The rail corridor is not for an expensive cycle or walking trail

Conservative rural communities in parts of Europe have successfully combined to help reinstate previously disbanded rail lines.

It can be done here, if enough people speak up. There is no logical link between being on the conservative side of politics and the push to demolish our railway infrastructure.

All parties have a role to play in improving our public transport, for the elderly, the families, the young, and the visitors.

The rail line is here. If it were not, we would not have an argument. This public asset needs the best use for our community. It is not an expensive cycle or walking way. It is a multi use for the benefit of many and for the long run, not for the benefit of a few in the short term.
The carrot provided by the government is too tempting for many, the pressure on our politicians will rise. Everyone could work together to find a sensible middle ground, away from extreme ‘winner takes all’ attitudes.

Jens Krause, Byron Bay

3 responses to “The rail corridor is not for an expensive cycle or walking trail”

  1. Gary Ainsworth says:

    Great letter Jens, very well said. 100% correct

  2. Lucy Ashley says:

    For the sake of our community, we need the return of rail as a transport option for those without cars, the young, the elderly and people with disabilities. This community is choked with cars. If we can encourage locals and tourists to swap some of their car trips for train trips it will help to ease the pressure that will only increase with time. By all means create a bike path, but not at the expense of ripping up the existing rail line. Thank you Jens for your continued voice on this vital issue.

  3. Neil McKenzie says:

    Sorry Jens but this is pure fantasy. Everyone wants public transport but this is not the way.

    Trains provide commuting in large cities or freight transport or for long distance iconic journeys. We in none of those categories. It made sense here 120 years ago but it is no longer a viable option.

    The rail trail is a brilliant idea which will benefit the whole region economically, socially, environmentally etc.

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