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September 21, 2021

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10pm Monday – update of COVID venues of concern

The Northern NSW Local Health District has been notified of a number of venues of concern associated with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the region.

Other News

Update: Abandoned vessel, Burleigh Heads – owner found

Police are seeking urgent public assistance to help identify and locate the owner of a seemingly abandoned vessel.

Lismore’s plateau Lizard will sleep no more

The last time the Lismore Mayor and Councillor met in the Goonellabah chambers, there was a historic decision to hand back culturally sensitive land to the local Indigenous people. In a sequel to the fate of the Lismore plateau, traditionally known as the Sleeping Lizard, the outcome was a little differen

Wearing drink bottles on your bum to save rainforests

Undies entrepreneur Brendan Lo doesn’t see himself as a smart arse, but his take on some old bit of wisdom is a bit cheeky.

Cartoon of the week – 15 September, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.

Vaccination by the mob for the mob at Tweed – No appointment needed

The local mob has come together to ensure that vaccination is available for any of the mob in the Northern Rivers who wants to get vaccinated.

Thank you Mayor Lyon

Thank you, Mayor Lyon for highlighting the risks in having visiting film crew, real estate speculators and the like...

August 25, 2021

Byron Shire Echo issue 36.11 – August 25, 2021

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In this Issue:

The trials of Julian Assange

Frank Ball, Tweed Heads The debacle taking place in Afghanistan after 20 years of war shows that the attempt to bring ‘western type’ democracy to the country was an abject failure. The actions of the major occupying power, America, were exposed...


Housing crisis

David Fryer, East Lismore I hear all the problems, eg; lack of government/ council money or infrastructure/ available vacant/ accommodation land. However, my mother-in-law had to go into respite care, so I purchased her house site in Goonellabah. To maximise the value...


Total mismanagement

Why were the Northern Beaches shut down so quickly, and yet Bondi remained open? Why so slow off the mark compared to other countries to get a variety of vaccines? Why can it still take hours to get a...



Graeme Goedde, Byron Bay I have some questions. If the vaccine protects you against the Sars-Cov-2 virus,why are the vaccinated people so scared of the non-vaccinated people? . Whose choice is it to have medical treatment? The person who possibly needs it?...



Ronald Priestly, Main Arm The Guardian (18 August) said Afghanistan cost the West two trillion US dollars. With a population of 40 million that is, in USD $50,000 for every person, or $200,000 for, say, a family of four. That...


Total mismanagement

Richard White, East Ballina Why were the Northern Beaches shut down so quickly, and yet Bondi remained open? Why so slow off the mark compared to other countries to get a variety of vaccines? Why can it still take hours...


Antivax and the oligarchy

Alan Watterson, Hastings Point Oligarchy to kill 90 per cent? This is a person (Letter by Noah Yamore) is obviously in despair. Like so many others in Byron Shire he appears to feel downtrodden and set upon by ‘the powers that...


The quiet Australians

Sue McLeod, Myocum I agree that we should avoid anger and abuse in discussions of climate change, COVID protection and racism. A violent protest, for example, will only alienate the public. Yet I find it hard to commit to the...


Hospitals full – unvaccinated by choice

Dr Ian Kingston, GP Mullumbimby Here is an extract from a regular medical journal, UNIVADIS Medscape, Family Medicine, that I receive. ‘The US is averaging about 124,000 new COVID-19 cases a day and the hospitals are once again filled with COVID-19 patients,...


Nyck Jeanes stood down as BayFM President

BayFM have replaced its president Nyck Jeanes, after what Station Manager, Philip Shine, says was confusion around Mr Jeanes’s personal views, and those of the station.


Barbed wire ban tabled for Byron Shire Council this week

Should Byron Council remove all barbed wire from its land and encourage other local landowners to do the same, in order to protect native wildlife?


News’ helicopters

T Sharples, Tweed Heads I woke early this morning (yet again) to the thumping sound of News’ helicopters taking shots of the traffic chaos building up to entertain Queenslanders tonight. They love watching it, but they sure wouldn’t like living...


Effluent flows

Alan Dickens, Brunswick Heads The wetland at West Byron Sewage Treatment Plant is an essential part of the sewage treatment process. The wetland is the tertiary part of the treatment process, this is known as the polishing process. The original wetland...


Destroying alternative medicine?

Narada Vantari, Myocum Like many locals in this community known for its alternative lifestyles, I have put a lot of time and energy into looking after my own health rather than abnegating responsibility to the allopathic medical establishment, with its...


Will petty politics really bring us down?

Twenty years after the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and ten years after the massive earthquake that killed approximately 200,000 Haitians, the situation in both countries is dire.


Mullum Community Food Box to reopen

Getting basic food and supplies onto local tables is the key driver for the reopening of the Mulllumbimby Community Food Box this Thursday.


Local Byron biz call for more assistance

Byron’s coastal tourism operators have been forced to ask Council for significant rent reductions and licence extensions owing to a dramatic, COVID-related downturn in business.


Our debate rages

Mick Malloy, Suffolk Park As one would expect in Byron Shire, debate rages over whether to vaccinate or die prematurely. In his (Letter, 18 August) contribution to the debate, Noah Yamore (from Mullum!), appears disinclined to be vaccinated because the ‘oligarchy’ is...


Behind the eight ball

Christina Henry, Bangalow If there is a constant about this government, it is the predictability, that in times of crisis it’s invariably behind the eight ball in its responses. Look at Afghanistan and the heartless reneging on rescuing our allies...


Sun tax? Really?

Loretta Egan, South Golden Beach The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has recently ruled that networks will be allowed to charge solar households a sun tax for sharing their clean energy. State governments can still stop this unfair attack on solar,...


Real men don’t…

Janét Moyle, New Brighton Real men don’t harm others. Nor do they wish others harm, I suspect, like David Lovejoy did last week in his Editorial expressing ‘glee’ at those who hold a differing view to him dying! Is that what...


Free markets

Dr Ray Moynihan, Suffolk Park What an utter joy to have the Byron Farmers Market open again last week (Echo, 18 August), complete with COVID Safe practices. Like many in the Shire, our family is addicted to fresh citrus, passion-ate fruit, bananas...


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: What Unites Us

I am sick of talking about COVID, sick of it dominating everything I read or listen to. Sick of seeing people get angry in the post office. Sick of seeing angry guys punch people for freedom. I am sick of staying at home. Sick of listening to conspiracies, and politicians. Sick of covid conversation. So I’ve reflected on one major personal positive that has come out of this lockdown that I can share, and it would have to be my new love. My big supporter. My quiet achiever… my bum bag. 


Pipit pivoting in Pottsville

The team at Pottsville’s Pipit Restaurant are known for the creative food and drinks offered in their award-winning fine-dining set menus, but COVID has stretched their creativity to think beyond the plate. They have pivoted into takeaway, pop-ups, fish...


A new breed of farmer

Eight years ago, Jed Henderson and his wife, Sana, decided to move to the Northern Rivers so they could raise their young family in a rural region. They snapped up a 100 acre property at Corndale, and while it...


A new COVID-19 case flies into the Far North Coast

The Northern NSW Local Health District has confirmed that there is a new case of COVID-19 in Northern NSW today, and they will be included in NSW Health’s official reporting tomorrow.

Found – Have you seen Steve? Missing person

Mullumbimby man Steve Mustchin went missing at 11am this morning from Byron Bay Hospital and his family are asking locals to keep an eye out for him.

Images released of men who robbed the Byron Bowlo

Detectives investigating the armed robbery of a licensed premises in Byron Bay earlier this year, have released CCTV images and are appealing for public information that may assist their inquiries.

New Nesbitt Park mountain bike skills course in Lismore

Though Lismore is currently in lockdown, the city has inaugurated a new sporting activity in Nesbitt Park that will make residents want to enjoy outdoors as soon as possible.