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March 5, 2024

Medical-cannabis producer again locked up

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Tony Bower of Mullaways Medical Cannabis cultivating marijuna for his tincture. Photo Facebook/Tony Bower

North coast medical-cannabis producer and campaigner Tony Bower has yet again been locked up after police raided his home on Wednesday and charged him with cultivating cannabis.

Campaigners and supporters of the ‘Medicine Man’, as he’s widely known in the northern rivers, say they’re outraged at the latest targeting of Mr Bower, who owns the company Mullaways Medicinal Cannabis which supplies tincture to more than 150 people, many of them children.

He is believed to be in custody in Grafton Jail after bail was refused yesterday. Around seven police searched his property on Wednesday afternoon and laid charges.

Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone said ’this a big hit for Tony, the absolute pioneer of medical cannabis in Australia, he’s been to jail before for showing us how beneficial cannabis can be for epileptic children’.

The arrest comes as the federal government tries to improve access to medical cannabis for people suffering life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

Three years ago, Mr Bower was sentenced to 12 months jail for breaching bail when he was arrested for cultivating cannabis but released immediately on parole.

At that appearance he was described by the judge as ‘not your standard criminal’.

Mr Bower has continued his battle to have medicinal cannabis recognised as a legitimate treatment.

At the time he told the court that Mullaways had been contacted by the ACT government to help organise medical cannabis for the suffering in their state, praising them for their ‘courage’ in addressing the issue.

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    • Not wrong, he is the Face of Humanity. Saving many a soul, who doesn’t want to carry on, in pain etc. Give him a go I say.

    • agreed this IS a crime against mankind. All this man is doing is assisting those gravely ill folks ,something our corrupt governments SHOULD BE DOING !!!

  1. This wonderful man that has helped so many
    In the whole community of Australia again has to spend time in jail for doing good for so many sick people with a herb that has been used for years and proven to be benificial . I know the Police are doing their job as required by the law of the land so instead of abusing them please target the real criminals THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE that sit in their positions that we elected to do the right honest thing and make MC available to all . These officials sit in there chairs giving lip service and saying , “we support you citizens that voted us in and doing everything for you” this is absolute rubbish. MC was legalized over 12mths ago and still it cannot be accessed through your local GP as the the bs the GP’s have to go through is laughable if it wasn’t such a tragic state. There are people in Australia that for them MC is the only natural medication thst works as all other toxic meds are / do not work. Tony Bower has a LEGAL CCOMPANY and has a real product that works so lets get behind this wonderful man and help him to help the most vulunerable the sickand most vunerable that need this medication. COME ON BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED YOU IN AND PULL YOUR PROVERBIAL FINGERS OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDE AND MAKE THIS MEDICINE AVAILABLE AND LET TONY BOWER DO HIS WORK AND PRODUCE A MEDICINE THAT WORKS INSTEAD OF TAKING UP VALUABLE RESOURCES AND MONEY BY PROSECUTING HIM WAKE UP Governments you are so far behind the rest of the world in this matter anyone would believe we are a Third World Country instead of a leader .

    • Hi Avril,
      I couldn’t agree more with your comprehensive post. My wife suffers with MS and for the past 2 years has been one of the lucky ones to benefit from Tony’s oil. Both Chris and I are organising to personally meet with both our local State & Federal members for our local Port Macquarie electorate of Lyne. We were both at his bail hearing at Port Macquarie court house and intend being at his next court appearance at Kempsey. Both levels of government have so much to answer for. All the millions $ being wasted on so called trials and unecessasary research it is obvious to us that government supports Big Pharma & Big Business and is content on locking all the compassionate MC suppliers Australia wide. In the meantime thousands of sick kids and adults are being held to ransom. I love the idea of cannabis seed ‘bombing’ where hundreds of thousands of cannabis seeds are spread everywhere ie parks, scrubland, bush, forests etc. If it starts growing like lantana what are they going to do?

  2. NSW government need to conduct an investigation into the dealings of its law enforcement agencies. This man should be given an award not arrested

    • The NSW government as with all the other state governments ARE responsible. The pharmaceutical industry (via their “familiars”, the complicit and compliant politicians) tells the governments what it wants done. The police forces are then given their orders to attack. Pretty simple.

      • Unfortunately it’s not that easy. You need a facility to grow in that meets a certain and very strict security criteria. The license also costs $5,000. It’s heavily regulated, and not easy to obtain. You also cannot get one if you’ve been bankrupt or have a criminal record. So the main people who are being granted licenses are big pharma companies, or companies linked to them. The whole system is backwards.

        • Tony paid for a license years ago. Government took his money. No license was ever issued
          5 years tonic clonic free on Mullaways medical cannabis. Tony is a hero

  3. Arrested for helping people medicinally when the govt says medicinal use is legal..oh thats right..only through BIG pHARMa after doing lengthy paperwork and are near dead or die before approved use of synthetic and parts use by BIG pHARMa.
    Completely nonsensical, and enforced needless suffering and dying for status quo profits.

    This insane injustice must end and the very helpful use of this plant must be seen without ignorant stigma.

    End the ignorance and bought off positions to reduce suffering and death.

    Tony has only helped people.

    Authorities are only hurting and killing people for status quo profits to a few.

    Who are the criminals..its not Tony! Thank you Tony, and we stand with you against blatant evil.

  4. For goodness sake, politicians and lawmakers, can we just drop the cowardice and kowtowing and DO something that actually equates to targeting serious crime and serious drugs instead of allowing this! Someone with a compassionate heart gets locked up, repeatedly, and, meanwhile, our overstretched police force can’t be available to deal with serious drugs and serious criminals. Yes, I know they are trying, but they need more resources, and that does not mean helicopters up in the sky, nor does it mean the directive to arrest this man.

    No, I don’t know Tony, and no, I don’t use, grow or sell marijuana, but this arrest and detention is goddam wasteful, imbecilic and just plain irresponsible. Shame! Leave Tony alone and get on with representing and ensuring the safety of our citizens.

  5. How about ‘locking up’ all the members of parliament who agree
    that medical-cannabis works. This whole scene is getting sillier
    by the hour. Give the man – Tony Bower – a break. It’s now time
    for a petition… yes!

    • Stefanie, if you were to get a petition going I am quite sure there are a whole lot of people who would join with you, I am one

  6. This man is a Hero not a criminal. I am disgusted with these people who supposedly ‘Govern’ our country. Leave the Hemp growers alone, concentrate on harmful drugs, Alcohol is legal and yet it is socially problematic and medically responsible for many illnesses. We have got to all stand up to these Bullies who are controlled by Big Pharma and Big Money. Hemp in ALL of its forms is one of the oldest Medicines and most useful plants on this Planet. To continue to persecute individuals who use it for its benefits is what is Criminal.

  7. This happening is absolutely ridiculous. The whole cultivating and scheduling system for Medicinal Marijuana in all states of Australia needs to be evaluated by true medical professionals, not law enforcement.

  8. Of course they will arrest Tony, Especially now the Pharmasidicalls are getting involved, not to mention that Turnbulls wife sits on one of those boards.

  9. What absolute bastards are the coppers who raided Tony Bower? They may as well go out and shoot the children he is treating with his medicine because without that medical cannabis these kids will suffer horribly and possibly die in agony. You utter, maniac cunts.

  10. Ffs wake up world. Cannabis and Hemp are the answer to 70% or more of the problems mankind has. In social, medicinal, ecological and industrial issues.

  11. This chap is trying his best for epileptics.

    55 years ago in Newcastle their was a medical head specialist
    I was asked to go on a trial programs on pot in tablet form for my head injury it worked but when trial finished went to a standard treatment for fits.

  12. Had just turned 16 head injury was caused at school by a prefect who threw a file that penetrated my skull then brain in a metal work exam At Broadmeadow junior high known then as Central near Newcastle .
    He was throwing the file end over end and it hit me in the left side of head above and forward of my ear causing a life of misery he got of Scott free
    This chap that makes this treatment should be given an award for services to the community.
    Please pot smokers don’t drive when in your system it may kill you and some Innocent person.

  13. Our elected representatives are clearly NOT listening to what the PEOPLE want . So , what have they achieved by doing this , condemned children to going back to seizures . I will just about guarantee there is a politician / s getting large donations from a pharmaceutical company because anyone with an ounce of care in them would not approve the raids on this bloke . Would be very interested to see who instigated this raid , come on , be brave enough to put your hand up , but i bet you lack the courage to do so !

  14. he is not a doctor it’s against the law to grow pot. How is he different to any other grower. I do believe for pain relief pot works but laws are laws. Get a special licence to grow it legally or don’t grow it. Don’t care what any of you say pot is the gateway drug to other drugs. Bit of alcohol puff on a joint next step kids are on harder drugs. Do the crime do the time I had to.

    • This has been dis-proven time and again, Craig. Try reading Johan Hari’s Chasing The Scream – it’ll blow your mind. By the “gateway” logic, as you’ve said, alcohol is a gateway to cannabis….As coffee and tea are also drugs, using that logic, they’re gateways to alcohol and cannabis as well. It’s illegality is based on misinformation and disinformation. This plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years, worldwide. It’s only been criminalized in the past 80 years and for reasons that are highly questionable and demonstrably conspiratorial. But the propaganda HAS worked. You’re not alone in your opinion, Craig – just misinformed. But I’m happy to say people are waking up. You should join us – you never know when someone you love might need the incredible medicinal properties of this plant – and they don’t even have to smoke it OR get stoned.

  15. Tamara Smith and Justine Elliott, as our elected representatives could you please intervene, have Tony released immediately and introduce legislation to update our draconian laws on medicinal cannabis.
    I remember a time back in the late 80’s when pipes for cannibas were on display in glass cabinets at Murwillumbah Hospital as part of medical “instruments” used by the hospital. That was 20 years ago!!

  16. OMG…Leave this man alone, he is doing the community/country a favour by supplying this ‘Medicine’, that the government is trying to outlaw. In the end he will prosper & so will the sufferers of Australia.

    Personally, I have had a brain Tumor since 2012, it was removed soon after it was discovered & then in 2017 it came back & again removed, now I have just had another MRI, & am awaiting the results, but I know it won’t be favourable , I know this because I have ‘warning signs’, With the brain Tumor came ‘SEVERE’ Headaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So I have been putting up with these Headaches since 2012, a week before the Tumor was discovered.
    With the headaches come a lot of extras, like umpteen times to the ER by ambulance, hundreds of ml’s of ‘Morphine’ administered by medical staff from ambulance, nurses & doctors including ‘dozens’ of trips to my private doctor to get a shot. Depending on the intensity/Severity of the pain.

    As well as the above, since 2012, my daily intake of Tablets has varied, where at the most intense, I would be taking 40 tablets a day, every day for various symptoms.
    Two thirds of these being ‘Opiad’ related !
    Do the math…..35 – 40 tablets a day every day for just on 6 years now….That is a hell of a lot of medication for a body to endure & a lot of the time will NOT WORK, hence the trips to EMERGENCY ?
    Before the ‘Brain Tumor, I was working 90+ hours a week, every week, I was working away from home for 2/3 or sometimes 4 months at a time, I was ‘Supervisor’ for 12 – 16 people, in charge of keeping dozens of workers safe !
    I had just gotten my highest level liscence I could get, before going further in my chosen work field…
    Earning over $100 k a year for the 2nd year running, Yes I had to work hard to get where I was, then I got this Tumor, I lost my job, I lost my house & my life , well that is in the balance.

    I guarantee if this Medical Marijuana was readily available, then I would have been back to work 5 to 5 1/2 years back.
    I would not have lost my house, I wouldn’t have had to take thousands of tablets & I wouldn’t have had to put up with different levels of pain for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the past 6 years ! ?
    I guarantee if any one of these pollies that are against this ‘Medical Marijuana’, lived for just 1 day in my shoes, then they would change heir mind!

    I have read up on this Medical Marijuana , what it has done for Cerebral Palsy sufferers, For people who suffer from ‘Fits’, & even for people suffering from Alzheimer’s , the list really is endless.
    I know I DEFINETELY would get some value for life if given the chance to use this product, & No I’m not dying No I don’t have a Terminal illness, but that shouldn’t be a requirement to be able to get me off these opiads I’m on & to get me off all this other medication I’m on, & MOST IMPORTANTLY, to get rid of MY 24/7 PAIN… !!!!!!!
    I wonder how many friggen Politicians have thoughts of taking their life, just to STOP THE PAIN !
    Friggen wake up to yourselves AUSTRALIA & legalise this product, you might just save someone’s life by doing so !

  17. Is it possible for the community as individuals to “adopt a plant” leave it under the care of Tony so he falls within the law of personal possession only ?

  18. This is ridiculous, Australia is so backwards. And the scum bag policy enforcement officers are as bad as the Nazi’s who were ‘just following orders’. This man is saving lives.

  19. We all want to bash the coppers calling them this and that enough already its against the law they are only doing their job.
    Change the law it’s in OUR POWER to do this we can change it write sign petitions we all have a voice we elect them remember I bet if u asked all the coppers involved off the record they’d probably agree with us so instead of bitchin and pointing fingers get off ur asses and change the law

  20. I’m just so disappointed in NSW policing of Cannabis. It didn’t make sense before and now it’s just become plain insane. NSW police never have and never will have the respect of the people as long as they continue to persecute cannabis under ridiculous draconian laws. They are institutionalized and brainwashed in the extreme, and have no empathy in destroying tens of thousands of lives every year in pursuit of a harmless plant. It’s bizzare and sickening, even by the standards of conservative U.S states. Internationally we are a peroquial laughing stock.

  21. Seems authorities had no issue with letting Tony Bower put his own reputation, health and personal safety at risk for extensive years when they wanted evidential based research carried out to verify Marijuana’s medicinal potential. But empowering hippies was never their agenda. What a surprise!

    If they want to take away the medicine he provides perhaps they should first consider having alternative supply of the same quality available to beneficiaries.

    Secondly, perhaps Tony should be shown the recognition he deserves as well as compensation for false imprisonment, loss of income and Police harassment.

    The blatant brown nosing of big pharma (who’d have happily kept the many benefits of the wondrous weed suppressed) is hardly surprising. Yet it remains bitterly disappointing.

  22. Somebody who has the balls to stand up for what he believes the law needs to,change,lets bring about that change in the now.Ill be there at court mate.PEOPLE POWER.

  23. Our twelve year old daughter was born with a very rare genetic disorder, known as CDKL5 it affects about 1000 people in the world. She is unable to walk or talk, she can not feed herself or toilet herself. She has many adverse conditions, she finds it hard to put on weight, she suffers from CVI – cortical visual impairment where the signals from her eyes do not quite reach her brain like ours do. She has scoliosis, poor muscle tone and bowel problems.
    However the biggest impact of CDKL5 are the uncontrollable and relentless seizures, she has twenty to thirty seizures daily. In November 2017 she was hospitalised again as a result of her seizures and was placed on life support.
    We tried for a long time to legally access medicinal cannabis, via government sources and through trials, but due to the red tape and ridiculous framework we were un-successful.
    We had the fortune of crossing paths with Mr Tony BOWER and we have never looked back. We are so greatful for his assistance and kind and gentle understanding. Our daughter’s seizures have reduced by over 95% and she only has seizures when affected by the flu.
    She is more alert and aware of her surroundings. Say what you want about Mr BOWER and what he does, but to us and our daughter he is an angel.


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