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Byron Shire
September 21, 2021

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10pm Monday – update of COVID venues of concern

The Northern NSW Local Health District has been notified of a number of venues of concern associated with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the region.

Other News

Strange strategy

The strategy applied by Byron Shire Council (BSC) since 2002 is bemusing at best. Firstly a position was created by...


Viruses are organisms at the edge of life and possess genes, evolve by natural selection, and reproduce by creating...

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Will COVID Lose the Government their Next Erection ?

We are hearing about long covid and the many complex health issues that people are facing, long after the virus has passed through their system. I knew about that, but what I didn’t know about was that men who get covid are six times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The Greens and Ballina Council

With the Greens announcing their intention to contest the Ballina Shire local government election to be held in December...

Byron’s vaccination level one of the lowest in NSW

The Byron Shire has one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination levels in the state, according to Federal Government figures, suggesting that a significant proportion of the community may be reluctant to get the jab.

New Nesbitt Park mountain bike skills course in Lismore

Though Lismore is currently in lockdown, the city has inaugurated a new sporting activity in Nesbitt Park that will make residents want to enjoy outdoors as soon as possible.

September 1, 2021

Byron Shire Echo issue 36.12 – September 1, 2021

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In this Issue:

A green attack

Keith Duncan, Pimlico There has recently been derogatory and spiteful attacks on the Labor Party by people claiming to be disillusioned ex-ALP members, who have joined the Greens or Independents; (there must be an election soon). Obviously sour grapes by people...


Return sacred sites

Jo Faith, Newtown Australians are fully aware that this continent was stolen from First Nations people approximately 230 years ago, despite white supremacist denials. Yet ongoing genocide can be witnessed by the rise of deaths in custody and the paramilitary...


Better than a poke in the eye

Better than a poke in the eye Thanks to recent rulings of the US Court of Appeals against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telstra should cut their losses and pick on some other small town for their 5G upgrade – keeping...


Louise supporting India, on the ground, with love

An emerging NGO in India, headed by Byron Shire resident Louise Harrison, is appealing for assistance after the tourism economy collapsed 16 months ago.


Tie it down!

Denise Nagorcka, Suffolk Park Builders and workers please tie down and cover your loads. The person who lost a 2.4m length of green timber on market morning did not kill anyone as the vehicle headed for Byron on Ewingsdale Road....


Promising future

Hayo van der Woude, Mullumbimby COVID incompetence and government stupidity is destroying society and accelerating the rich/poor divide. We need to take charge locally to save ourselves, as if state and federal governments are closed. Government and corporate spin in pursuit...


Hey Clive

Hey Clive, Stop moving your lips when Craig’s talking, it’s very distracting. Any early polling results in Coolum and Townsville yet for your new UAP, Clive? I imagine your generosity will be well-remembered and rewarded come the election. Hey...



Rod Murray, Ocean Shores Corrupt fake government. For the benefit of any Liberal or National Party voters. This week marks 1,000 days since the corrupt, shameful, fake government promised a National Integrity Commission, and we are still waiting.



Robert Podhajsky, Ocean Shores Did the Australian government have foresight of the things to come? The NBN roll out was cut back and scaled down to speed up completion in record time, imagine the COVID crisis without it being nearly finished? Did...


All in the eyes

Hannah Grace, Ocean Shores Because of corona, everyone now, male or female, is wearing a niqab. We all have to get used to reading everyone through our eyes.



Mick Wheeler, Mona The Premier down here has gone mad making all these completely confusing concessions for people who have had either one or two vaccinations. Really pathetic, treating people like uninformed idiots.


Kudos and Kruds

Andrea Darvill, Suffolk Park In a teeny tiny town in BC, Canada where I was living for a time, we have a community newsletter, and at the end there is a section called Kudos and Kruds. This past few months in...


Defibrillator fundraiser launched in Phil’s wake

A fundraiser has been established to buy three defibrillators for Byron Bay beaches, after local surfer, Phillip Jones, died after being pulled from the water on Thursday, August 26.


Northern Rivers–Queensland zone

Gwyn Hooper, Uki The weekend’s demonstration at the Queensland border shows the anger and frustration that is felt by people on both sides of the border. However, I think that a lot of the anger being directed at the Queensland government...


Just stop it!

Dan Reade, Ocean Shores If you’ve ever witnessed life in a large argumentative family, there will eventually be someone who will shout ‘Just stop it will you!?’ This is how many readers are feeling right now with the endless arguments relating...


Dear Mr Prime Minister,

It’s time to talk about the mask. Now, first off, thank you for reminding us that you are an Australian. You’d have to forgive us for not realising, given your waning presence over the past ten weeks.


Teaching your children well during lockdown

Students at all NSW government schools are currently learning from home in line with NSW Health advice. The use of online and hard copy work varies depending on which method the school prefers.


Olli Wisdom RIP

Kol Dimond, Main Arm There are great people; those that have a steel rod of determination, focus, drive and ambition to see something through to its conclusion. Most of us live good lives, we try to be fair and fun and...


Living on thin ice…

This Earth crisis, you could say, is capitalism’s final product. Built on a promise, that wealth would trickle down. At the geographical north pole, the sun rises and sets once a year. A timelessness exists and in this ineffable quiet you can hear a quickening trickle of a glacier melting pass by your feet.


Here to stay

Eric Bridgeman, Goonengerry I love my life too much to throw it all away Commonsense with science must be the order of one’s day Anti vaxs or anti vixs or anti vuxs Quite frankly I don’t give a fuck About big brother nor Q-anon And such...


Local tour economy wiped out

Local tour operators have spoken publicly about the impacts of the pandemic on their businesses, including how plunging patronage has impacted their ability to employ casual staff.


Ballina MP Q&A on the govt’s response on COVID-19

What are your thoughts on the September 10 lockdown date and return to school plan? Do you think it will be extended again, given that across the globe, cases are rising within vaccinated populations?


Cartoon of the week – 1 September, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Price Check on Kindness

I have a friend who is a supervisor in a store that belongs to one of the big supermarket chains. She’s had a corporate career and these days enjoys a pretty cruisy role as a store supervisor. Well cruisy pre-pandemic. These days she’s a frontline worker in a war zone. The other day she went home and wept. That’s not something she ever does. It’s a covid cry. She says ‘people are screaming at me from both sides’. 


Brunswick Seed Oysters

Noel Baggaley has run his Brunswick Seed Oysters operation for over 40 years. He has seen many events affect his product, from the ’98 truck collision that spilled into the Bruns River, through to floods and then bumper seasons....


A new COVID-19 case flies into the Far North Coast

The Northern NSW Local Health District has confirmed that there is a new case of COVID-19 in Northern NSW today, and they will be included in NSW Health’s official reporting tomorrow.

Found – Have you seen Steve? Missing person

Mullumbimby man Steve Mustchin went missing at 11am this morning from Byron Bay Hospital and his family are asking locals to keep an eye out for him.

Images released of men who robbed the Byron Bowlo

Detectives investigating the armed robbery of a licensed premises in Byron Bay earlier this year, have released CCTV images and are appealing for public information that may assist their inquiries.

New Nesbitt Park mountain bike skills course in Lismore

Though Lismore is currently in lockdown, the city has inaugurated a new sporting activity in Nesbitt Park that will make residents want to enjoy outdoors as soon as possible.