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January 28, 2021

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It’s legal to grow and distribute – but only by the anointed

Byron based medicinal cannabis producer is sending cannabis to Germany in a breakthrough $92m deal yet the humble plant remains illegal for locals and continues to put people behind bars.

Other News

Wollumbin track closure may be permanent

Paul Bibby The debate over whether it’s appropriate to climb Wollumbin – also known as Mt Warning – could ultimately...

A Vaccine Damages Payment Scheme is needed

This will be the year of the jab. And in from Byron Shire, that poses some interesting questions.

Lismore marks Invasion/Survival Day

Hundreds of First Nations people and supporters gathered at Lismore Environment Centre this morning to mark Invasion/Survival Day.

Natives planted along Bruns River to improve fish habitat

A fishing conservation charity says it has recently planted 360 native trees on the Brunswick River.

New look and feel for Echonetdaily readers

Every old Echonetdaily is renewed again – the face of our online presence has had a lift as we...

Interview with Laura Bloom

Writer Laura Bloom has just released The Women and The Girls her latest novel with Allen & Unwin. Set in the inner west of Sydney in the mid ‘70s the book details the story of three women who have left their husbands, taken their children (mainly girls) and set up a share house.

January 22, 2020

Issue 34.33

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In this Issue:

Avoid climate change become vegan

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA Australia People are deeply upset about what’s going on in Australia: kangaroos trapped in barbed-wire fencing while fleeing fires, cows and sheep being cooked alive, and an estimated one and a quarter billion or more animals now killed...


Returning the swipe

Tim Harrington, Lennox Head In response to Lindy Stacker’s letter, taking a swipe (January 8), without the benefit of deep breathing and chamomile tea, I am pleased to learn that an Echo contributor (Phillip Frazer) is ‘an educated jurno with a...


Gains of war

Fast Buck$, Coorabell I was in England in 1982 when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. It was announced in the press in a couple of paragraphs on page three, reflecting the fact that 99 per cent of Britons had never heard...


Climate and Aboriginal Input

Hayo van der Woude, Mullumbimby The fires have spawned media discussion about the ecology, and the intimate relationships between all plants and trees. We have here the oldest culture on the planet, managing a stable environment for 30,000 years. A most notable...


Climate Assembly trip Feb 1

With the People’s Climate Assembly coinciding with the opening of Australian Parliament for 2020, Extinction Rebellion Northern Rivers is organising two buses to travel to Canberra to take part.


Judaism not Zionism

John Scrivener, Main Arm Zionist Israel and its Likud leadership are not synonymous with Jewish identity. Indeed some of the staunchest critics of the Zionist regime are themselves Jewish. The self-described Jewish state treats its own religious Jews more harshly than...


Time for extinction?

Hannah Grace, Ocean Shores In some parts of the Sahara they only get about 12 to 13cm per year of rainfall but they have a lot of fog. A German experiment is going on where mesh vertical walls (like a heavy...


$1.3m in student scholarship funding for SAE

SAE Creative Media Institute has been awarded almost $1.4 million in Australian government funding to deliver 45 scholarships at its Byron Bay campus.


Theatre company welcomes NIDA teacher as director

The Mullumbimby Drill Hall Theatre Company is thrilled to announce actor/director and long-time NIDA teacher Liz Chance as their new artistic director. 


The next black gold? A lithium coup d’Etat

You’re all set to buy the latest iPhone or its Android equivalent, the last thing on your mind is the recent overthrow of Bolivia’s government. Why should it be?


Interview with Gretel Killeen

CWA presents Gretel Killeen Brew House Theatre, Byron Bay Brewery  |  Saturday 1 Feb  |  5pm and 7pm  |  Tix $30 Speak Up with Mandy Nolan & Gretel Killeen  |  Mullumbimby Ex-Services  |  Sunday 2 Feb, 9am–1pm  |  $150 Gretel Killeen has...


Culture in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning January 23,...

Culture in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning January 23, 2020


Scottie from marketing

David Gilet, Byron Bay I really cannot believe Tina Petroff’s letter on last weeks Echonetdaily. Is she wearing both blinkers and rose coloured glasses at the same time? We all knew you were a conservative Tina, but by showing support for...


Land prices remain steady, says NSW Valuer General

Land values for the north coast region have generally remained steady since July 1, 2018, says NSW acting Deputy Valuer General Paul Chudleigh. However, some specific local areas have continued to increase.


Pothole capital

Nick Mills, Eureka Yay, I just paid an $824 bill for one broken wheel, no doubt a subliminal message from my car saying ‘enough’ of the treacherous Springvale Road, Eureka which is bursting with eager and helpful potholes. RMS statistics say...


Repeal tax cuts and support fire hit communities

Jeremiah O’Toole, Mullumbimby I believe that the Federal government should make available, immediately, $12 billion to be allocated as follows: 1) $2b to immediately properly equip rural and regional fire brigades and to fully compensate the volunteers at the same rate...


Byron Bypass gets the green light from Dept of Environment

The construction of the Byron Bypass could recommence within days after the Federal Environment Department gave the project a conditional green light last week.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKCj3XuPG8M Bad Boys for Life – Movie Review See the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys for Life, the third film in the movie franchise, the first being released back in 1995 and the second in 2003. Mike...


Live Music in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning January...

Live Music in the Byron Shire for the Week Beginning January 23, 2020


Dear James

Bernard Hinchcliffe, Mullumbimby Thank you for supporting acknowledgement of climate change. Your father is all about bums on seats. An example of this is Sky News. He signs up living entities who have a large following. An example would be Paul...


Shower with a stranger…

Andrew Hall, Ocean Shores Back in the sixties the slogan was ‘save water, shower with a friend’. Now, in the drought-hit tourist town of Byron Bay, it should perhaps be ‘save water, shower with a stranger’.


Interview With James McMillan, Director of the Byron Surf Festival

Byron Bay Surf Festival Byron Brewery  |  14–16 Feb James McMillan is the Festival Director of the Byron Surf Festival. Now in its tenth year, the festival has paddled out to the Byron Brewery. The Echo spoke with James about what’s...


Kool-Aid conspiracy

Paul Jones, Butler Street Community Network Further to the Paul Spooner Kool-Aid conspiracy (letters December 24, 2019), I don’t think the said cordial can be so easily dismissed as untainted, as he might suggest. Paul himself did make an effort to overcome...


The price of profit…

Diane Hart, Mullumbimby In the same week when German company Siemens has approved its deal with Adani, I have just finished reading the heartbreaking memoir by my friends Freda Widawski and Adele Abraham which recounts the harrowing treatment of their Polish...


Hurry up SloMo

Eleanor Ashworth, Lennox Head With the tragic bush fire events and the unfolding ecological disaster I hope climate change deniers can finally lose the cuddly rug of denial and face up and stand up to the reality and consequences of anthropogenic...


Rail trail debate

Geoff Meers, Suffolk Park It was good to read David Lisle’s comprehensive and reasoned discussion of the history of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor....

No respect

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock Once again it’s that time of the year where we are meant to celebrate Australia day on 26 January. The day...

A window of trust

Baden Offord, Ocean Shores Wholeheartedly agree with Dave Rastovich’s spot-on letter regarding the value and benefit of The Echo, that it is a ‘trusted window’ (Letters,...

Conspiracy and pubs

Art Burroughes, Mullumbimby Regarding my article Conspiracy in the Pub becomes talking point (Echo, 20 January). How can we avoid falling foul of the growing tsunami of...