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January 29, 2021

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It’s legal to grow and distribute – but only by the anointed

Byron based medicinal cannabis producer is sending cannabis to Germany in a breakthrough $92m deal yet the humble plant remains illegal for locals and continues to put people behind bars.

Other News

Byron Shire’s community awards – January 25

Zenith Virago was named the 2021 Byron Shire Citizen of the Year at an awards ceremony held in Byron Bay last night.

A short history of our rail corridor debate

The debate over our disused rail corridor has long gone stale. It is acrimonious, ideological, and exhibits a strong tendency to avoid key points.

GetUp! wants to know what you think about losing your papers

Many parts of Australia, in particular, some rural and remote areas were stunned by the closure of their local print newspaper last winter.

Endangered market

Marie Sherd Mullumbimby We’re in danger of losing the charming monthly Mullum Market. Please don’t let this happen. It’s such a...

Fellow Second Peoples, the work of justice and reconciliation is ours

It’s not just up to Indigenous people to bear the load of communicating the truth of our history and seeking justice around this day.

Cr Darlene Cook: more to Lismore City Council than roads, rates and rubbish

In the first of a series about those who are putting their hats in the ring to be the next mayor of Lismore, Cr Darlene Cook talks about the issues close to her heart, for the city at the heart of the Northern Rivers.

September 25, 2019

Issue 34.16

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In this Issue:

Interview with Claire Anne Taylor

Claire Anne Taylor Mullum Music Festival  |  14-17 Nov Claire Anne Taylor is a force of nature.  Born in Tasmania’s ancient Tarkine rainforest into her father’s hands in the family barn, her music comes growling from the floorboards, right into the centre...


Locals enriched by exploration of wide, wild world

As much as possible, Northern Rivers filmmakers are included in the BBFF programme, invited to talk about their work, share screenings with their friends and family, and welcomed to the rich and fertile networking events that occur over the 10 days.



Fast Bucks, Coorabell There’s been some local public discussion about ‘precedent’ mainly in relation to the maximum permitted height of buildings. But also in relation to the number of cabins permitted on certain types of land. Most of the discussion is...


Shelley Davidow’s novel looks at betrayed women in Byron Bay

Queensland author and academic, Shelley Davidow’s latest novel High Infidelity, tracks the fortunes and re-emergence of Lara, runaway English wife, as she rediscovers herself in Byron Bay.


Interview with Matt Okine

Matt Okine, Nick Cody & Dan Willis Mullum Ex-Services  |  Friday 4 October  |  8pm  |  $25/30 When I first met Matt Okine he was doing open mic’s. That’s a beginner comic’s life. In the 10 or more years since I...


Tallow Creek changes

Leon Norman, Suffolk Park As a resident adjoining the Arakwal National Park, I have been able to observe the changes to the Tallows Creek floodplain. We experienced two, three month floods right up to the permitted 2.200 metre maximum level, in...


Commendable mayor

L Andrews, Lennox Head While Mayor Richardson’s plan to reduce energy is commendable, has he considered the safety aspect of his proposal to turn off streetlights in Byron? In a town with few footpaths and plenty of potholes, residents walking...


Tourist value

Neil Matterson, Byron Bay Much has been written about tourists. Their supposed value, their supposed burden on the local community along with the supposed need for them into the future. The one that bothers me the most is their burden,...


Interview with Tora

Tora – Can't Buy The Mood Tour Hotel Great Northern  |  Friday  |  7pm  |  $33.55 This region is renowned for some very creative people. Tora are a band created by kids from Shearwater back in 2013 – years later that...


Culture in the ByronShire for the Week Beginning 25 September 2019

The 20th Lavazza Italian Film Festival Palace Byron Bay  |  26 Sept–13 Oct The 20th Lavazza Italian Film Festival celebrates Italian cinema and filmmakers at their very best. With a programme featuring 26 of the best new Italian films from the past...



Alison Nankivell, Suffolk Park I must say Byron Bay, that I’m heartbroken. Oh, for all your pride on being creative, unique, self expressive, individual and progressive, to see my favourite beautiful sculpture torn down and fed to the dirt, shattered me....


Kids today

Stephen McIllhatton, Skennars Head Last Friday morning I was driving north and passed the Byron Bay off ramp (eastern side) and witnessed cars at a standstill, both lanes, and all the way back to Tyagarah. Most vehicles had only one...


Bypass angst

Cr Basil Cameron, Goonengerry The bypass angst shows how poorly supported we are by the NSW Government on transport infrastructure. State coffers were opened only if it was spent on a bypass despite community advocacy for projects with widespread and more...



Alan Dickens, Brunswick Heads Duncan Dey’s statement in the article Cleaning up Mullumbimby (Echo September 18) bemuses me. The conversation on inflow/ infiltration has been going on for twenty-five years. For Mr Dey to now come out with the statement...


Since life began

Gary Opit, Brunswick Heads Warren Kennedy is perfectly correct when he writes that large numbers of species have gone extinct since life began on this planet and that we should always try to minimise our effect on other species. Scientists...


Live Music in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning 25...

Live Music in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning 25 September 2019


Cinema: Ad Astra

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6AaSMfXHbA Ad Astra is a science-fiction epic by director, James Gray. The story follows a stoic astronaut, Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who is sent to Neptune to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones), who has been missing for 30 years...


Interview with Brett Haylock of the Brunswick Picture House

Cheeky Cabaret Brunswick Picture House  |  Friday and Saturday  |   7pm  |  $35/40/45 For more than three and a half years the Byron Shire has had the privilege of experiencing the world class cabaret of La Soiree via Cheeky Cabaret. When Chris...


Byron rises to demand climate action

‘Because the science tells us that in fact emissions are rising,’ called out organiser Mia Thom to the unprecedented crowd at the Byron Bay Student Strike 4 Climate last Friday morning.


Community Engagement Officer

Len Bates, Mullumbimby Our council has made many attempts with strategies to involve the community in their decision-making process. But when it comes to the bottom line very few people actually get involved and often the same committed ones. The council...


A little Hairspray and diversity holds us all together

Just about everybody loves the musical Hairspray and last weekend a packed Byron Theatre saw the Bright Lights Performance School perform Hairspray Jr, a show that celebrates diversity and delivers a positive message with a sense of humour.


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Mullum is the Bomb

There’s nothing like a bomb to put you on the map. We’re gonna have to change our sign from ‘Biggest Little Town in Australia’ to ‘Biggest Little Terrorist Threat in Australia.’


Photographers focus on Bruns icons

Twenty-six awesome photos were recognised in an award ceremony on Sunday as photographers in the annual Simple Pleasures Photo Competition waited to see who was the big winner.


Great action

Ri Fraser, Ocean Shores It was great to be at the massive Climate Action Strike in Byron, and especially gratifying that I didn’t have to avert my eyes from the disco bling. Thank you Council for removing it. So now,...


Cartoon of the week – 25 September 2019

Letters to the editor We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors. The deadline for the Byron Echo newspaper is noon Friday and letters longer...


Rail trail debate

Geoff Meers, Suffolk Park It was good to read David Lisle’s comprehensive and reasoned discussion of the history of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor....

No respect

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock Once again it’s that time of the year where we are meant to celebrate Australia day on 26 January. The day...

A window of trust

Baden Offord, Ocean Shores Wholeheartedly agree with Dave Rastovich’s spot-on letter regarding the value and benefit of The Echo, that it is a ‘trusted window’ (Letters,...

Conspiracy and pubs

Art Burroughes, Mullumbimby Regarding my article Conspiracy in the Pub becomes talking point (Echo, 20 January). How can we avoid falling foul of the growing tsunami of...