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July 20, 2024

Thus Spake Mungo: ScoMo – the human border wall

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‘When the people smugglers see me, they see a brick wall,’ boasted our great war leader.

Well, up to a point: they certainly see someone as thick as a brick and far less transparent and straightforward. But most Australians see him more like a hole in the air – a political vacuum feverishly trying to present himself as authentic by relying on the constant repetition of the mantra he adopted from Alan Jones, ‘fair dinkum.’

Scott Morrison’s half hour on Christmas Island was not the most expensive photo opportunity on record; the ritual forays to be snapped with the troops in the Middle East cost more. But the touchdown in the normally ignored territory was unquestionably the most pointless.

Not only did ScoMo have nothing to announce – he had absolutely nothing to say, other than the obligatory swipe about how Bill Shorten was endangering the nation. And perhaps that was just as well, because the true cost of his vicious and optimistic campaign to persecute asylum seekers is now starting to emerge.

Morrison initially said it would cost $1.4 billion (yes, billion) to make the Christmas Island detention centre viable. This included new Guantanamo Bay style maximum security prisons for those who failed Peter Dutton’s character test, if that phrase is not a contradiction in terms. But it now transpires that the providing adequate medical care for the evacuees – none of whom had even made preliminary applications for it at this stage – will require many hundreds of millions more.

Having lost the parliamentary vote, Morrison is determined to render it ineffective – to deliberately subvert the democratic will of the nation.

The extra money for doctors will no doubt please the long-suffering inhabitants of the remote settlement, but it is unlikely to cover the special needs of the traumatised evacuees, assuming they arrive – Morrison says the fewer the better, thus admitting that the whole exercise my well be a monumental waste.

And this does not factor in the cost of air transfers, both from Nauru and Manus to Christmas Island or the likelihood that the most vulnerable of them will have to be airlifted to Perth anyway, as has been the practice for ailing locals for many years. Either this, or leave them to die – which would probably not worry Morrison or Dutton much, but which would definitely not be a good look before the forthcoming election.

But for our former treasurer, money (taxpayers’ money, that is) is no obstacle as long as it keeps his ridiculous scare campaign going. The real objective – the only objective – is to keep boat people off the mainland, partly because if they touch our sacred shores they may demand the rights to which they are entitled by international law and have in some cases ben confirmed by Australian tribunals but also because he sees it as a test of his machismo.

Having lost the parliamentary vote, he is determined to render it ineffective – to deliberately subvert the democratic will of the nation. Thus he chose to ignore the advice from his department that a simple amendment to the legislation guaranteeing that the evacuees could come to the mainland but must be returned to the detention camps on Nauru Manus after medical treatment has been completed would solve the problem.

But that would still constitute a defeat in Morrison’s distorted worldview, where there is no such thing as defeat. Or, for that matter, honesty. At best, his approach to asylum seekers is paranoid delusion – at worst, and far more likely, it is a deliberate scare campaign which goes far beyond his normal parameters of mean and tricky, and into the world of straight-out lying.

Such is the desperation of a flailing government. It has not only lost all sense of honour or decency, but of any last vestige of purpose or direction.

And naturally, he has form. Even his own Treasury admonished his government for an earlier (and still ongoing) scare campaign on negative gearing – the wrecking ball, the sledge hammer that would flatten the economy. When Treasury quietly pointed out that it wouldn’t, the treasurer himself, Josh Frydenberg, snapped back that he had far more reliable advice from the real estate agents and the land speculators that it would.

Such is the desperation of a flailing government. It has not only lost all sense of honour or decency, but of any last vestige of purpose or direction. Climate change policy has been effectively abandoned, but Morrison – and now even Tony Abbott, for heaven’s sake – are now pretending that they take it seriously, while determinedly doing nothing, the policy they have pursued for the last ten years.

Morrison has suddenly discovered the importance of women, including them in every available photo opportunity – but he doesn’t want to advantage them over everyone else, by which he presumably means men. So, in the interests of falling in line with the opinion polls, he includes an extra woman in cabinet, leaving just five left on the backbench, with the near certainty of fewer after the election.

This not just policy on the run – this is not policy at all, And now Morrison is recklessly and irresponsibly talking about recession, or rather the likelihood of it if Labor becomes government, This, of course, ignores the fact that the last Australian government – perhaps the only Australian government – that kept the country out of recession was a Labor one, during the GFC.

Not just another scare campaign, and one clearly against the national interest, but sheer, blind panic. And the most obvious and recent manifestation of it can be found in Frydenberg’s seat of Kooyong. The announcement that the humane human rights advocate Julian Burnside will run for the Greens in his electorate along with the centrist former Liberal Oliver Yates has led to demands for a cool million smackeroos to fund the treasurer’s campaign, presumably at the expense of far more vulnerable seats.

This is Kooyong, the safest Liberal seat in Victoria, the ancestral siege of the sainted Ming, the party’s founder, Sir Robert Menzies. Menzies called Victoria the jewel in the Liberal crown and regarded Kooyong as its brightest facet. Now Victoria is called by its Labor premier Daniel Andrews the most progressive state in the nation, and Kooyong itself is considered at risk at an election in which the loss of a single seat will end Morrison’s majority.

No wonder ScoMo is marketing himself as an insuperable barrier, a fantasy construct as ineffective as Donald Trump’s border wall and even less convincing.

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  1. ScoMo & Dutton’s refugee policy: a clear admission of their cowardness. Only bullies and cowards need to pick on the weakest and most disadvantaged to prove to themselves how brave they are. The weaker the victims, the more cowardly the bullies.
    With the election approaching we should remember that it was a coalition government under Howard which helped G.W. Bush to destabilise the middle east and start this entire refugee problem.

  2. Whilst talking about scare campaigns, let’s not forget mediscare, which almost turned the tables the first, so we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a sequel. A thing about Moslem immigration however it takes place: Islam like some Christian sects puts no trust in democracy or secular government, nothing above God (or Allah). And its adherants are advised to take a low profile in a non-Islamic government , if there is at least freedom of religion, but still pay no real respect. So polygamy, child marriage and genital mutilation still happen, at a rate it’s expected by the Feds higher than we know about. And 25% of the electorate in Wentworth didn’t vote, higher than is normal but possibly explicable when the Moslem electorate is taken into account. And freedom of religion in the West didn’t happen because of religious folk. Wiser and cooler heads saw the history of religious war as simply too far a cry of the wilderness.

    • Here we go again with some more Muslim scares. Robot my man / woman, the real danger is the one woman a week that is killed as a result of domestic violence. at the hands of mostly whitey skinned Aussie males.

  3. Yeah Harald. I asked the Giddy Aunt what she thought
    about MoSco’s ‘Fair Dinkum’ Human Border [law] Wall.
    Answer: “Bloody Bully-Beef” & Screaming Jets – just
    get it clear… we’re all of us endangered!

    • It’s clear we’re all endangered, koalas, green frogs and us, the end is nigh .. the main danger for environmentalists since the last turn of century has been population, so what would be the answer to that, a question no Green would be willing to answer, yet, til the tables are on their side. And the tables are stacking in this hundred-year war, one day, hopefully not, a generation successfully brainwashed.

  4. “Thus Spake Mungo” is always a good read – this one covers so many issues, so succinctly, it could tell someone who just arrived from another planet, or another century, whether this mob is fit to govern. Nothing better written in any of the majors in any of the capitals in the last week.

    It’s not whether a politician is on the left or right or up or down any more for me. It’s whether they are honest or whether they are crooked. Whether they’ll put in a federal ICAC with real teeth, allowed to follow its nose, hunting anyone down, including the bleeps who have screwed the water over the last 20 years.

    And the current mob? They’ve gone past lying and stupid and nasty, taken them all together into a new level so it deserves either the label treacherous, or the label perverted, or both.

  5. ScuMo the “Bogan with a slogan” now in terminal velocity free fall! Just passed a large chunk of concrete dead weight by “Senator” Reynolds, landmine detonating interview with David Speers.
    By the time we are finished with this equally belligerent Berejelkian in NSW. Enough is enough!
    The way this election is going the LNP may as well just hand over Govt’s to Labor and not even bother pretending any more.
    Never has there ever been such a disaster of a Govt’s.

  6. Right you are Joe. Domestic violence seems to be the ‘king hit’
    we can’t stop. My mother was bashed to death in Edmonton, Nth
    Qld back in 1975. The head of Cairns Base Hospital plus local
    police did their best to have my step-father convicted to no avail.
    Internal bleeding [that could have been caused by medications],
    a dislocated shoulder & broken arm [caused when she ‘fell’?] A
    bruised & batted-in body & so on. I agreed to the autopsy & that
    went nowhere because my 2 young brothers were afraid to
    testify. They’re grown men now. They saw it all. I’d like to think
    things are different these days but the ‘stats’ are the same.

  7. The stats per capita for aboriginal families caught up in violence are worse, Tony Koch of the Courier Mail documented it for years, and we’re told it wouldn’t happen if they had their land. That opinion is only possible in this country because our legal system allows for mitigating circumstances. In some parts of the world, an eye for an eye. Of course there’s often a downward spiral that leads to things like this, often its one genaration learning from the last, and we can do nothing to stop this spiral because that would be parochialism or patronising or, worse, racism. All we can do is apologise for everything, take the blame as whitey invaders, and watch on as the escalation continues. And throw around the correct phraseology. Give me strength, we’re all on the verge of giving up, many of us have.

  8. Pastor Promo’s longed for End Times are upon him. May his Rapture be swift and decisive so we can all get the family wagon out of the scrub and back on the road

  9. David Dunning & Justin Kruger describe quite well the Nationals Member for New England quite well

    “The less competent a person is the more they overestimate their competence. On the contrary, the more competent people have a tendency to underestimate their competence.”

    However, the Prime Minister, evident from contradictory and reactionary content his public statements, is indeed an enigma, how do we pigeon hole him? [ forgive me ending a sentence about a pigeon in a pronoun].

    As a personality type, he evidently believes he is something which he clearly is not,
    Appears to believe he is partly ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ESTJ, ESFPENTJ, and positive elements of other personality types. Where as he acts as a reactionary self righteous popularist,, Does he understand he he is there by default, anointed by M Turnbull to keep the sociopath Dutton from the top job.

    Help me here please. [ perhaps because as is evident from the post I need help–]

  10. Dear Geoff, I am certain you know exactly what you are suggesting. After 20 minutes research I can see my own circuits contriving an establishment with all of those traits and counter traits, strange dear Freud didn’t forsee this concurrent to his (sorry the male pronoun) work as an arbiter of the mind. When it comes down to tacks, Morrison must be WPPB, worst possible place to be. And Dutton can always apply for a position at the helm of Boeing, if current directions are not forthcoming.

  11. Mungo v Allan jones to debate all the issues , current and past … politics, climate change …. worth the Admission at any cost !!! Up for it Mungo ???


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