Hemp experts to spruik benefits of medical cannabis

A Canadian expert on medical cannabis is one of the keynote speakers at tomorrow’s workshop on medicinal marijuana at Nimbin Hall.

The series of medical cannabis workshops organised by Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy in the past year have been very popular with hundreds of people attending.

Carl Martel, a visiting Canadian hemp consultant, and Gregory James from Farmers Choice Organics, will address the workshop on Saturday (12 March) from 11am until 4.20pm.

Mr James, according to the embassy, ‘has been living with cancer and severe pain for a long time and understands attitude is the ultimate key on continuing to enjoy your life’.

‘It’s the only workshop we’ll be organising before MardiGrass at the tail end of April and we urge people to come and hear for themselves first hand the medical cannabis healing stories with this much aligned and controversial herb,’ embassy president Michael Balderstone said.

‘Doctor Pot’ (Dr Andrew Katelaris) is coming up from Sydney again to talk about his latest understandings of how to get the most out of using medical cannabis,’ he said.

Lismore-based solicitor Steve Bolt will be talking about the recent court cases with saliva testing cannabis users and also what new cannabis proposed legislation changes mean.

HEMP Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas will also speak about the changes, how they impact on the current situation and what to look out for when considering using cannabis for medical purposes.

Oganisers have urged ‘anyone else who would like to speak about their medicinal use or experience is welcome to just turn up or contact the HEMP Embassy beforehand to discuss if you want’.

‘Healthy hemp seed food’ will be available at the hall cafe.







2 responses to “Hemp experts to spruik benefits of medical cannabis”

  1. Kelsie Smith says:

    Why doesnt the government just allow all Australians to grow up to 5 cannabis plants on their own property, allow all citizens over 18 to use/consume cannabis and be allowed to have up to an ounce in public. That would pretty much allow legal medicinal cannabis to start right now if it were passed.

    All cannabis can be used medicinally. For many common ailments, for example pain, sleeping issues, eating disorders and many many more health issues.

    We as Australians are allowed to consume as much toxic alcohol or tobacco that we wont to and our GP’s will quite happily prescribe us many very strong prescription medications (many of which are very addictive, deadly and have many side effects) and we are allowed to buy and use codeine over the counter, but we can’t grow, buy or consume any cannabis at all? (even though it hasnt ever killed anyone ever, anywhere in the world???)

    Alcohol kills about 15 Aussies per day, tobacco kills roughly 45 Aussie per day and cannabis kills 0.

    But we still aren’t allowed to use/consume cannabis?

    How corrupt and unethical is our government. Very poor form. People are dying in pain and you just don’t care do you. Pathetic.

    Legalise cannabis for anyone over 18 NOW!

  2. Jerry Cook says:

    Thank you Kelsie Smith, absolutely right on! Fully legal home grow & dispensaries will save people from suffering & death, unlike the govt that enforces more suffering & death…for opposing prohibition profits only!

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