The point when time catches up

I’m interested to know if there was an exact moment the many Echonetdaly reader/retirees realised that old age was arriving.
For me it was the day twenty years ago (when I was 63) that I hurried down to a farmers’ market to meet friends and suddenly noticed that I wore a slipper on one foot and a shoe on the other.
Nobody commented, sneered, looked perplexed, asked a question or even blinked. But I was surprised.
Is old age often recognised in a moment or does it always just creep up on us?
Cecily Dynes, Federal

One response to “The point when time catches up”

  1. Juan Cavero says:

    Age is time and time is a relative concept. Everything that is relative depends on something else, therefore it is nothing in itself, and nothing that is relative is worth a second thought. Old age cannot be recognized as it does not exist in itself, it is just another social convention.

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