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January 28, 2021

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It’s legal to grow and distribute – but only by the anointed

Byron based medicinal cannabis producer is sending cannabis to Germany in a breakthrough $92m deal yet the humble plant remains illegal for locals and continues to put people behind bars.

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Good advertising

Carole Gamble, Mullumbimby Creek The advertisement inside this week’s Echo and is now circulating throughout our region 'If you are tired...

Koala advocate is Tweed Citizen of the Year

Murwillumbah local Jenny Hayes was named the 2020 Tweed Shire Citizen of the Year at Tuesday’s Australia Day Awards...

What to do with no booze at your party

Eve Jeffery It’s almost human nature, certainly Australian nature, to celebrate with a drink. Nothing says wetting the baby’s head...

GetUp! wants to know what you think about losing your papers

Many parts of Australia, in particular, some rural and remote areas were stunned by the closure of their local print newspaper last winter.

A short history of our rail corridor debate

The debate over our disused rail corridor has long gone stale. It is acrimonious, ideological, and exhibits a strong tendency to avoid key points.

Lismore police pursuit ends in charges

Police say a man has been charged over alleged pursuits and a crash overnight.

July 29, 2020

Issue 35.07

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In this Issue:

Nicole Kidman to shoot TV production in Shire

Byron Bay is set to become the set of a new production when the shooting of the television series, Nine Perfect Strangers, comes to town.



Greg Davies, Byron Bay – A way out of depression Find one thing to be thankful for, a grateful heart has hope. Hope lets the light in, in the light there is truth. Truth brings freedom, freedom releases love. Love, in turn, inspires giving.


Ending the two state solution

John Scrivener, Main Arm Since coming to office, the Trump administration has obliged its Zionist sponsors by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, blessing Israel's annexation of occupied lands in...


‘Smart’ Water Meters

Anton Vanderbyl, Main Arm Given community concern over rising pollution levels from unnatural electro magnetic radiation like the 5G threat, something of which Council is well aware, it is disturbing to find our ‘sustainability' Council itself is to become a...


ABC cuts and comparisons

J Rose, Mullumbimby Lyle Clark (Letters, 22 July) sadly did not apprehend the very simple point of my letter (15 July) re so-called cuts to the ABC. A ‘cut’ means you now receive ‘less’ than you had before. Don Quixote-like, he tilted...


Investing in the future

Charles MacFarland, Ewingsdale The Echonetdaily Cartoon of the week – 1 July showing a real estate auction, where one couple say ‘Our eighth investment property!’ and a young couple with a baby complain ‘We can’t even buy our first home’. The message...


Salvaging culture through upcycling

A Plastic Free July event, held last Saturday in Mullum, saw a ‘Strong local interest in both learning how to upcycle waste fabric, as well as an appetite to buy locally handmade upcycled products’.


ABC funding and Foxtel handouts

Sue McLeod, Myocum Following comments made by Jim Rose, (Letters, 15 July), re ABC funding, how would he respond to this statement? ‘Coalition gives another $10m to Foxtel to boost women's sport on TV... Handout brings to $40m the amount Murdoch’s...


Conspiracy control

Rossco Phillips, Wanganui Gorge Asren Pugh’s letter of last week, in which he vilifies The Echo and the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) makes me wonder whether his ancestors were involved in the infamous ‘Book Burnings’ of past centuries when those who...


Editorial – Road funding announcement turns into a political dumpster fire

There was a terrific announcement of $2.28 million in road funding for some of Byron’s worst roads by two odd bedfellows last week – the non-elected local Nationals representative and the Greens mayor.


Belongil Creek entrance opened to reduce flooding

Earthmoving equipment was deployed to manually open the Belongil Creek mouth on July 25 after Council say they tried unsuccessfully the previous day to scrape the sandbank back to the water level.


Youth tackle eco-anxiety in new production

The conversation for young people has moved on from ‘Is climate change real?’ or ‘How do we slow or stop the impacts of climate change?’, to ‘How do we adapt?’.


Yet another coalition scandal

Keith Duncan, Pimlico Another coalition government, another pork-barrelling scandal, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. This time Gladys Berejiklian and accomplice, pork-barrelling supremo John (pork) Barilaro, are being accused of allocating the vast majority of $250 million in the ‘Stronger Communities Program’ designed...


What’s in a Word? On the ends and means of socialism

Words are vague entities, having different meanings for different people. Humour utilises this ambiguity, as in the undertaker who had to rehearse her job. This becomes pernicious, however, in political discourse.


Small business loans and mentoring on offer

Micro, or small business loans, and mentoring programs have been highly successful in many third-world countries, and now they are going to be available in the Northern Rivers.


Voice, treaty, truth and The Uluru Statement

It is now over three years since the federal government was presented – and rejected – The Uluru Statement from the Heart.


Drug reform

Dave Lisle, Goonengerry It was encouraging to read in last week’s Echonetdaily that Australians want drug law reform not more drug war. Equally disheartening was the news that the NSW Labor opposition will not deviate from the current law and order...


Battle to save the Pilliga from CSG in its final hour…

The Independent Planning Commission for the NSW government, who will make the final decision on the Narrabri Gas Field development, have heard hundreds of concerns over the last week about the plans to drill 850 coal seam gas wells in and around the Pilliga State Forest in the northwest of NSW.


Bruns homelessness train…

Maggie Borger, Byron Bay I was sad to hear that homeless people have been moved on from Brunswick Heads – where can they go? Bruns at least had toilets and water on tap – very necessary for those sleeping rough. I have...


Time to retreat?

Neil Matterson, Byron Bay So when is enough, enough? I am referring to the efforts and cost of mitigation of coastal erosion. Especially when it impacts on the built environment. A number of houses on the NSW coast over the last week...


CSG in Narrabri – last chance to make a submission

Brigid Beckett, Wyrallah I wish to alert readers to the proposed gas project by Santos at Narrabri. This is possibly going under the radar during this time of COVID-19. However, it is a vitally important issue in determining Australia's response to climate...


Hey – you new lot…

Andrew Hall, Ocean Shores Oi, you new chums, refos from the cities, new residents and local crazies who are filling the Shire; please pay attention. Mullumbimby is special, and is getting crowded. We need to maintain its special ambience and I want...


Here we go again in Ewingsdale

Paul Leitch, Ewingsdale There is yet another proposal to establish a retirement village on rural land at Ewingsdale. The previous proposal was sensibly rejected as being an inappropriate use of the land, and to preserve the current R5 zoning for Ewingsdale...


Cartoon of the week – 29 July, 2020

Letters to the editor We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors. The deadline for the Byron Echo newspaper is noon Friday and letters longer...


Arts and Entertainment for Byron Shire in the Week Beginning 28...

Arts and Entertainment for Byron Shire in the Week Beginning 28 July, 2020


Rail trail debate

Geoff Meers, Suffolk Park It was good to read David Lisle’s comprehensive and reasoned discussion of the history of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor....

No respect

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock Once again it’s that time of the year where we are meant to celebrate Australia day on 26 January. The day...

A window of trust

Baden Offord, Ocean Shores Wholeheartedly agree with Dave Rastovich’s spot-on letter regarding the value and benefit of The Echo, that it is a ‘trusted window’ (Letters,...

Conspiracy and pubs

Art Burroughes, Mullumbimby Regarding my article Conspiracy in the Pub becomes talking point (Echo, 20 January). How can we avoid falling foul of the growing tsunami of...