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To vax or not to vax – whose choice should it be?

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Supporting women’s mental health in Ballina

Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety, and one in five women compared to one in eight men suffer from mental ill health or disorder.

Lismore starts a global wave of peace

A global wave of peace was started in Lismore on Sunday when 50 locals gathered to make a human peace sign. 

A family football ‘hat trick’ from the Morrisons

Three members of the Morrison family all scored a goal on the same weekend playing for the Mullumbimby Brunswick Valley Football Club (MBVFC), who celebrated it as a ‘family hat trick’ according to club secretary Yari McGauley.

The masters of ‘zero to hero’

The masters of ‘zero to hero’ pub rock, The Tenants, are bringing their live show and Aussie humour to Mullum’s Courthouse Hotel for one night only on Thursday, July 4.

The 2024 Lismore Eisteddfod will be bigger and better

Organisers of the Lismore Eisteddfod, the Lismore Musical Festival Society, are getting excited about their program for this year’s event. The regular competition venues are still unavailable owing to post-flood repairs continuing for a few more months. So this year the Bangalow A&I Hall will be used for the primary and secondary schools competitions as well as the Speech and Drama competition.

Wallum developer welcomes arrests

The developer behind the beleaguered Wallum urban subdivision on rare and sensitive land in Brunswick Heads welcomed the recent arrests of protectors who have blockaded the site over the last four months.

Caroline gets the COVID vaccination

The north coast is made up of all sorts which is one of the reasons that so many people love to love the place.

While there were some who took to the streets on May 29 with banners including statements like ‘My Body My Choice’ another local activist has taken the slogan to heart making t-shirts saying ‘anti-anti-VAX’.

Local cartoonist Holly English, who made the t-shirts, told The Echo that she recently went with her friend Caroline to support her as she got the vaccine.

Caroline and Holly English ready to get the jab.

Pro-vax flak

‘I’m noticing as a pro-covid vaccination supporter, I am getting a little flak here in the Shire,’ she said.

‘Knowing a friend who is in her 30s who has suffered over a year from post-covid fatigue syndrome (she is still very sick), 30,000 people dead from COVID in New York City, let alone what is going on in India, it’s not the time to be condemning vaccines.

‘I was a hippy child, an environmental activist child and teenager and have lived on natural medicines and naturopathic and alternative ways of living my whole life, though always taking what I’ve needed from Western medicine,’ she said.

‘In light of broader awareness, research and education, I think it’s essential to be vaccinated unless there is a health issue against it.

‘I live behind my elderly mother, and my friend Caroline works with vulnerable and indigenous people in the community.

‘I’m eligible for the Pfizer and have registered already with New South Wales health for the vaccine at Lismore base hospital. I’m waiting for my call!

‘This is not a simple cold and I’m tired when I mention to people that I’m looking forward to getting the jab, I’m met sometimes with disdain or like I’m crazy or brainwashed. I don’t meet them the same way if they refuse to get the jab, that is their business.

‘In fact, many of my friends were hippy kids and aren’t vaccinated and nor are their children. That doesn’t bother me at all.

‘But this is different. I’ve been quite surprised at the reactions. Perhaps they react that way as they know I am a left-wing alternative hippy in the heart. And therefore, I should prescribe to all the certain belief systems of Mullumbimby stereotypes. This is a global pandemic and I am not brainwashed. This is for real.’

Protesters last Saturday in Byron. Photo supplied

Fear of forced vaccinations

However, organiser of the May 29 rally Dean Jefferys said that while he was pro-choice the rally was part of a national and international day of protests to highlight ‘govcorp’ tyranny around forced COVID-19 vaccinations.

‘As Melbourne is in lockdown, many are questioning the strategy and impact of locking up millions of healthy people. People are doubting whether the vaccine and the “Fortress Australia” strategy is the best and only way forward,’ he said.

‘Coercive strategies like what the PM proposed last week – that in the future we may need to have a vaccine passport to travel, not only internationally but across state borders – raised the heckles of many Australians, and caused many questions to be asked about our direction and strategy for dealing with this pandemic’.

Mr Jefferys says that, ‘Rather than destroying people’s lives and the economy with constant lockdowns and closed borders into the future, we could simply support those who are concerned about their health, and who trust the vaccine, to get the vaccine’.

‘Those that don’t want the jab could be encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle and immune system and then if they do get COVID-19, treat any symptoms with known non-toxic available antiviral drugs’.

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  1. Rather than believing in government and media…… Holly would do well to consider what Dr. McCullough (internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, Professor of Medicine Dallas, USA) has to say about vaccination.
    look it up – sixteen minutes for the undecided.

    • ‘unhelpful’ editor removed the link……. to find not easy!…. for sixteen minute video search at rumble.

      • A 16 minute edit from a 105 minute interview is a reasonably big edit Richard. Also, as he is an American doctor, his comments relate to the USA respond and the US FDA. As he is a cardiologist, I’m guessing he has a lot to say about the US Health system and probably doesn’t really know anything about the Australian Health system, and he may not even be aware of Australia’s TGA. I think Ms English has done well to inform herself and make the best decision for herself.

        • USA is further down the Vax-Road than Australia and worth hearing…….. do you really believe Australia’s TGA don’t jump to the same global tune!

      • Don’t expect Google to provide access to good info, will likely be led to the trash (trash is sown to distract).
        And Holly’s ‘trusted sources’ being government, media and big pharma………. what could go wrong!

  2. One is left to wonder as to the mentality of the mainstream who, despite years (actually decades) of lies and misinformation by BigPharma at the expense of us, continues to feed on the social dilemma bought about by this ignorance.

    • Black and white thinking. We can’t dismiss all of modern medicine because of certain shady activities. 100 years ago one third of all children died before they reached puberty. Surely we don’t want to return to that. Vaccines and antibiotics have been instrumental in allowing us long happy lives.

  3. Magical thinking won’t end the pandemic. Not having the vaccine when you can do so has consequences for yourself, but is fundamentally a selfish and self-indulgent decision

  4. Surely its not about pro vac or anti-vac. The truth of it is that it is an experiment and not even officially approved because the safety trials afforded to vaccines were not used in these injections. The fact is that it is an experiment and the results of which may not be known til years down the track. And for an illness that has 99.5% survival at worst. It is an experiment not officially approved except for emergency use. Why all the humdrum when so few have died…we lose more people on the roads.

  5. How many people do the Anti-Vaxxers expect to kill or to have serious illness because they refuse to be vaccinated?

    How do they feel about being the cause of this damage to fellow beings?

    Is there any anti-vaxxer out there who can supply the numbers?

    I very much doubt they care.

    • Hi Ronald,

      not an anti-vaxer mate, just very cautious of what we are being “sold”.

      “I doubt they care” is a ridiculous and divisive statement Ronald.

      I care a lot, for the people that have died from covid and those that have died or have been harmed from the vaccine.

      Just not sold on the story we are being told, and the risk of death is so low, I’d rather play the game with nature thanks.

      • OK You’re right. Steve Sorry

        I would like to change that to ” I very much doubt must of them (anti-vaxxers) care” which is the truth about what I do think. What else a I supposed to think when your campaign threatens my life and there is never a mention by your campaign of potential negative consequences for opponents?

        • Yes negative consequences on both sides. Certainly not my campaign to threaten life. Quite the opposite.

          Since I wrote 4 days ago we have had another very unfortunate death from the vaccine in Australia. And what can the grieving family do about it… nothing!

          Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser to the U.K. government on COVID-19 said “The mortality rate is 1 percent or likely lower. For most people⁠—the vast majority of people⁠—this will be a mild illness.”

          We now have reports of heart issues with the vaccine..

          Quoting the article – “The agency (CDC) said it is still assessing the risk from the condition and has not yet concluded that there was a causal relationship between the vaccines and cases of myocarditis or pericarditis.”

          Like the CDC, I am still assessing risk and I will be for a while yet it appears before I make any conclusions, all in the name of preserving life.

  6. These agenda driven elites are trying to segregate society and so far they’re succeeding beautifully. Here we come Nuremberg 2.0, just take a look what’s happening in Israel, will be happening here soon.
    If we all stopped bickering about stupid “vax vs anti-vax” and saw the bigger picture of what’s at play here and together United against the unlawful directives of the government, this “pandemic” would be over tomorrow, the coercion and blackmail would stop, people could get back to work, open their businesses back up and see their loved ones.
    They’re playing on peoples Fear of a virus (which are all around us and have been since the dawn of man) and peoples inability to think for themselves (due to years of dumbing down and brainwashing). Do your own research, don’t trust the news media or your local GP to be telling you all the facts or truth, look for it yourself! Make an informed decision with ALL the facts. There is enough unbiased research from esteemed medical personnel floating around on the internet if you just look for it.
    SHAME on anyone that discriminates or hates on another person who makes informed choices when it comes to medical decisions and their bodies, only that person knows what’s best for them.

    • good comments and worth noting that most dissenting medical opinion is coming from mature doctors and scientists who no longer have their skins riding on their careers.

  7. Interesting that the middle aged folk photographed in the March are all in the higher risk groups for Covid-19. Is it denial of their vulnerability that influences their functional literacy on this very important medical issue?

  8. Nice to know that there are at least two sane minds in the Shire.

    Go, Holly – and Hamish!

  9. nice one. community health only works if we all pull our weight.
    global Indigenous communites without acess to childhood vaccines conesquently suffer infant mortality rates of 45%.
    Vaccines are the single most life saving invention that humans have discovered, more than seatbelts and airbags.
    But they only work if we’re smart enough to take them. which thankfully most of us still are.

  10. In regards to the rally and thus the slogans “My body My Choice’ …..what about other people’s choices? If YOUR choice only impacted upon YOU that would be fine but YOUR choice not to vaccinate affects us all. Mind you I must say I have little (if any ) faith in our Govt BUT I do believe the science. We have seen multiple variants of the Coronavirus like the recent Delta variant, so I fail to see how even the most healthiest of individuals can beat this pathogen? No amount of crystal healing & chanting is gonna save you from this monster virus. However, I do believe people should have been given other choices BESIDES just Astra Zeneca , which has little effect on the new variants, also all of these vaccines need to be updated (re applied) every 6 mths which many people are unaware of. Funny how everyone has focused only on a vaccine & refused to look at the issues that caused this……essentially our total disregard for the natural world.

  11. check out what happening in UK. You can;t tell me that all these people are dumb, illinformed or conspiracy therorists.
    Governments have lied to their people for eons all over the world or worse convinced them of untruths. Before going hardcore on either side look at all the facts and do not discount others experiences. We need to be more tolerant and willing to see things from different perspecitves. I am watching and listening to many different perspectives. Question evertyhing

  12. Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of the BMJ, offers some interesting insights on vaccines in a 2017 editorial, part of which reads:

    “Fourthly, the label too quickly assumes that there are “two sides” to every question, and that the “two sides” are polar opposites. This “you’re either with us or against us” thinking is unfit for medicine. Many parents who deliberate on decisions regarding their children’s health ultimately make decisions — such as to vaccinate or not vaccinate — with lingering uncertainty about whether they were right. When given a choice, some say yes to some vaccines and no to others. These parents are not zealots, they are decision makers navigating the grey, acting under conditions of uncertainty in perpetual flux.

    And among those uncertainties are the known and unknown side effects that each vaccine carries. Contrary to the suggestion — generally implicit — that vaccines are risk free (and therefore why would anyone ever resist official recommendations), the reality is that officially sanctioned written medical information on vaccines is — just like drugs — filled with information about common, uncommon, and unconfirmed but possible harms.”

  13. No really such an “insight”, Martin I think all of this is apparent to most people. There are no 100% guarantees. Are you saying that the “with us or against us” dichotomy is coming from the medical establishments or “anti anti Vader’s”?

    The fact that the data on the side effects, that emerged in the trials, is readily available, the fact that we were all pretty much made aware of the clotting risks with AZ, suggests to me that there is no medical conspiracy to present the vaccines as risk free.

    What needs to be considered though is that the alternative to vaccination is certainly not risk free either. Neither for the individual decision marker nor for the community if a critical number follow the same path.

    What I find unfathomable are the resorts of anti vaxers haranguing those queued in Melbourne for the Covid vaccines in an attempt to talk them out of it. Such arrogance that they know better is astounding!

  14. 😡🤬 I’m sure I changed auto correct’s “Vader” to “vaxer”. Are the gremlins in the Echo reader comments section? The answer will be in its return or otherwise this time!

  15. So to read these comments from Nuremberg to forced vaccinations and mature doctors. Really people how about stop being selfish and denying what is happening. had my vaccination and I haven’t mutated or any such garbage. what excuses from people saying they are not antivaxxers but waiting for the evidence, really ! Well done Holly for calling out these selfish people!

    • ‘denying what is happening’ ………. Rod, do tell what is happening.

      For all the world comes the Great Reset Show!
      In supporting roles the cast of many…Russia, China, India, Asia, Iran, Middle East, Africa and the South Americans……. with histories and tales of tyranny and dictatorship………they know how to play totalitarian parts.
      On the fringe Belarus, offered loot yet declined to play and remarkably still lives. Heads did roll for Tanzania and Burundi.
      The unfortunate masses among the Eyes and under NATO will lose the most, tradition and culture of freedoms………..because our Owners know what is best for us………..we must join with globalised serfdom…..essential alignment with the economies of roaring dictatorship with the add-on bonus that such bondage can Save the Planet (Greta says) ………..with captive breeding…..…..life goes on, rituals will be allowed, masked genuflection for the fashionable followed by sermons in wokeness.

      For Australians the future will be no worries……. geography and resources will ensure Ozzie serfs are nourished…… the serfs of Europe and America will grow thin.


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