Nothing suspicious about this (Sun)crowd

Chris Cooper, CEO, Suncrowd.

After reading Lee Cass’s letter (15/5), I’d like to explain a bit about our community solar bulk buy process and ensure that the community fully understand how it works.

The headline Beware of solar scams is unfortunate and implies that our process is somehow misleading. In fact, our entire process has been developed to overcome the lack of trust in the solar industry. There are many good solar companies, but unfortunately the tactics of a select few tarnish the industry as a whole. These tactics are evident first hand from recent paid ‘advertorials’ in the Echo, and reports of doorknockers disguised as representatives from a bulk buy – which is alarming!

We do not use any such tactics, but rather use quality information, underpinned by science, to empower people to make a decision for themselves. In addition, our campaign employs energy experts from the community to provide free, independent help for people making a pressure-free decision. These people are not paid any commission on sales. Our inclusive process ensures five quality local installers can take part, after completing our stringent vetting and selection process.

We believe in an open, transparent form of business. To pay for our work, we receive a low commission on the final price, a portion of which is shared with up to 15 community partners (such as Enova and COREM) to enable them to continue their important sustainability work. Also, together with our participating installers, we hope to donate over $10,000 to flood relief from this campaign. All this is in addition to the positive impact of getting more solar and batteries out into the local community.

Suncrowd believes that the community and industry need to work together – with integrity – if we want to see a world powered by 100% renewable energy.


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  1. scott cantrill says:

    Just had my panels and battery installed by Suncrowd. The information, booking and installation process was flawless….even for a technophobe like me. Tim, the electrician (LightTouch) was on time, attentive and great with explanations and follow up.
    My battery fills up quickly and then I start pumping it back into the Grid. At night, I run off the battery. It’s working a treat, even in winter. I will be expecting a cheque from now on. I love checking the read out that shows how much is being used, how much is stored and how much is feeding back into the grid. I can even check it on my phone.
    OK, I am ready for my wind turbine now.

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