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November 28, 2022

Thus Spake Mungo: Another month, another setback

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The Ballina community came out in force to ‘Step Up Against Domestic Violence on Friday.

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Climate change: It’s here, says Australia’s peak science orgs

Climate change is impacting Australia today and will further impact human lives. That’s the takeaway from the biennial State of the Climate report published by the nation’s leading scientific organisations, the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Another month, another setback – several, unfortunately – with preparations for the budget being finalised in an atmosphere of quiet desperation.

COVID-19 is now clearly out of control – what Health Minister Greg Hunt snidely terms ‘the Victorian second wave’ is rampant, and the borders of the other east coast states have been breached, although at the time of writing not yet overrun.

The mad sovereign citizens are on the move, their immediate target is the compulsory wearing of masks, but the more demented anarchically demand to do whatever they like and bugger the rest of us.

The embattled Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has been reduced to lurching between imposing ever more draconian restrictions and pleading for his constituents to do the right thing. Some are simply confused by the mish-mash of often contradictory edicts, but it has become alarmingly obvious that an increasing number of citizens just aren’t listening.

Too many have become denialists, recalcitrants or just plain crazies

Too many have become denialists, recalcitrants or just plain crazies. They see their selfishness and perversity as some kind of higher morality whereby their imaginary ‘sovereign citizenship’ transcends the common good. Darwinian evolution – survival of the fittest – will presumably cull quite a few of them, but that is a very long term solution to what is an immediate crisis.

The brawl over nursing homes is getting nastier – the age-old impasse of federalism, with the commonwealth making the rules and the states having to manage them, has come to a head over the graves of the old and infirm.

State border controls are being constantly revised, with exemptions seen by many to be unfair and partisan – and much the same applies to most of the restrictions being switched on and off in defiance of Scott Morrison’s ukase that this simply cannot happen.

As a result, no one is quite sure what is going on; let alone whether it is sensible or effective policy. And the assurance that all will be revealed in October, when our resident magician pulls the numbers out of his budget hat, has not proved encouraging.

The latest dire statistics show that the country has fallen into deflation for only its third time in history

The latest dire statistics show that the country has fallen into deflation for only its third time in history, and that the national debt is now well on the way to hitting a trillion dollars – that’s $1,000,000,000,000. Now that’s a really eye-watering number.

Josh Frydenberg may well be weeping and wailing, but is showing no real signs that he has a clue what to do about it all. But to be fair, he is hardly Robinson Crusoe – the rest of the world seems similarly bereft as the pandemic continues to fill the graves, body-bags and refrigerator trucks in the many countries less fortunate than Australia.

Yes, we must still call ourselves the lucky country, however grim the prospects appear – and they look like becoming even grimmer. Only days after releasing the last economic update, Treasury secretary, Steven Kennedy, warned that it was already obsolete, that the Victorian situation would mean less growth and more unemployment. Happy Christmas in advance.

White Australia, in the unlikely guise of Scott Morrison, has admitted that the years of trying to close the gap from the top have failed

But let’s get to some good news for a change. There is to be a quiet revolution in the intractable area of Indigenous reform.  White Australia, in the unlikely guise of Scott Morrison, has admitted that the years of trying to close the gap from the top have failed, and that it is time to ask the real stakeholders – the First Australians – to tell the rest of us, and specifically his government, what is actually needed.

So from now on the strategy will be a genuine partnership – 50 peak Indigenous bodies will be brought into the process as equals and will have a real say in setting their own goals and their own targets. And this means that the old formulas devised by the well-intentioned shiny bums in Canberra will become at least less relevant to the long running frustrations of those who have, for far too many years, been seen as clients and customers rather than active participants.

Old targets have been junked and revised, and 16 new ones formulated. So, as well as the obvious concerns about health, housing and education, the terrible suicide rate becomes an issue front and centre, as do the rates of imprisonment and domestic violence.  And interestingly, the less direct disadvantage of the decline and disappearance of some First Nations languages is to be addressed, along with increased emphasis on securing land and sea rights within the over-complicated process.

Achieving outcomes will be a long and tortuous business, involving debate and probably some conflict

Achieving outcomes will be a long and tortuous business, involving debate and probably some conflict. There is already a problem with Morrison saying that there will not be a bucket of money; many participants regard it as essential that they can assess their own budgetary requirements, and that will inevitably require increased funding.

And Indigenous politics are no less rancorous than the version in Canberra; there are bound to be divisions between those inside the tent, and those who feel excluded. Noel Pearson, Megan Davis and Roy ah-See, whose credentials as serious and credible leaders are unquestioned, have all expressed doubts about the ability of the peak bodies to negotiate with communities. They are worried that some of the targets are insufficiently ambitious. And they point to the primacy of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which was and is the key to genuine reconciliation.

These are legitimate concerns and they should be addressed. But they do not detract from the significance of the agreement signed off last week. The diligent negotiator Pat Turner – whose credentials are equally impeccable – has brought to the concord all three levels of government: the commonwealth, all the states, and local. This is an opportunity not to be missed. And it can work in concert with The Uluru Statement – in fact it can it enhance it.

The big breakthrough is that Morrison, pushed by his Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt, is prepared to confront the obvious truth

The big breakthrough is that Morrison, pushed by his Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt, is prepared to confront the obvious truth: there can be no real progress until those who have suffered under the centuries-old regime of failure can be given power and responsibility to repair the damage.

And they too may fail, we may be faced with more generations lost to misery and despair. But at least they will be given a chance on something resembling a level playing field.

And that’s the good news. But now, back to the pandemic…

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  1. First off… Pearson, Davis & Roy ah-See understand
    [& why wouldn’t they] that the Uluru Statement of the
    Heart is a ‘must’ for Reconciliation. Let’s get going
    on that; finally. 2nd – Deflation – because it just had
    to happen so it’s the survival of the un-fittest we
    need to watch. Hard to believe? This time is no
    ‘flower power’ event. Be kind to one another.

  2. Increasing number of citizens not listening to the Andrews Government Mungo ?? Not all will unfortunately , as is the Case of those selfish
    3 people’s coming back to QLD from Victoria
    Guest of the Queen for those 3 . talk about
    Not being self centered , the Prime Minister was all class when heckled by reporters not to apportion blame to the Victorian government and in particular
    Chairman Dan , we are all in this together Mr Morrison replied to all .. however Mr Morrison was not afforded the same by Mr Andrews … who incidentally stuffed up royally with his stupidity by
    Not taking the advice from his health experts
    And to rub salt into the open wounds of the Nation
    Looked after his mates to defend the frontline
    In the Hotel debacle may as well had been in a boutique establishment with the amount of bonking !! Then off back into the community they go and the rest is history. Andrews has single handedly put this Country in such a position
    Its hard to see any improvement anytime soon .
    Would not send my mother to those nursing homes absolutely disrespectful to the frontline
    Health care workers Mr Andrews!! not to mention
    All our parents that are in their , not very comforting is it ?? Yes Mr Andrews we are all in this
    Together … are YOU !!

    • Barrow old son, we never were and still are not, ” all in this together”. Your ScoNO saw to that from the getgo with his ‘JobKeeper for some, NOT for all’. And of course No paid Pandemic Leave….. until yesterday, 3/8, months and months too late as Captain Catchup ScoNO does what he does best, leading from the rear again. There is plenty of Covid craziness and blaming to go around, ultimately it is up to each and everyone of us to do the right thing in these Covid times. If individuals are willing to float the rules ( eg Hotel Quarantine, long distance drives for a ‘Big Mac’ in Wodonga or to get ‘fresh air’ in Ballarat ) then of course Covid will keep rolling on and on, no matter if your “Chairman Dan” or anyone else is in charge of affairs. It has finally taken the Covid to bring out into the open for all now to see the rotteness that has been allowed to envelope Aged Care in Australia and your ScoNO seemingly ( so far ) escapes being held to account. Newmarch House, Dorothy Henderson Lodge, St Basil’s…the killing fields for the elderly in Australia. We saw what happened in The UK and Italy to the elderly before Covid came marching into Australia. Where was the duty of care from ScoNO / Fed Govt who is responsible for Aged Care in Australia. The only disrespect to Health Workers was flung by your mate, Greggy Hunt the Fed Health Minister who tried to DEFLECT from the issue of sub standard arrangements ( courtesy of The Federal Government ) that exist today in the aged care industry. Your “Chairman Dan “called it all out. I know Barrow, it hard to hear this stuff talked about openly but Dan Andrews only echoed what the families have been saying for months, protect our loved ones in aged care, it isn’t safe for them staying in there.

  3. More Morrison LN Catastrophe! Just stack it down the back on that big pile with the rest of them. Morrison refuses our Parliamentary questioning or any accountability. The authorities and corrupted corporate media will not investigate or report on any of the now huge stinking pile of catastrophic failures!

  4. Another day, another dollar down the drain, another business gone bust, another cat lost its life and Victoria takes another step backwards into Victorian times. And by cripes another burial down there of some poor octarian who won’t reach 90. A look and a search into the wallet of the Australain budget and there is despair, for there is a moth, a spare tooth, a comb and a hair. For excitment we could at least have a bushfire, a drought, or a flood or a bigger debt than what we have got, God all mighty.

  5. Dear,dear,dear,oh dear,
    Mungo you point out two dreadful dilemmas, both attributable to “culture”.In Melbourne we have a population of non-English speakers, habituated to ignoring ‘authority’, which is largely why and how they got here.
    Then we have the intractable problem of , after dragging them ‘kicking and screaming’ to the water, how are you to make them drink ? This is especially so when after 60,000 years of no progress and abject failure on any criteria, and an attitude of insolence and complete disregard for the society that they are totally dependent on. There are no traditional Toyotas or I phones nor the slightest hint of medicine or the dialysis that sustains the remote communities.
    With a traditional life expectancy of about thirty years, it’s a bit rich citing the current ‘gap’ as a negative !
    Cheers, G”)

  6. Assisted by the Victorian Opposition, which has unhelpfully attempted to undermine everything the Vic Government has attempted to do (unlike every other opposition in the country) and a media pile on, there is now an unquestioned narrative that that there was gross incompetence in the management of quarantine In Victoria. No doubt there were mistakes made in the many decisions that had to be so hastily made and implemented when Australia’s infection numbers started showing exponential growth.

    Curiously though a report appeared in the Age on Sunday: ‘Numbers are too high’ by Noel Towell and Zach Hope. It slipped in two interesting paragraphs that went straight under the radar:

    ‘The news comes as two more workers, believed to be health department officials, in the state’s troubled quarantine hotels program for returned travellers tested positive to COVID-19.’


    ‘The Department of Justice confirmed that the two workers on the quarantine hotels had tested positive to COVID-19 on July 25, after Corrections Victoria took over from private security contractors’.

    Does this mean that even under Corrections Victoria the virus has managed to get out and have its wicked way with people?

    If this is the case I would have thought it would be given more prominence. Has anybody heard any of it since? No – it doesn’t fit with the accepted hindsight wisdom that anyone except private security guards would be able to prevent the virus’ escape.

  7. Joachim your malcontent is overwhelming!!
    You are seemingly so dissatisfied with the coalition
    Just relocate, cant believe it !! And take Brandt & co with you !! Especially those greens members
    so enraged regarding colonialism and will not pledge their allegiance to the commonwealth
    But when informed you sign or resign ?
    Could have not signed quick enough!!
    Hypocrites in the first order your greens Joachim!
    Lecturing about our human rights violations
    What a joke !! Australia has been voted the safest
    Country in the world for Females, and has been a wonderful multicultural success story … unlike the country where this greens senator comes from
    Who has the worst human rights violations
    In the world !! Expect anything different NO..
    Election now the coalition would romp in
    And Morrisons approval ratings as preferred
    PM 60 % Albo 25 % and your Greens Joachim
    8% and sinking ..” say say all this with much
    Respect for the custodians of this land
    The first people’s “

  8. Wow Barrow, you must have some good inside information. We have all heard the rumours about the shenanigans between the returned travellers and security guards (one version I heard involved payment in kind for bringing back a Big Mac) but no media outlet I am aware of has been able to substantiate this story. Similarly, I’m sure if there was anything to even hint at a connection between the Labor Party (or Dan Andrews) and the security firms, I’m sure News Limited would be all over it. But never let substantiation get in the way of a good story.

    To be sure the quarantine stories are colourful and I think, rather mitigate against laying all the blame at the feet of DA. Much of the criticism has revolved around inadequate training and lack of PPE but I wonder if any training manual on infection control would think to include not bonking the travellers. And would anyone think to include condoms in the PPE consignment?

    NSW also used security guards in hotel quarantine. Admittedly there was some police back up to assist guards with confrontational situations and again I don’t know that any Lothario guards in Melbourne would have called out for assistance. It may also have been considered in Victoria that the police were already occupied enforcing the other health measures unlike NSW which was well behind in enforcement statistics and, closer to home, recently did sweet FA about a 1000 strong roof And a couple of 200 plus parties.

    But who would expect that if you wanted a situation securely guarded you wouldn’t hire a private security outfit. Who would expect that it wasn’t enough to specify training and PPE in the contract? All good conservatives know that if you want something done properly you go for the private sector over public servants any day!

    I’m disappointed that you like the nomenclature, Dictator Dan, coined by the state opposition very early on. How supportive when it is so vitally important to get community cooperation. The consultation and cooperation between Gladys and Dan served the country extremely well in the days when the PM kept wanting to go to the footy. The lockdowns served us well but it is widely acknowledged that the turning point in flattening the curve was when Dan Andrews took the idea of compulsory quarantine for returned travellers to National Cabinet. The police in Vic were finding, then like now, too many not at home. With the major airports, NSW and Vic did the heavy lifting for the other states Which went a long way towards the enviable positions they now find themselves in.

    It is indeed tragic that it seems Victoria’s outbreak seems attributable to the breakdown in quarantine but I gather that the genomic sequencing points to this being largely attributable to just one source. Given the Houdini nature of this virus that seems unfortunately unsurprising. There is probably a great deal to come out about all this and appropriately an enquiry is underway. Why don’t you wait until then Barrow before you let your fevered imagination get away from you?

  9. Ken, are you going to put the hundreds of different national and cultural backgrounds that make up Melbourne’s population into one basket and suggest that what they have in common is a disregard for authority? Or did I misinterpret?

    I would have thought that there are plenty of cultures whose value cooperation and respect Set them apart. Conversely I’ve seen plenty of examples (but not all) from multi generational convict stock in this country who couldn’t give a toss.

    No progress in 60,000 years? The ethos was a bit kinder to the planet. I thought you saw western ‘progress‘ as destructive?

  10. Liberals clawing their way to election victory over the corpses of our ageing virus infected relatives.Liberals clawing their way to election victory as they climb over the bodies of refugee children behind barbed wire on distant islands, hidden away from public scrutiny.Liberals clawing their way to election victory over debt, deficit but only when it is not their trainwreck. Liberals clawing their way to victory over lies about The Death Tax.Liberals-its in their DNA.Liberals using socialist remedies to solve their capitalistic failings.

  11. Ray it is Homelessness week , are you aware of this ?? Climb over the bodies of refugees?
    We have 250.000 refugees here in Australia Ray
    How many of those die every day including
    Children !! You wont hear about this from
    You or the ABC or the Greens .. … those Refugees in the offshore
    Centers are so privileged in comparison to
    Our own Refugees here in Australia the homeless .
    However if one of those Refugees died no matter how on Manus well it would we war on the Coalition
    From the usual suspects.. any wonder the homeless say to me, take me to Manus i wont to be looked after … oh the irony .. !!

  12. Hi Liz ,
    The inquiry started today incidentally regarding
    The Andrews Government handling of the hotel
    Debacle !! And yes liz, question after question to the Premier and his ministers and health experts
    On those breaches? This will be all answered in the inquiry Mr Andrews said !! .. so the health Minister was questioned today and asked for a explanation as per the Westminster system.. as per our democracy, accountability. ? And as a public servant , and community expectations, taxpayer’s
    Expectations one would assume a response was forthcoming ? Take your question on notice and will respond in writing was the Ministers response.
    So there it is Liz !! Barrow wait for the outcome
    Of the inquiry !! Fevered imagination liz ?
    Patience is a virtue !!

  13. Barrow my man, you jumping around from issue to issue like a Springbok on the Veldt. Yes, I am dissatisfied…with poor governing which just happens to be delivered by your ScoNO. But rest assured if it was Albo in charge of affairs rolling out rubbish policies and governing, then he’d also be getting a bollocking from me. But right now, lets stay on topic of Covid and Aged Care – what’s your excuse for the negligence and the resultant ‘workplace manslaughter’ that has delivered: Newmarch House 19 deaths, Dorothy Henderson Lodge 7 deaths, St Basil’s 19 deaths and counting.

  14. Hi Barrow – yes I’ve read all the hysteria surrounding Jenny Mikakos taking questions on notice.but I have no idea what the questions were and whether it is a reasonable response. Sure it’s unusual but we are in unusual times and she my just have a lot on her plate right now and have you heard the non-answers that are given in Federal question time – hardly accountability. But let’s think about the circumstances in which the upper house sat. It was unspeakable.

    Rank stupidity is a kind way of describing the actions of the Opposition in pushing ahead with convening the Legislative Council against the urging of the CHO and in defiance and disregard for the almighty effort that all Victorians are being called upon against a deadly threat. I can think of way less complimentary but way more accurate descriptors.

    Sure it’s convenient for the Andrews Government not to be at the mercy of question time at this point and sure Parliament offers some great opportunity for political point scoring right now but spare me the confected righteousness about extreme scrutiny of extreme regulation. What could be more important right now than protecting lives, than all shoulders to the wheel and to stopping the spread to regions ill equipped to deal with the potential level of health crisis?

    Of all the examples of sabotage of the responsible measures that have been undertaken with community welfare at the forefront, this stunt stands alone as a profound new low. Many regional Labor members stayed away – what of the other regional members?

    As for the Westminster system – I think that’s long dead in this country. We now have the ‘that’s in the bubble system’.

    I don’t quite understand why you are repeating my phrases with exclamation marks attached. I notice you haven’t given your sources for the bonking and preferential treatment stories

  15. Liz, our barrow never answers anything. Let’s
    just skip it & get back on track with the reality
    we face. Life’s no circus. Our problems &
    miss-management are real.

  16. Yes Liz,
    Of course it is a generalization, but a transient population owes little allegiance to any country, and as can be seen by the actions of these immigrants in Victoria who refuse to isolate and invoke their rights as “sovereign citizens”, not to mention the Jewish population ,here for generations ,who send their kids off to Israel to kill Arabs, While Australia allows these, who have participated in foreign conflicts, free access.

    It is not ‘progress’ that I see as destructive, Liz, but the effects of over-population and the industrial scale of destruction to accommodate “GROWTH” and while 60,000 years of stone-age existence evidenced little improvement in welfare , it did result in the extinction of the Mega-fauna and untold destruction from “Traditional Burning”.

  17. Hi Liz ,
    Yes i think i personally need to let up on the
    Covid 19 debacle in Victoria!! All the Country
    Needs to pull together as one to get through
    These trying times.. !! We all make mistakes
    And these are certainly unprecedented times
    Iam in a good position in life , however so many
    Thousands are not , especially those loved one’s
    In the Nursing homes, and businesses that are going under .. my sources Liz , have a friend that
    Lives in Melbourne and has close ties to Government Victoria. The Security guards
    Were certainly very friendly with personal
    Isolating with frequent visits to rooms not
    Uncommon on more than one occasion..
    Bonking infectious guests would not be
    One of the terms and conditions of your

  18. How’s everything in Barrow-land?….. if you don’t know
    the difference between a Big Mack & a bonking get
    yer eyes tested. Were you there? Just wondering. If
    Murdoch’s play-pen reporters failed to report what
    you believe to be so you can bet there’ll be a few
    without a job. Nah. Best give up on the uncommon
    ‘commons’ before you are pressed to name the
    guy you know as the ‘informer’. Sounds to me like
    ‘someone just needs the limelight’ like “I’m the man”.

  19. it sickens me to observe Liberals and their supporters using the virus over dead people’s bodies to score political points. Dutton and Gladys’ s failings never get a mention from these hypocrites.When the 2nd and 3rd stages of the virus plus the mutations hit, as they will, who will they blame then? Also if Marketing Man wants us to wear masks they should be FREE.I saw 2 in a pack for 8bux.This is gouging when they cost 4cents to make.The poor and those who live on the margins cannot afford this when they have to be replaced every few hours.Billions for subs that will never arrive.No money for masks.A billion a year to keep hapless refugees on distant islands but no money for masks.Oh and get back to work like you are telling everybody else so we can ask you some questions.

  20. Ray need for the Reminder AGAIN its homelessness week!! ..its not Refugee week !!
    If you are so concerned regarding the so called
    Mistreatment of the offshore Refugees
    Please explain this to our Homeless who are
    In a FAR worse position.. !! Cant believe it ..
    As far as the Mess in Victoria, we are all in this Together!! The sooner Mr Andrews and his health
    Minister give us some clarity as to HOW DID IT COME TO THIS !! The better .. it will be a case of lessons learnt.. !! Move on !! Just not at the
    TAXPAYER’S expense Ray !!

  21. Homeless: There really needs to be something done.
    I have put ideas to the illustrious Kevin Hogan: One during the Drought when there was a real downturn in the country: even worse now! The first idea is for the Federal Govt to fund local organisations (who apply for it) with funds to buy a block of land & contract a local builder (who would tender for the job) to build housing. This housing can then be rented through local agents & the rent repays the original loan. Hopefully by going this way we would stop the money going to the cities & big business, as well as keeping the snouts out of the trough. There can even be an agreement with the tenant that the property can be purchased later (with a portion of the rent going towards the deposit)
    The other idea is to allow any block over 1000 sq metres to have housing with the following constraints as a complying development:
    -Clustered housing, up to 3 residential buildings, up to 5 dwellings total, up to maximum 9 bedrooms, ´Common Bond´ to link householders (could be sporting facility, community gardens, etc). Only one entrance to the development. The idea is to allow flexibility: It could be a 3 br caretaker residence with 4x 1 br units (for aged care or disability)+ a spare visitor bedroom, or 3 of 3br houses or many other configurations. Farms could be purchased & run as a small community title under this proposal for instance.

  22. Yo Barrow, not letting go of your inner Springbok, eh. I know, it hard for you, to talk about Refugees and Asylum Seekers locked up for years and years having committing NO CRIME. So best to do your Springbok thing, jump for a distraction onto other issues. Your concern for the Homeless is noted but the cynic in me says it Barrow on song again, another of your diversions. “Mess in Victoria” you say? You not a fan of low taxing, low cost governing, like with the privatising of services out to The Private Sector. The Private Sector, you know the one, delivering services at higher efficiency and at a lower cost than The Public Sector could ever dream of doing. Barrow, you get what you pay for, my man. Barrow, you get what you vote for with The Private Sector can do it better. “Mess in Victoria” you say? It’s the mess that we collectively all own through behaviour pre-Covid and during Covid.

  23. Springbok thing in me Joachim ? What are you implying? Look its not very hard !! The homeless are without doubt is a far worse position all round .
    Yes they dont have freedom of movement, but apart from that the privilege’s the offshore Refugees
    Have !!, most homeless or families on the cusp
    Could only dream of .. so once again no more taxpayer’s money to be spent on offshore Refugees until our own 250.000 Refugees living in
    Australia has been addressed… incidentally have
    Asked many of my friends from the Far- left absolute Progressives.. and they agree !! not all but most… so no deflection Joachim just facts !! guess Joachim what disappoints most is the fact that people like you and the Greens complaining endlessly about
    The Government’s human rights violations on Manus Etc .. let just remind you Australia is very
    Kind and accepting of all nations of peoples ..
    Joachim what other countries in the world look
    After Refugees better than Australia? As for Victoria yes we are all in this Together!! Just let
    The inquiry do its due diligence.. !! There will be some lessons learnt…

  24. We’ve got what we really didn’t want regardless
    of whatever we voted for. Even Murdoch’s crew
    are now admitting the flaws in our Governing
    lot. Like… our ‘supposed’ wages are high but
    leave over 3/4 of us in a stuck rut. How? Simply
    due to our cost-of-living because we are charg
    -ed the earth for the most needed things like
    shelter/food/medical attention/cars/ ovens/
    beds/ dentists/ rates/ all & everything else. Yep,
    taxed to death. Knowing this explains why we
    have bugger all time for the government we got
    because people didn’t think clearly & the out
    -come harmed the country & its people. Many
    of them aged & without ‘super’. Our Gov. Reps
    live in a different world [Springbok +] thinking
    & [what’s more] laughing while sprouting it.
    Aussie’s ‘under class’ has fallen on its knees.
    We saw that too through flood/drought & fire
    so it’s impossible to forget. The term “trust”
    has no truth or future. Add pandemic & a
    splash of ‘Climate C’ to the lies our Gove
    feed us & no-one’s got anything left to lose.

  25. Flaws in our Government lot ! Just exactly what is it
    That will Satisfy you , and Joachim ? We live by far in the best country in the world !! Seriously a few flaws here and there is expected from any sitting
    Government… Labor or the Coalition.. knowone
    Is perfect including you both and me and the
    The Great Mungo who incidentally was once
    A Conservative !! “Dont worry be happy”

  26. Yo Barrow aka Springbok Man. You asked the question, “what other countries look After refugees better than Australia”? Angela’s Germany, Justin’s Canada and Jacinda’s New Zealand immediately roll off the tongue. But then you already knew this but I know,it hard for you, seeing anything at all through those ‘ScoNO The Great’ blinkers that you always got on.

  27. Aka Springbok Man Joachim ? Are you implying iam a Male ? Or a Racist ? Germans, or Canada,
    Or NZ look after Refugees better than Australia
    Where did that come from ? The Greens Website’s?
    Absolute Nonsensical Rubbish !!
    Still at odds as to why you would live in a Conservative State ? Or Country Joachim ?
    Victoria is about as Progressive a state as you
    Would get in the World !! Move there Joachim
    You would feel right at home … just think you would not have to post any dislike of the Conservatives
    In your posts !! You would feel right at home
    Purring …..

    • Barrow, Barrow, Barrow, please do catchup. You making things up but I know, it hard for you, to stay on topic. I explained it a the time of my post how you jump around from issue to issue ( distraction and diversion away from the real issue ) like a Springbok on the Veldt, Refugees, Barrow old son, that was the topic. Let’s see now, Australia locks up Refugees who have committed NO CRIMES for years on end on Islands, versus Germany, Canada, New Zealand that allow and support Refugees within the community. Case closed, Barrow old son.

  28. Peter van Onselen really gave Josh F a reality check on Insiders on Sunday, about stones and glass houses:
    * Other states used security guards; sheer luck can play a role
    * Much of the spread can be attributed to factors involving fed responsibility – casualisation, job insecurity, low wages AND aged care
    * Ridiculous not to expect the federal government to have the responsibility for emergency expenditure – and whinge about it
    * Without D Andrews’ concept of hotel quarantine and with repatriates sent back to self regulate we would likely have the whole country up a certain creek without propulsion
    * The feds could have stepped in to this biosecurity area (à la constitution) but stayed removed – thereby passing responsibility AND cost onto the states.

    How long will he last at the Oz and will his colleagues at the Victorian pressers take his message on board?

  29. Right, Liz. Stone & glass houses. Our so-called
    Federal Gov is playing ‘scare cat’ games with
    the states. I’m waiting on ScoMo to stamp his
    feet a bawl even louder. Someone please give
    the man/baby a dummy.

  30. Hi Liz, Joshua’s ( and ScoNO ) real concern is, with thanks to ScoNO, – “the economy that we all live in”. All along it has been the economy that over rides the Covid health emergency. They more concerned about the $’s than the lives. The Federal Government is the ultimate responsible authority, it administers the Quarantine Act ( 1908 ) and the Bio Security Act ( 2015 ). Go back to February, as Covid fears were being raised publicly, ScoNO held a public presser and waved a glossy folder, his Covid Emergency Response Plan, above his head in an attempt to calm the citizenry. As far as I know, no one got to read The Plan. I’m wondering if there actually was a Plan. Covid response- it has been Reactive ( instead of Pro-Active ) with too little, too late.

  31. I’d called our PM ‘the gas man’ a few weeks back
    & now we know that call to be dead center. He’s
    gonna save Australia by allowing his friends to
    ‘gas up’. Santos again can ‘develop the Pilliga’
    gas field so all the gas will go to the domestic
    market. Yeah – we’ll all be richer for it. We will
    end up with toxic fields all over. We are NOT
    going to get any renewable energy & that’s

  32. Agree Stefanie CSG is not for Australia !
    As far as Renewables is concerned
    It is to expensive to build , the Raw materials
    Used to build wind farms , and Solar panels
    Hardly organic Stefanie ! The resources Industries
    Virtually supplies the Majority. Of all the talk about
    Renewables it only powers 1 % of the worlds energy needs! And further more its unreliable !! And to make the case regarding landcare ? Land clearing
    For wind farms is outrageous Stefanie , not to mention the bird species wiped out .. the list gos on

  33. The world’s currently [now] using renewables
    at 18% Barrow. In renewable energy it will be
    be 30% in 2024 – or possibly higher.


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