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All the way with DJT?

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Whian Whian public school kids are all in D-tension

The Whian Whian Public School whole school band, D-Tension, are preparing for their first gig of 2024 and it’s going to go off with a bang – or at least a flash of lantern light on Saturday in Lismore.

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Byron Open Mic at Yulli’s

Byron’s newest Open Mic afternoon is on every Sunday at Yulli’s on Carlyle St.  Yulli’s want to welcome all acoustic musicians and singer/songwriters to come on down and showcase their talent.

Police make arrest over Wallum protests

Save Wallum protectors, a NSW MLC and a retired magistrate have questioned the use of police resources after those supporting efforts to save rare ecological heathland in Brunswick Heads from urban development were contacted by Tweed-Byron Police Detectives.

Max to the Max

As a young man who grew up in the Byron Shire, Max McAuley discovered his talent for dance and performance at an early age. When his parents saw him playing music videos over and over again and copying the choreography, they decided it was time to enrol him in formal dance lessons.

Contradicted council

Local government elections are scheduled for 14 September 2024 and ‘Team Cadwallader’ of Ballina Shire Council have scored an...

Exciting live act

One of Australia’s hottest slide guitarists, Adam Hole is one of the most exciting live acts on the circuit today.

Broken Head Quarry development plan rears its head once again

Long-dormant plans to turn the former Broken Head Quarry site into a residential development have lumbered out of the bush like a bewildered dinosaur.

Donald melting down. Cloudcatcher Media.

With the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States now a convicted felon, what does it mean for Australia if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

If the United States of America becomes an ultra right wing dictatorship, abandoning its last pretense of democracy, what does that mean for its military allies? And if the US abandons the rule of law as a central principle, what does that mean for international jurisprudence?

Australia has followed America through many dark twists and turns since our Prime Minister John Curtin officially switched allegiance to the US in 1941, ‘free of any pangs as to our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom.’

Now we face the very real prospect of being allied with a country led by a sociopath and narcissist who lies every time he opens his mouth, has no coherent policy platform, and whose main motive for entering political office appears to be to keep himself out of prison. This time around there will be no voices of reason to control him, with the prospect of yes men and women filling staff and public service ranks from top to bottom, and promises to be delivered to the most extreme special interest groups in the country.

The Republic of Gilead, here we come.

PM Anthony Albanese responded to the news of Donald Trump’s latest conviction by saying it would be inappropriate for him to comment on international legal matters (not something which has stopped him before), while Peter Dutton said the verdict would further divide America.

Senator Matt Canavan. Twitter.


Others in Coalition ranks went further, with coal-mining cosplayer and Nationals senator Matt Canavan saying the verdict would solidify Trump’s stature as ‘a martyr to his cause’ (whatever that might be).

Later he said, ‘Let’s hope our judicial system is never politically weaponised like this,’ without providing any evidence to justify this redistribution of another Trump lie.

In fact the New York trial proved conclusively that Donald Trump was the author of his own misfortune, having used campaign finances to hide a damaging relationship long enough for him to win the 2016 election.

Trump-appointed judges at various levels are currently doing their utmost to prevent their master facing three other (much more serious) trials until after the November election, when the rule of law will be replaced by the rule of Don, if the Republicans win, or the country will slide towards another state of chaos, perhaps civil war, if he loses.

Beyond demonising immigrants, and getting closer to authoritarian despots, how a prospective President Donald Trump’s foreign policy might play out is a mystery. He has made noises about retreating from international treaties and organisations. We know that it took two and a half years for him to get round to appointing an ambassador to Australia last time, finally choosing legal mate Arthur Culvahouse, presumably for services rendered. Caroline Kennedy has been a much more active diplomatic representative.

On the Australian side, former PM Kevin Rudd is still our ambassador in Washington, and is on the record as saying Donald Trump was the most destructive president in American history and a ‘traitor to the west.’ In response, Trump warned in gangster style that any ambassador holding such views ‘would not last long’ if he was re-elected.

What next?

Donald Trump doesn’t accept the science of climate change, and likes to say ‘drill baby drill’ at every opportunity, but the fact is that under President Joe Biden the United States is already extracting more oil and gas than at any point in history. That doesn’t mean things can’t get any worse, however.

What we know of Trump is that he doesn’t like to be challenged, in any way, on anything. Those few brave people in his own party who have attempted to stand up to him know exactly what being cancelled actually means. More than ever before, Australia and other international allies will be expected to go along with whatever madness the Americans come up with.

Donald Trump with Scott Morrison in 2019. Public domain photo by Shealah Craighead.

For former Australian PM and now defence consultant/evangelical author Scott Morrison however, the prospect of President Trump the sequel is just peachy, notwithstanding the incompatibility of everything we know about this man with the tenets of Christianity.

As the legal mire surrounding his old mate deepened last month, ScoMo suggested that the problem lay with the American justice system, which ‘risked damaging its reputation’ as it pursued the many crimes of Donald Trump. The risks to American and international law presented by another Trump presidency are apparently of no concern at all. Morrison described the response of those who thought otherwise as ‘baseless hyperventilating’.

The main thing was that ScoMo’s own awful baby, AUKUS, would be ok, as Donald Trump assured him when they spoke recently. And so Australia remains leg shackled to the crazy, dysfunctional United States, for better or worse.

David Lowe
David Lowe. Photo Tree Faerie.

Originally from Canberra, David Lowe is an award-winning film-maker, writer and photographer with particular interests in the environment and politics. He’s known for his campaigning work with Cloudcatcher Media.

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  1. Russia or China could not have done better to silence it’s political opponent.. going to Jail
    For a book keeping Error. Only in America
    Those Clinton’s seemed to avoid Jail time
    For far worse.. David let’s be frank here
    This Current President has been by far the worst
    In History..the Economy is gone ..Crime out of Control..14 million have walked accross the
    Southern border..rapists, murderer’s, terrorists
    They would not have a clue who is coming in ..
    Citizens kicked out of social housing to accommodate these people..forcefully taking jobs
    Causeing havoc..now this is not just some conspiracy it’s real ..Democrats are Done
    As my mate in California has stated who votes for them..he has confirmed you won’t see this on CNN
    or other Far left media outlet’s..but the support
    For Trump will be in the Majority he said..Americans are not Stupid David ..they see
    What this Administration is trying to do to Trump .
    As for the Judge ..same Judge who has presided
    Over all of Trumps charges..was not even on the panel of 24 judges to be picked ..hand picked by
    Biden..has donated to Biden along with his Daughter..sounds impartial ? The last election
    The Black American’s vote was 14% for Trump
    It has Doubled..especially in NY why would that be david ?

    • Mr Barrow, it’s impossible to imagine how someone capable of using a computer could use it to write sooo much utter bull, even you. “A book keeping error” seriously, 38 similar “book keeping” errors?????; if humpty Trumpty manages to avoid jail time here he will be the luckiest person in the US. He insulted and incited violence against, the witnesses, the jury, the justice system, the Judge, the judges family, he ignored multiple gag orders, and showed no remorse whatsoever. Full credit must be given to the American justice system for finally bringing this psychopathic gutter-mouthed lowlife of a criminal to justice. And happily the best is still to come, when the more serious charges of inciting an insurrection, stealing classified material and election tampering finally make it to trial. One can be reasonably confident that this pitiful insult to the human race is going to be spending the rest of his miserable corrupt life in the slammer.

      • Keith you may be slightly up to speed on Australian Politics..your can do no wrong
        Labor party are a rable ..how is it remotely possible Giles has not been sacked is
        Concerning to the voters …by the way
        Keith in the upcoming election are the labor
        Party going to accept the greens
        Preferences? What a disgrace that party is
        It’s anti Semitic views.. some of the language
        Is barbaric…has not once denounced the
        October 7th killing of innocent Israelis..
        Happy to protest with the radical activists..
        And to think if it were not for the greens
        Labor are not governing..how can labor align themselves with this party Keith ? Know this
        If the coalition were at this stage aligned
        With the greens the ABC and others would be going into meltdown ..lastly Keith you are clueless on American politics…

  2. ” if the US abandons the rule of law “? I think that, must be considered an historical fact and repeatedly demonstrated by every government there, at least since 1945.
    -In the early 50’s the CIA trained 12,000 in Burma to raid China.
    -The CIA trained Guatemalan rebels in Honduras to over-throw the Jacobo Arbenz government.1954
    -Paramilitary experts and air support were supplied by America in an attempt to overthrow the Sukarno government in Sumatra, 1958
    1961 ‘1,500 Miami trained rebels were landed at The Bay of Pigs to over-throw the legitimate government of Cuba.
    There has been, Meo tribes men 1962,the Nung mercenaries, the Peruvian regiment, Congo mercenaries, the Cambodian Coup, the Kurds, Angola, Afghan Mujahedin, the Salvadoran Death squads, Nicaraguan Contras and the Haitian and Venezuelan coup….and I haven’t even mentioned the Vietnam, Cambodian, or recent “Shock and Awe” Iraq and Afghan “pre-emptive ” invasions and at this instant the genocide of Gaza , all committed by our beloved Uncle SAM, so I’m confused as to what “rule of law ” you think they have ever abided by.
    Cheers, G”)

  3. The Great Derangement and delusions regarding our collective denial of individual actions against fossil fuels consumption, is continuing to groom ourselves psychologically against many manner of other ugly truths, leading us to the likely and apparently imminent collapse of democracy itself.

  4. Oh David how Lowe can you go
    Did you get all your information from the fake news form the American press
    If not where did you do your research Try utube and see for yourself what the real truth is or do you think this is fake news
    I notice the above comments that these people know more than you

      • And where do you get your reliable infallible news and analysis and information from
        ah main news media what a joke

        • Qualified and peer reviewed sources depending on the topics.

          Generally from sources that operate within a fact-checking regime, media regulation and a code of ethics.

          It’s good to approach everything with a dose of scepticism, but if we don’t believe our eyes what do we rely on? What would you call the ample footage of the Jan 6 from a multitude of sources- a studio produced dramatic enactment? Much like the moon landing?

        • That was meant to be “the Jan 6 insurrection” – sorry.

          I don’t regard any source as infallible – I’m just intrigued by people who will automatically trust a source like YouTube when presented with a range of narratives.

  5. Trump just had a rally in Las Vegas, in the middle of a heatwave, google it, take a look and listen to it! He couldn’t string a sentence together. Early stage dementia, medical experts agree.
    Any mindless servile MAGA cult devotees, that could actually sit there in the audience, listening to the verbal diarrhoea coming out of Trumps mouth, are either more stupid than Trump, or just as corrupted. Apart from the incoherent rambling gibberish and the usual dibble about himself and the prosecution of his felonies and the litany of other pending criminal prosecutions, there’s never a real planned, costed policy for the USA, just rambling nonsense? Trump really only talks about himself!

    • Cult Devotees Tweed ..oh you mean the majority
      Of the voting American population that will more than likely Vote Trump ..Tweed you are another
      Who is consumed by Trump Derangement syndrome…incidentally biden administration is so concerned democracy..what a understatement

        • Like Russian Collusion Joachim
          How did that work out for the ABC ?
          Or for that matter..the Taxpayer’s ?
          inquiry after inquiry Zero evidence
          To suggest Russia were involved
          With the 2020 election..even the ABC
          Admitted this in the senate hearings
          Apologies to the Taxpayer’s Joachim?
          Hell no ..

      • And how many voted for similar fascist charlatans like Hitler and Mussolini?
        Just because some fast talking criminal with a completely corrupted media, can fool just enough gullible servile people into voting for them for just long enough to get elected is irrelevant.
        And Clinton got 3 million and Biden got 7 million more votes than this criminal Trump and you know it.
        All the Republican party has, is a corrupted electoral college system and the ability to legislate to prevent millions of people from voting on a Tuesday.
        “Stick that in your Barrow and wheel it to reality!”

    • Tweed what have you installed for the
      American population or the echo when Trump
      Is Voted in ? More derangement syndrome ?
      I could not give shit if Trump is Voted in ..
      Just sitting back and watching and taking in
      Comments like yours is pure entertainment..

  6. “Ken” forgot to mention the Henry Kissinger-CIA led coup of Democratically elected President Allende of Chile. Which led to his death in the presidential palace Bombed by US built combat jets. And the deaths and disappearance of thousands of civilians.

  7. Donald Trump, a much better alternative to the current fumbling, bumbling, geriatric whom can’t string a sensible sentence together. Can someone tell me how much better the US economy, employment, interest rates, fuel prices, mortgage rates are so much better than when Donald Trump was President. Come on, make a fool of yourselves.

    • Agree Greg ..i mean how had is it to get a Visa
      To the US ..? Yet 14 million cross the southern border “Texas ” what Visa !


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