Police raids and protecting society against terror

The recent Anzac Day anti-terror raids in Victoria brought with them some haunting allegations from the parents of the accused, or said to be accused, of planning the Anzac Day violence towards police.

Children as young as nine were said to have had guns placed at their heads, and aggressive language used by the response group, as they were torn from their innocent slumber.

If this is true, then it leaves me sractching my head in wonder of the intelligence within operational planning of those trusted with protecting our society against terror.

Is the traumatising of families, the children and parents, designed to spread fear in communities, repelling them from attempting, or spawning, future  ideals against Western society?

If you speak to the average punter on the street they will tell you that this rampant abuse of minority groups will actually just fuel future angst and hatred towards those entrusted with protecting ‘us’.

There can be absolutly no requirement or mandate of any sort in the traumatising and abuse of ‘our’ children. When this happens, then the average punter on the street too will turn against you. This is not how we want our society to be governed or controlled!

Australia, the Lucky Country?

 Ian Browne, Brunswick Heads

One response to “Police raids and protecting society against terror”

  1. R J Poole says:

    Well spoken Ian – I heartedly agree. I’ve just attended a presentation at SCU by Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp, a Turnish-born Muslim and academic who has been working tirelessly to foster closer understanding between Muslim Australia and the remainder of the community.

    The governments approach to these issues is 180 degrees in the wrong direction and can only add to, not diminish people’s fear and paranoia about terror.

    Good on you.

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