22.1 C
Byron Shire
May 14, 2021

Latest News

Power outage in Byron Shire

Power supply company Essential Energy says that approximately 1,780 homes and businesses were without supply this morning.

Other News

Filming of Byron Baes begins with no indigenous consultation

Filming of the Netflix series Byron Baes has reportedly commenced without any effort made by the show's production company – Eureka Productions – to consult with local indigenous groups or the local Council.

Locavores out and about

The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so is the barbeque… or picnic, at this...

Exotic and hybrid

Dailan Pugh, Byron Bay I was shocked to see the abundant exotic and hybrid plantings at Byron’s new bus interchange. As...

Father and son win first sailing race

Sixteen boats competed in the Tweed Valley Sailing Club’s race day earlier this month in a 10-12 knot breeze that suited newcomers to the sport well.

A confusion of letters in Ocean Shores

Apparently, there is another Ocean Shores in another part of the world, and they have deer…

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning May 12

Check out what's on going the Byron Shire and surrounding area this week

January 13, 2021

Issue 35.31

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In this Issue:

A short history of our rail corridor debate

The debate over our disused rail corridor has long gone stale. It is acrimonious, ideological, and exhibits a strong tendency to avoid key points.


Bias confirmed

Richard Hil, Former Convenor, Ngara ‘Turning Points Talks’ is the new Mullumbimby Politics in the Pub. It’s important to note that this has nothing to do with the previous iteration, organised by the Ngara Institute. While public presentations are a vital tool...


Pothole fantasia

Venkat Subramanya, Suffolk Park Three to four years ago there was a huge outcry about potholes and state of roads in Byron Shire similar to what Mr Richard Hil is alluding to (Echo, January 6). At the time, a spokesperson for Council...


US blues

Mick Stacey, Ballina It’s amazing how a country that uses the phrase ‘In God We Trust’, yet arms itself to the teeth and bombs its way around the world, thrusting their so-called ‘democracy’ on sovereign nations, holds the world to ransom...


Just Capitol

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock After we saw the latest outcome of Trump’s politics, ending with storming the Capitol in Washington, I hope Australia is learning from this. I hope Australia will move united to stop our government wasting taxpayers’ money, no,...


Response to Richard Hill (Palm Avenue)

Rebecca Ingram, Wilsons Creek Interesting that its always people who have just moved here that come up with magical solutions for fixing the shire’s roads (or just their own road), and that somehow the wealth within The Shire is, or could...


Rabbit holes distract from truth seeking

There I was last week, reading the latest Echo, nodding in agreement with Phillip Frazer, smiling at Mandy’s column, shaking my head over the weird Trump equals Julius Caesar article, when I was suddenly brought to a halt by page 10.


Ad hoc Butler St rail crossing

David Morris, Byron Bay I‘m sure that the trials that the Butler Street bypass and the transit station will inflict on the local neighbourhood are far from over. Of course, those trials were already outlined (and ignored) in the futile submissions we...


Justice for Assange

John Scrivener, Main Arm The litany of abuse and ill treatment of Assange: the arbitrary detention and deprivation of liberty, the social isolation and solitary confinement, the character assassination and vilification, the psychological torture and gross injustice. This has been inflicted...


Heart’s a flutter

J Rose, Mullumbimby I’ve just thought – is the Qld premier really just a coy lover, playing hard to get, and we, and the Qld public service, have been too insensitive to notice? Could it be that ‘shut the door!’ is...


Trump loves his deplorables, and betrays them

In 2016 Hillary Clinton described Trump’s rougher followers as ‘deplorables’ – the ones who were openly racist, misogynist, and hostile towards new social/cultural trends, like uppity women, or foreigners.


Let’s all trust the government and get vaxed! 

Australia is following the UK and US in rolling out COVID-19 vaccines. Given the enormity of the program, and its wide ranging implications, let’s dig a little into what vaccines are being fast tracked, and how it will roll out.


Crooked Donald & Co

Keith Duncan, Pimlico American patriots are celebrating an historic victory with the Democrats’ stunning win of both seats in the Georgia Senate election. We can only imagine how treasonous Trump supporters and the radical lunatic right are hurting right now; for...


Sky terror

Kol Dimond, The Pocket Unless you have been walking around for the last couple of months with ear plugs in, you would have noticed the sound of terror in the sky. It’s a noise I hadn’t had in my bushland...


Byron woes & yays

Noah Yamore, Mullumbimby I attempt to be positive and optimistic most of the time, offering alternatives to our present situations. Even to the point of steering the conversation away from the covid gossip and the cynicism of establishment agendas. But I have...


Cartoon of the week – 13 January, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 13 January,...

Women Like Us is the comedy sensation created by stand ups, Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs. Realising they were an anomaly in their industry – kick arse comics, but middle aged women – they realised that it didn’t matter how good they were, they were always going to be behind the 8 ball in an industry that favours under 30’s and is dominated by blokes.


Interview with Alex Proyas

COVID-19 has taken a lot of things, but it’s given us a new event: The Bangalow Film Festival. Alongside some nostalgic screenings, a reimagining of the drive-in, and cutting edge films, the Festival offers a series of In Conversation events with prominent film practitioners.


Interview with Brendan Kelly

When I first met Mullumbimby-based artist, Brendan Kelly, he was trying his hand at stand up. Energetic, larger than life, with astute colourful depictions of everything from the mating behaviour of peacocks to the high drama of almost burning...


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Gross Estate

Last week, in Byron, a house that doesn’t yet exist sold for $60 million. A beachfront holiday house. A tidy little weekender. The buyer bought a drawing of the house that is yet to materialise. It’s not even a home. It’s for holidays. A holiday from what? Makes me want to puke. We should all be appalled. This sort of wealth should not be celebrated. It’s destroying us.


The big gardeners bringing the good goods to markets

Story & photo Melissa Butters Maree and Kenrick at Wiccawood supply certified organic vegetables, edible flowers and stunningly beautiful herb curry packs to the Mullumbimby markets. They enjoy creating a shared conversation around growing your own garden and have the...


The orgasmic chefs of the 21st Century

Eve Jeffery I used to know this chef many, many years ago – he was old school. He did his apprenticeship at William Angliss in Melbourne (he went on to be a teacher at the same institution), he wore a...


Starlight Festival COVID style a success

Created by Raym Richards in the Byron Surf club 25 years ago, the Starlight Festival is now run by his daughter Rosie Richards and the festival has flourished into an annual healing festival and expo.


Filming of Byron Baes begins with no indigenous consultation

Filming of the Netflix series Byron Baes has reportedly commenced without any effort made by the show's production company – Eureka Productions – to consult with local indigenous groups or the local Council.

Byron Comedy Festival launched with a laugh

At a hilarious sold-out launch of the Byron Comedy Festival, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki had the entire Byron Bay Surf Club giggling last night

School Strike for Climate next Friday

Next Friday from 10am Byron Shire students will be demanding political action on the climate emergency in what they and their supporters say is our present, future and reality. 

Diverse and resilient

Andrya Hart, The Channon After statements and actions by some Rous councillors, I am left wondering how many refusals to accept the democratic vote at their...