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September 29, 2022

Putting your ‘Queen’ money where your mouth is

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I’ve never felt much either way about the Queen. I’ve never held her in as much disdain as I’ve held some of our prime ministers, and never held her in as much esteem as I have held, for example, Uncle Archie Roach. But the old dear has died and it seems the world has gone a bit nuts – and that has caused me to take a closer look at what the Queen means to me – and to my country.

Sometimes we go along blindly in our lives and it’s not until we stop and think that we go ‘shit!’

Here’s an example – I never really thought about the animals I was eating until I stopped and thought about the animals. Their lives, their parents, their children and their pain. And once I did that, I became an annoying vegan pretty quickly.

So when I stopped to think about ‘our’ Queen and her death, and what it meant to me, it made me take a closer look at the monarchy.

Many of us have read the tales of King Arthur and the roundtable, and it’s all very romantic and jewel-encrusted. Millions of us sat and watched the now King Charles the third, marry a 20-year-old. Think about that for a minute – if my 20-year-old daughter wanted to marry a thirty-two-year-old, I’d be wanting to take a really close look at how that was going to work. (I am not saying it can’t and doesn’t work, but I’d be wanting to make bloody sure of his intentions – right?)

Back then it was all very cute and very romantic. But we didn’t think about the consequences of that.

If you stop – and think – about how kings and queens become kings and queens, what you realise is most of their wealth comes from conquering. Conquering lands, conquering people, conquering cultures – pretty much war, rape and pillage. There’s not a lot of back-breaking hole digging or field ploughing happening in royal history. Well, there is – but not a lot of it done BY the royals – they have subjects for that.

The death of the Queen has allowed many Indigenous people feel they have the opportunity to speak their minds. It has given rise to Blak Fellas telling us about their vision of the queen, a sovereign who took their sovereignty, a leader who lauded her power, the inherited power from her ancestors, who are basically a bunch of mongrels and inbreds, and used THAT power over their ancestors.

This land, the Great Southern Land, was never ceded. I might just say that again so you can think about it. THIS LAND WAS NEVER CEDED.

In the name of royalty, this land was conquered, the people were conquered, the culture was conquered – pretty much war, rape and pillage on the people who were here first.

Whats next?

Where does the death of the Queen leave us now?

It will cost the government a lot of money to change the countenance from the Queen to Charles III on our money, our coins and a myriad of other official documents and signage and paraphernalia and bits and bobs.

But, no more, in fact, than it would cost them to put anyone’s face on coins and the documents and replace them with the likes of Archie Roach, Uncle Jack Charles, and Aunty Oodgeroo Noonuccal.

The Queen is dead and I believe, so has is the relevance of the monarchy in Australia – it’s a sign!

One thing I’m really objecting to today is the public holiday. It seems ridiculous to me that we don’t have a public holiday when some incredible Australians pass away yet we will stop the country, (as does a horse race), to give people some time off to remember a monarch whose family stole a bunch of really cool stuff: like Australia.

I personally object to this. And don’t think I should be able to scour an extra 1.5 hours of work dollars, per hour, from my employer to ‘remember’ a Queen I’m not even interested in.

The hardship this death is going to cause this already financially COVID-fire-flood strapped nation is bloody redonkulous!

I say it’s time to put our money where our mouth is as far as this public holiday is concerned. We need to make a silent personal protest – we can all rub our hands together and enjoy the extra cash, but are we selling our soul for 1.5 extra pieces of silver – per hour? If it actually means something coming out of, or rather, not going into your pocket, then that’s a real protest.

My suggestion is, if you will unavoidably be paid extra money this week, use it to buy goods and services from an Indigenous company or donate it to a worthy cause for Indigenous people.

If you want to have a minute’s silence today, have a minute’s silence for the deaths of all Indigenous people and mourn them and the loss of THEIR sovereign lands.

Make the Queen’s death matter to the people her family stole from, and please stop and think. Because when we don’t stop and think about things, that’s when people literally get away with murder.

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  1. African tribes live on land they conquered and took from other African tribes that no longer exist. Same in South America, Asia, Middle East, North America, and of course, Europe. That’s how humans, in fact all animals, work. Which Aboriginal tribes lived on land their ancestors didn’t take from other Aboriginal tribes at some stage? Or do you think they are not human, or some other species of human, or alien? They were not forest fairies, they were stone age people having to work harder than you can imagine, just to get by. And some times that meant taking the other tribes land to feed their own hungry children. I don’t judge them for that. That’s natural conflict arising from scarce resources. Everyone’s ancestors had to do that at some stage.

    • Well Anton, there is grievance that continues to be felt by First Nations People from their loss of land and people that came from the arrival of the First Fleet.
      You trying to dismiss it all doesn’t make the loss go away.

      • Joachim nobody owns any land in this
        Country we belong to it .. as for the
        Pile-on for the Queen ..she spent her entire
        Committed life decolonising ..so much
        Emphasis on historical pasts ..if you want to go down that path..the Ottoman rule ?
        Incidentally what if this country was taken by the Chinese….

        • Barrow, nice try.

          First Nations People did belong and own the Land, up until the British Invasion that declared Terra Nullius – the Land was stolen and the subsequent Genocide set in motion.

          First Nations People didn’t even ‘officially’ exist let alone’belong until 1967 Referendum.
          Laterly we have Native Title which is some form of recognition First Nations People land ownership.

          “Always Was Always Will Be”

      • There’s no such thing as race….until there’s money and power up for grabs, then it’s the most important thing in the world. If we are all equally human, then the Aboriginals must have been hording this land that their brothers and sisters from around the world needed to share with them. You can’t have it both ways. Are we in competition or not?

  2. We should make every death of a monarch a public holiday. One day, possums, and that day will come, we will have 365 public holidays.
    What a nice thought, hey?

  3. Eve, seriously that is just more disrespectful discourse from someone who seemingly has a strong aversion to anything that a modern free democratic Australia has to offer all of its citizens, you and Mandy seem to enjoy singing from the same old songbook and making a virtue of playing the guilty as charged card. For better or worst, the history of the entire world has been forged on conquest- not much was good for the conquered- what do you want us all to do about it, spend most of our days inflicting grievous pain on our privileged bodies in a futile act of atonement? Or look to a better future and make real changes, like finally giving our First Nations people a “Voice” in parliament on policies that affect them in this country we now both share. Of course Australia was invaded, only an idiot could deny that, but the British can’t be blamed for everything. Arthur Phillip was actually a progressive leader in his era, if history is correct he treated aboriginal people in that early colony with a great deal of respect, the real invasion, dislocation and murders started when the States were formed and they established their own para-military police forces, that did the dirty work for the rich settlers. If we are going to cry a river for all the past shocking deeds mankind has inflicted upon itself we would quickly run out of tears. And we can have monuments to highly respected people like Queen Elizabeth 2 and Uncle Archie Roach, surely we are big enough for that.

    • Post-democracy. Crouch coined the term post-democracy in 2000 in his book “Coping with Post-Democracy”. It designates states that are conducted by fully operating democratic systems (elections are being held, governments fall and there is freedom of speech), but whose application is progressively limited. A small elite is making the tough decisions and co-opts the democratic institutions. Crouch developed the idea in an article called “Is there a liberalism beyond social democracy?” for the think tank Policy Network and in his subsequent book “The Strange Non-Death of Neo-Liberalism.” The term appeared to define a running evolution within democracies during the 21st century and is polemical because it calls attention to recognized democracies losing some of their foundations and evolving towards an aristocratic regime.
      Monarchy or Democracy, we are run by multi-national corporations, the new aristocratic regime.

      • The Greeks wrote about it 2,500 years ago. Masculine Republics devolve into Feminine Democracies devolve into Despotism. Happened every time they tried it and they warned us in their writings.

        • Karl Marx once said, “Hegel remarked somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce!”. We can not say we did not know, the farce is upon us.

  4. Eve activists are usually in their 20s or 30s
    If a referendum was to he held next month
    a Republic would be voted down and how ! Along
    With that dogmatic socialist at the helm of the
    Republic movement.. !! Incidentally Republics
    one would assume defend for themselves Eve ?
    It’s not a matter of if , but when we are conquered !
    not invaded ! they will be coming with no good
    Intentions..Eve you wont be running for the
    Hills because of sea level rises a “hoax ” this will
    Be for real ..!! And the absolute BS and panic
    This Climate change Nonsense , brainwashed our
    Youth and gullible adults into thinking the world
    Is going to end .. can’t believe it ..it might not happen in our lifetime Eve ..but this country will
    be conquered unfortunately and all the greens and
    Activists we will put you all on the frontline to protect the best country in the world because it was you so honourable along with Governments
    Who are Activists as well !!are responsible for the
    Disarmament of our defence’s.. if we were to defend this country as of tomorrow what has
    Australia got to defend us all .. ? This country and the world since the Second world War have never had it better !! The way you lot bitch and moan about a hoax ..the “boy that cried wolf ”
    Winter is coming peace in deterioration
    The world over what’s happening in Russia
    Be prepared..

  5. This land was ‘invaded’ simply because it was – & always will be the home-land of its first people. We arrived & took
    the “Country” over because the British Crown thought it would be a ‘fine investment’. That’s the crux of it, people.

    • Stefanie, this land is now and always will remain a shared land, the vast majority will not be returned to First Nations people, it’s up to us all to make it work better, if you are having such a difficult time accepting reality maybe you could consider returning whatever land you may or may not own to relieve your tortured soul.

    • The notion of owning land is so wrong. We are guests here on this planet. Guardianship is the word you are looking for. And how little we are a guardian of this beautiful world, would you not agree? Native or not, first people or last people, a common goal is to survive here. And in the face of what is happening in the world we will not succeed by greed and hatred and division.

  6. Hi Keith! My Native American background is worth more than a ‘sod’ of what’s still going on today. History shows the weakness
    in the telling. In OZ I’ve found access to treatment in this country – early newspapers’ stock photos – that have been passed-on
    to university input. Research is well remembered from way back in time. If the shoe fits we need to wear it. Reality is the ‘truth’.

    • A old persian saying states: if the shoe fits you forget about the shoe. Reality is formed by belief, which reinforces reality. ‘The Truth’ for most people is a timeless loop of dysfunctional patterns .


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