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Goonellabah drive-thru COVID testing this weekend at GSAC

With the community in lockdown, Lismore City Council says it is important for to get tested for COVID-19, even if you only have the mildest of symptoms. 

Other News

Teacher shortage hitting schools across NSW

With the mandatory vaccination date getting closer, the NSW Teachers Federation says there is already a shortage of teachers.

Planning staff back Wilsons Creek DA, residents’ concerns downplayed

Residents living near a proposed 15-lot housing development in Wilsons Creek say it will negatively impact a precious wildlife corridor on the site, exacerbate traffic safety problems on the surrounding roads, and damage the peaceful character of their quiet enclave.

The Greens and Ballina Council

With the Greens announcing their intention to contest the Ballina Shire local government election to be held in December...

On being prepared

In recent commentary on the Commonwealth’s proposed quarantine facility in Brisbane, Simon Birmingham said, ‘Whilst it will be used...

A moment of your life?

Six questions for Jehovah’s Witness doorknockers: 1. Are you aware that the 2016 Royal Commission into Institutional Handling of Child...

No blank cheques

Since the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its damming ‘code-red’ report on the impending climate emergency...


Byron Bay SLSC

Saturday 20.12.14. PATROL NO 17: 9am – 5pm

Mark Timperley PC (D), Jono Manitta APC, Lucy Guye, Asaya Everson, Greg Clark, Luke Timperley, Josh Marr, Bob Manitta, Paul Clark, Mandy/Fred Templeman, Ruby Anderson, Lucie Mills, Helen/Brian/Ava/Clay Buckley

Sunday 21.12.14  PATROL NO 7: 9am – 5pm

Kisane Irwin PC, Hayley Coleman APC , Shaun Sewell, (D), Ruby Anderson, Doc Adams, Jemma Pollock, Isabella McMullen, Ava Cormack, Georgina Wheatland, Amber Whipple,  Dan Peacock, Jed Erickson, Maryanne Sewell, Mark Sewell



Brunswick Heads Women

December 2

Social: Marcia Crichton, Dawn Hay 22 def Pyhllis Cameron, Marian Parsons 9. Kaye Soccio, Lyn Proudlock 16 def Sherril Pearce, Blossom McCormick 13. CHAMPIONSHIPS: Consistency Final. Christine Lawrence 152 def Jenny Lofts 128. MINOR SINGLES FINAL: Kerry Dexter 25 def Bev Gawned 15. Winners: Kerry Dexter, Margaret Darby (marker). Raffle won by Bev Rose.

Social – R.Wainwright , H.Robb (Rink W) def. R.Mills, J.Kidman: S.Brown, S.Thomas def. I.Pettendy, G.Henry: Raffle – S.Brown.

*** December 16 – Patron’s Christmas Break up Party and Presentation of Championships, bright mufti dress, please bring a small plate of party food and a present with name on card, lots of Christmas Hampers to be won.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

13/12/14 Saturday Presentation Day Social

Playing triples in 3 x 7 ends game with rotation of playing position resulted in some great social bowls and interesting results

I Pettendy H McIlwain P Thompson 21 d H Robb G Porter M Esau 10

E Boyter D Blake M Hogan 20 d R Wainwright B Rose T Johnston 11

A McKenzie S Doherty G McKenzie 26 d Swinger Adam S Brown J Canabou 11

The Executive pairs bowls interchange battle saw Sec Mike Pres Jeff 18 d Head Chef Ash Money Bags Terry 12

Presentations and sustenance followed in our refreshed Half Way House. Again congratulations to our champions in all formats and also thanks to all players for making 2014 a most enjoyable year of bowls. Tween season bowls will continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays with 1 pm start (names 12.30) over the festive season for members and visitors

6/12/14 Saturday Mixed Social

Following a (welcome) wet start to the day a small field of players took the chance on getting a game R Wainwright M Burke Shorty Morgan 26 defeated E Boyter M Nicholls G Porter 11

10/12/14 Wednesday Social

The third and final round of the Town vs Country series saw a resounding victory by the Town Gentlemen over the Squires from the Bush. Round 1 of the pairs had R Rays R Breckenbridge take the Bushies Michaels Nicholls and Burke out 16 – 8 whilst the Gentlemen D Ottery S Ridgewell did the same over T (wrong bias) Henry L Henry 13 – 10 Round 2 saw the Squires fight back with the Henrys showing some rare form to defeat R Rays and R Breckenbridge 13 – 11 and the Michaels taking  a 15 – 10 win over D Ottery S Ridgewell. However the steady Townies team of B Rose (swinging lead) B Neate T Johnston slew B Rose (missing his trapper DB) E Boyter J Canabou 27 – 15. Presentation Day will see the cherished Ye Olde Rum Bottle (suitably etched) appropriately handed over to the Town Gentlemen. S Ridgewell and D Ottery won the chooks on the Tony Carsburg Holden rink.

29/11/14 Mixed Pairs Final

Consistency of performance gave S Thomas and N Lee a commanding lead by the 14th end leading them to  a championship win over J Towner T Fenwick by 28 -10. Congratulations to the Champions and indeed to all participants for fine championship games

Mixed Social

M Nicholls D Blake Older Lumsden (c/w Old Mill Timberyard rink) 19 d R Wainwright R Graham M Burke 14

E Boyter G Porter M Esau 25 d G Aitken N Aitken J McKay 11

3/12/14 Wednesday Social

B Ball M Nicholls M Burke (on an extra end) 22 d B Neate H McIlwain J Canabou 21

T Henry B Rose Driver Henry (c/w Ken Ryan Plastering rink) 21 d E Boyter R Rays T Johnston 11

Make sure your name is in for Presentation Day 13th December  Mudcrabs mufti bowls 14th Dec

*** Players welcome to come along on Wednesday and December 24 and 31 with a 1pm start. Modern bowls available.

We wish all a safe and happy holiday break.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women

Tuesday December 9 Social – E.Leclere, J.Lee, G.Henry (Rink W) def. R.Mills, S.Brown, H.Robb : I.Pettendy J.Kidman def. A.Poff, S.Thomas : Raffle – J.Kidman

Tuesday November 25 – Social : A.Poff, J.Beaumont, G.Henry (Rink W)  def. D.Gower, E.Leclere, J.Towner : J.Ball, S.Brown, J.Kidman def. R.Mills, J.Lee, S.Thomas : Raffle – G.Henry : Committee Meeting 9th December after bowls  at 1.00PM, don’t forget spinners. Patron’s  Day  Christmas Party and presentation of Championships – 16th December, mufti dress – Christmas colours,  bring small plate of party food and present with your name on it. Lots of Christmas Hampers to be won.

Ocean Shores Men

December 13 1st: Kevin Hosie, Lochie Johnson, Bob Montgomery; 2nd: John O’Connor, Tony Baggio, Mick Haines.

December 8, Paddle Pop Triples wins and margins:  1st: Keith Kennedy, Lochie Johnson, Les Hoffman 2wins+16; 2nd: Jason Haywood, Randall Rofe 2 wins+15; 3rd: Andrew Spice, Peter Quirk, Dale Magnusson. 1 win + 7. Following the Club Bowls Presentation night on Saturday Dec 6:  The Ocean Shores Club Champions for 2014 are: Fours 1st: J. Gray, M. Haines, T. Mitchell, J.T Gray;  R-UP:  D. Matheson, W. Priest, L. Hoffman, S. Pratt; Triples: 1st: D. Moor, J. O’Connor, D. Taylor; R-U: L. Johnston, G. Parker, T. Makin;  Pairs 1st: P. Clarke, T. Makin; R-UP: M. Smith, P. Mansfield; Single 1st: T. Makin, R-UP: T. Mitchell; Minor Pairs 1st: M. Flesser, G. Collins; R-UP: G. Leclere, D. Pyne; Minor Singles 1st: P. Quirke; R-UP: B. Fahy; Mixed Pairs 1st: J.Busch, R. Tonkin; R-UP L. McGowran, S. Pratt; Mixed Fours 1st: K. Hosie, G. Johnston, M. Hosie, L. Johnston; R-UP: J. Busch, M. Haines; L. McGowran, S. Pratt; Rookie of the Year: D. Moor.  150-up Winner: B. Fahy.

Triples Monday December 1: 1st: Kevin Hosie, Lochie Johnson, Bob Montgomery; 2nd: John O’Connor, Tony Baggio, Mick Haines; 3rd: Chris Pavlovich, Wilf Springel, Ben Sweeney.

Ocean Shores Women

Wednesday December 10 (Mixed):    Not only was it a good afternoon of bowls but lots of fun afterwards for the Christmas break-up.    D. Gardiner, Ben Sprengel (visitor from Adelaide), B. Sprengel def J. Seamer, G. Johnston, J. O’Connor;  Marj Flesser (swinger), J. Cornwell, Mal Flesser def Marj Flesser, T. Shenfield, T. Baggio.    The 2 winning teams had the same score so shared the prize money.
Friday December 12   A morning of fun bowling, champagne and nibbles half way through the game and a delicious Christmas lunch was a great way to finish the year.  Those who won the most number of ends and the prize money were T. Campbell, M. McConville, JM Quirke who def B. Stone, Ben Sprengel, J. Busch (Friendship prize);  B. Sprengel, M. Farquhar, N. Gartner (R/ups) def S. Woolford, N. Stearman, M. Enright;   J. Seamer, G. Johnston, M. Hosie def L. Wright, P. Sullivan, F. Crowder.
Merry Christmas to everyone.
December 3. (Mixed):   T. Baggio, J. O’Connor were too good for M. Sparke, W. Sprengel but they still did not win the highest No. of Ends which went to S. Woolford (swinger), J. Seamer, B. Sprengel who def. S. Woolford, M. Wilks, Mal Flesser.
December 5 (Social): Only a few braved the warm weather, they were L. Wright, J. Howell, B. Sprengel (Highest margin winners) who def J. Busch, B. Stone, M. McConville;  T. Campbell, N. Gartner, F. Crowder def P. Sullivan, M. Farquhar, M. Hosie.

Wedensday November 26 (Mixed)   The scores were no indication of how good the competition was, but only one lucky rink winner and that was the combination of Marj Flesser, J. Cornwell;  other to excel were W. Sprengel, T. Baggio who def Mal Flesser, J. O’Connor.

Friday November 28 No bowls because of welcome rain

Tweed Byron District Bowling Association


Cabarita’s inaugural $1000 Ladies Pairs sponsored by Solo Waste Management, the only Women’s Pairs competition in the district, was, most certainly, a huge success. The greens were filled to capacity with contestants coming from Mermaid Beach in the North down to Ballina and Casino in the South. Prize money was spread over seven placings with Laurel Poole (Kingsclifff) and Barbara Gates (Tugun) collecting the overall winners purse.  This tournament will now be a yearly event on the bowls calender that is really worth competing in. Well done Cabarita Beach W.B.C.     

Two bowl triples seem to attract full greens of contenders. Kingscliff W.B.C. recently conducted a tournament with 28 teams vying for the big prize money. Brunswick Heads ladies, Bev Gawned, Jenny Meinel and Pauline Brining, scooped the pool taking home the overall winners reward. Congrats, girls.

Ocean Shores Mixed Pairs final was a game not be have been missed. Johnnie Busch and partner, Ray Tonkin, were down 17-0 coming into the seventh end. However, a valiant fight back saw them catch up and break even in this contest against Stuart Pratt and Lyn McGowran and it was Game On! In a nail biter to the finish line, Johnnie and Ray were able to nose in front and take out the title. Congrats to all players on a super game.

Brunswick Heads have been busy finalising their championships with Christine Lawrance winning the Consistency Singles and Kery Dexter taking out the minor singles. The minor pairs was a very evenly matched game which ended up needing an extra end to determine the winners – Bev Gawned and Jenny Meinel. Well done, ladies.

While most clubs have now gone into recess until early January, there are still many bowling activities around the district for keen bowers to participate in to keep themselves up to speed.

With the District orientated events coming to an end for the year the final competition, the Inter Region games between Region One and Region Two, was conducted at Maclean B.C. last week. The four districts in each region selected two teams of four players for the contest. Tweed Byron District teams selected, Jenny Lofts, Pauline Brining, Judy Wright, Bev Rose (S) (all from Brunswick Heads) and Jan Appleton (Pottsville), Maryann Sweetnam (Condong), Darilyn Guest (Brunswick Heads), Doreen Buckley (S) (Pottsville) joined the Region One contingent. Rose’s team scored two convincing wins while Buckley’s team came in with one win in the format of three games to contribute 3 points towards the overall final figures of 16.5  points to seal Regions One’s win. Region Two scored 7.5 points. Well done, ladies.

Brunswick Heads annual 2 bowl triples attracted three full greens of competitors with 32 teams from near and far entered. Whilst a Casino team collected the overall winners prize, Tweed Byron girls, Faye Turner, Liz Fleming and June Wotherspoon (S) came in second and L. Earea, Judy Wright and Bev Rose (S) collected fifth prize.  Congrats, girls.


Ocean Shores Sunday Mixed

November 30th, 4bbb Stableford with Power Play, 36 players. Winners: Julie Brown/Tim Hachero 51pts. Runners Up: Joan/Bob Neate 50pts c/b. Ball Rundown to 46pts. NTP’s, Ladies Bev Wingad, Men, Steve Button. Next game is on December 14th, 3 from 4 Stableford Scores to Count.

Teven Men

December 13

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a Stableford competition over 9 holes on Saturday morning 13 December with a 6.30am shotgun start.  The results were: Winner: Steve Blackmore (24 pts). Runner up: Terry Prendergast (22 pts). Ball run down:  Graham Mains (21 pts), Rob Jones (21 pts), Ian McDuff (20 pts), Denis Leard (19 pts), Garry Bourke (19 pts). Nearest the Pins: 4th:  Rob Jones; 8th: Peter Harden. Putting: Steve Blackmore (12 putts).

*** Next comp: Sat 20 December – 9 holes versus par competition, followed by a BBQ breakfast. Note: 6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off. 

November 29

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition using only 4 clubs on Saturday morning 29 November with a 6.30am shotgun start. The results were: Winner: Roger Myles (23 pts). Runner up: Steve Blackmore (21 pts). Ball run down: Bill Wayte (19 pts), Garry Bourke (18 pts), Denis Leard (18 pts), Ray Griffiths (17 pts). Nearest the Pins: 4th: Roger Myles;  8th: Denis Leard.  Putting:  Garry Bourke, Roger Myles, Ian Coochiroff (13 putts each).  Next comp: Sat 6 December – 18 holes Stroke competition for the Monthly Medal. Note:  6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off.


All Girls Surfriders Club Lennox Head

November 30

Our Lennox Head All Girls Surfriders end of year presentation was held on Sunday at the Lennox Head Bowls and Sports Club and an awesome day was had by everyone including our club members, their families, our sponsors, founding members of the club and our life members.

The afternoon kicked off with the presentation of amazing trophies made by our very own talented Melissa Wright.

This was followed by the unveiling of our new honours board also made by Melissa and honouring our club founders Max Perrot, Kellie O’Brien and Keryn Noach and our life members and past presidents.

The Lennox Head Bowls and Sports Club catered our BBQ following the presentations and then we all took to the bowling green, lots of laughs were had by all, especially bowling!!

Thanks to the committee for a well planned, well run and of course fun end of year awards presentation.

The end of year results are as follows:

Senior Beginners: 1. Cory Whitney, 2. Clare Southwell, 3. Annika Sturday , 4.Trenna Gillott

Over 35s: 1. Marika Ilic, 2. Natalie Grono, 3. Renee Adamson, 4. Ange Allen

Under 13s: 1. Skye Thomas, 2. Malia James, 3. Chloe Mason, 4. Mia Schirmer

Under 18s: 1. Mahlia Carr, 2. Mia Francis, 3. Megan Davenport, 4. Jasmine Sloane

Longboarders: 1. Maz Pentecost, 2. Jenny Steen, 3. Tracey Nobbs, 4. Shona Mcindoe

Opens: 1. Ebony Santamaria, 2. Jane Collins, 3. Ange Spehr, 4. Leilani Morgan


The All girls would like to thank their sponsors for the prizes throughout the year and for the following awards

Winner of Opens – Ebony Santamaria –  A $100 voucher from Lennox Head Surf.

Most Improved Award – Megan Davenport – A hand crafted skateboard from D&F Boards.

Encouragement Award – Hannah Kelly – A custom made surfboard from D&F Boards.

The Charger Award – Mia Francis –  Presented by Jenny Boggis, a private coaching session with video analysis.

Commitment Awards – Narelle Johnson and Jenny Schirmer – Courtesy of Ben Dickens, a private coaching session for both of these ladies.

This year we also had a special award for Club Spirit, this was presented to Lily Lewis for her ongoing campaign to clean our beach.

Congratulation also goes to our club person of the year Bernice Roberts, your commitment and spirit has been invaluable throughout the year.

Big thanks to all our other sponsors Lisa Blue, Lennox Head Pizza and Pasta, The Point Café, Lennox Gelato & Coffee Co., Inner Beauty, Florentina and Le Chelle.

Big thanks also to our awesome coaches that help us out during the year, Ben Dickens and Jenny Boggis.

Thanks to everyone involved for a great year of All Girls, it has been a super fun year of amazing surfing and it is awesome to meet new girls that share our passion of the ocean.

Happy holidays and see you all next year, for those girls out there that want to join our amazing club our website is allgirlssurf.com check us out and come and join the fun in 2015!



December 11

The singles handicap competition was won by Chris Strybos, second Peter McKenzie and third Mark Smith. The doubles competition final was very close untill the fifth game with Mark Smith & Matt Ostello winning 3-2 (11-0 in the fifth!) from Chris Strybos & Maurice Tate.

December 4

The singles handicap competition was won by Nathan Stack, second on a count-back was Max Schleuter from Chris Strybos and Pele Safra (+2). The doubles competion final was won by Mark Smith & Matt Ostello 3-1 from Chris Strybos & Maurice Tate.

*** All welcome, play is at the Mullumbimby Tennis Clubhouse, Byron Street Mullumbimby, Thursday evening 6.30pm start. Enquiries phone Mark 0409 473 517 or Chris 6684 1468.



Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 17/12/14
Grand Final & Play-offs – Perry Homes Comp
Inky Business v The Potato Works – N Moon v C Littlewood, W Ferrier v M Virtue, G King v R Cameron, G Carter v C Booth, C Naughton v O Hamama
The Loungeroom v Brunswick Heads Pharmacy – P Jones v G Davis, T Candy v A Li, K Schafer v W Knight, P Grut v J Hodges, P Begg v F King
Cape Byron Medical Centre v Byron Bay Trophies – Y Gottlieb v R King, T Dryden v C Walsh, J Nicolson v P Hill, J Gribble v C Louwen, B Doran v Cathy Louwen
Presentation to follow. could all players who are staying please bring food, as this is also the break up party. New Monday and Wednesday mixed comps start from 19/1/15.

*** Phone 6685 1794 to play.


Brunswick Heads

Tuesday 16/12/14
Finals & Play-offs – Slice Pizzeria Comp
6pm Dragons v Bluesfest, Jets v Titans, Franky Hotdogs v Express. Duty – J.J.’s Champions
7pm Hit & Run v Kriss Kross, Hopefuls v Sets on the Beach, J.J.’s Champions v Mangoes. Duty – Jets
Thursday 18/12/14
Finals & Play-offs – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp
6pm Chargers v Exodia, Opals v Mangoes. Duty – Set up Sisters
7pm Freddie Fudpuckers v Chilli Twist, Fireflys v Set up Sisters. Duty – Chargers
After the December 18 the comps will go into recess for the Christmas period. New Tues 3-a-side mixed and Thurs 3-a -side ladies comps start from 20/1/15.

*** Phone 66851794 to play. Beginners welcome


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