Nine Gloucester locals arrested protesting CSG fracking


Gloucester woman Kate Fry who attached herself to the entry gate of AGL's controversial coal seam gas project on Wednesday (October 22). Photo: Lock the Gate Alliance

Gloucester woman Kate Fry who attached herself to the entry gate of AGL’s controversial coal seam gas project on Wednesday (October 22). Photo: Lock the Gate Alliance


Nine people have been arrested during protest activity near AGL’s coal seam gas site at Gloucester so far this week.

Fracking equipment arrived in Gloucester on Monday morning and on Tuesday morning, organisers say four people were charged with trespass for peacefully protesting the operation.

About 8am on Tuesday, police were say they were called to the site on Fairbairns Road after a 50-year-old man was detained by security.

Two men – both aged 33 – and a 53-year-old woman allegedly jumped the fence and were also detained before police were contacted.

Police from Manning/Great Lakes arrested the men and woman and issued them court attendance notices for ‘entering enclosed lands’.

About 6am yesterday (Wednesday), numerous protesters returned to the site on Fairbairns Road allegedly blocking access to the AGL site.

Police two men – aged 44 and 26 – and a 68-year-old woman, who were charged with causing an obstruction and will appear in court on 10 December 2014.

A 66-year-old woman and 55-year-old man were issued traffic infringement notices.

Gloucester woman Kate Fry attached herself to the entry gate of AGL’s controversial coal seam gas project yesterday morning in an attempt to peacefully prevent the fracking of four coal seam gas wells.

Ms. Fry said, “I’m not just doing this for Gloucester, I’m doing it for everyone. I’m willing to get arrested trying because the Government has sacrificed Gloucester. We are the last defence to protect this beautiful place from invasive gasfields.”

AGL will hold its AGM in Sydney today and further protests are expected.

2 responses to “Nine Gloucester locals arrested protesting CSG fracking”

  1. Kamala says:

    Shame on our government whether state or federal – destruction of the environment/water/air cannever befixed once it is tainted!What are we leaving for the future generations!

  2. John Vaughan says:

    There is nothing like an alternative reality on Fracking and CSG
    As FrackNation’s Phelim McAller has said in a recent info mail out.

    “Here is the promised background info: LINK

    Calvin Tillman is a well-known activist, who is very busy going all around the country campaigning against fracking. In his previous career, he was the Mayor of Dish, Texas. (Trivia: The town was previously called Clark, but in exchange for free basic television service for ten years and a free DVR from Dish Network, the name was changed. There was an episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show about Dish.)

    Back to the serious stuff: Tillman has based all his very dramatic claims about fracking polluting the air and poisoning the local townspeople AND his children on one – and only one – air study done by a local “expert”, Alisa Rich. Rich is the sole proprietor of Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers and Consultants LLC.

    It’s good to give work to a local business, right?

    The only problem is… well, there are actually 3 problems, that several Texas courts found with Alisa Rich:

    1) She fraudulently claimed to have a PhD

    2) She fraudulently claimed to be a qualified engineer

    3) In a separate case, she has arranged and filmed a fraudulent video to try and extort a company to settle a damages claim

    Did you hear the word “fraud” somewhere there?

    So when Tillman came to SoCal with his anti-fracking campaign, Phelim couldn’t help himself, but go and chat to him about Alisa Rich, the air study and such.

    And so they had a very polite, cordial conversation about all that… just kidding.

    Watch the video to see what really happened:

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