANSA and WHO.

    I’ll just leave these here:



  4. Its funny how a couple of miss guided people can slow things down for the many im a local no one asked me how I feel where do they get there figures from … im sick of slow speeds and high prices for infer service on satellite I live to far from the exchange to get ADSL please get on with it bring rosebank into the present instead of last century

  5. The adverse effects of exposure to even low levels of microwaves are well proven. They are also addictive, which is one reason why some people seem hellbent on defending wireless technologies rather than doing enough reading to acquaint themselves with the facts. If you trust industry and their sympathetic government regulators to look out for your health, you may live to regret it. As an electronics engineer I have seen both sides of the story, and I can assure you the full truth is not being told. Here is a large selection of links for anyone interested in acquiring an objective view: http://www.mullumwifi.com/emr_bookmarks.html

  6. DG, there is so much misinformation in your comment that I don’t know where to start.

    The fact is that the vast majority of surveyed Rosebank residents, and 95% of those who turned up to the biggest meeting Rosebank has had regarding the tower have said “NO!” to the tower. The Visionstream consultants have been sly, manipulative and outright dishonest – and they have also managed to dangle a miserly carrot in front of a desperate farmer and turn him against his own community.

    You’ve got to love democracy.

  7. “The international pooled analysis of data gathered from 13 participating countries found…
    no increased risk of glioma or meningioma with mobile phone use of more than 10 years.

    There are some indications of an increased risk of glioma for those who reported the highest 10% of cumulative hours of cell phone use, although there was no consistent trend of increasing risk with greater duration of use. The researchers concluded that biases and errors limit the strength of these conclusions and prevent a causal interpretation.

    Based largely on these data, IARC has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), …
    a category used when a causal association is considered credible, but when chance, bias or confounding cannot be ruled out with reasonable confidence.”

    read and read the whole article – it is not as bad as it seems


  8. @ P Neilsen.

    No. They are not proven. Far from it, take this for instance:
    This is a summary of the expert statements of many global health organizations (33 of them) that have issued a statement on the harmful effects of EMR; All of them said that it is not proven to cause significant adverse effects in humans or other animals… that is all of them but one, the Bioelectric Initiative.

    And wouldn’t you know it, Bioelec is a Non-peer reviewed controversial paper (several authors not being considered scientists or experts in the field) that has no checks on conflict of interests, criteria for the rejection of included reports, cross consultation or discussion between authors or even a consistent writing style. It even includes reports that do NOT support the papers recommendation that EMR is harmful.

    The report by the Health Council of the Netherlands goes into detail on the failings of the Bioelec Initiative. Its available here (don’t worry its in English): http://www.gezondheidsraad.nl/sites/default/files/200817E_0.pdf

    On that flurry of links you included, i went through some of them and was greeted with a consistency of clown pants. Some went to books by Natropaths, others were totally irrelevant (bladder cancer as caused by arsenic exposure) and another went to a weight loss website. You say such a website is ‘objective’ yet it is owned and operated by an activist group opposed to a free wireless network. Who is the administrator? What are his criteria for including links? Where is his expert peer review?

    @Anon #6
    Do you have anything supporting the pure emotional assertions you made? People once believed in ‘Spontaneous creation’ as the reasoning you find maggots in dead flesh, or that the Sun revolves around the Earth. That doesn’t make it true. The residents can vote against the tower all they want, the only thing it will accomplish is their exclusion from the 21st Century.

    WiFi radiation is ‘non-ionizing’. While it may have a long wavelength, the frequency (time between pulses) is not high enough to knock off electrons from molecules (the method Nuclear radiation does cellular damage). Non-ionizing radiation includes visible and ultraviolet light that are known to induce sunburn and thermal effects, UV radiation occupies this spot at the very edge of visible light, slightly into the classification of ionizing radiation. This is how it can cause skin cancer through overexposure and why sunburn and Tans are bad.

    Temporary thermal effects are not to be confused with the genetic destructive potential of ionizing sources, namely Alpha, Gamma and Xrays. WiFi is not on this level.

  9. DG,

    That the French Government has just moved to ban WIFI from schools because the dangers are becoming too difficult to ignore, and many other European countries are following – means nothing? Because all your own evaluations are more valid? Where you don’t agree, you reduce it to an unintelligent ’emotional’ position. You are wrong.

    And it’s by the by. If the community OVERWHELMINGLY doesn’t want it – for many number of reasons, should it not be our choice to apparently stay in a previous century? (Although this is just not correct. Fixed wireless is not going to serve our community at all – we are being given a substandard service).

    Now DG, why are you so concerned about what happens in Rosebank?? – [Is it because] you work for NBN / Visionstream / Ericsson?


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