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January 19, 2022
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Science Goes Viral

COVID-19 vaccination does not increase the risk of preterm birth

Study findings support the safety of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.

Can mental healthcare be automated?

As medical experts scramble to manage demand, how effective are digital interventions? Depression is predicted to become the leading global cause of loss of life...

Einstein’s theory holds up after 16-year test

An international team have put Einstein’s theory through the wringer with the help of a double pulsar system and 16 years of rigorous testing.

Fish robots put a scare into invasive species

Researchers engineer a robot that may help turn the tide against invasive mosquitofish. Invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) have been wreaking havoc in Australian freshwater systems...

Pandemic weather: The effect of COVID-19 on lightning

Has there been anything positive about the pandemic? Perhaps…

Recyclable Australian batteries hoping to change the solar market

The graphene-based batteries are 100 per cent recyclable. Renewable energy – and rooftop solar in particular – needs effective batteries to keep growing. The current...

Pfizer booster proves effective against Omicron

As fears around Omicron swirl, Pfizer has announced that preliminary laboratory studies suggest that three doses of its Comirnaty vaccine offer effective protection against the new COVID-19 variant.

Pedalling towards better health

A new study estimates that millions of lives could be extended if people rode bicycles rather than driving cars.

The high cost of endometriosis

One in six women with endometriosis have lost their jobs due to the condition.

Telling girls they don’t like STEM halves their involvement at any age

Even children as young as six can develop ideas that girls don’t like computer science and engineering as much as boys – stereotypes that carry over into teenagerhood and contribute to gender gaps at university, according to a study published in PNAS.

New Russian satellite-killer produces decades of fallout

‘Irresponsible’ Russian anti-satellite weapon sends shockwaves through space community with 1500 fresh fragments cannoning about in low-Earth orbit.

Can COVID vaccines shed spike proteins – and is that bad?

Spike protiens – they’re the key to a vaccine’s effectiveness, but can they actually cause health problems?

Reversing the link between gut microbiome and autism

Some studies have suggested that people on the autism spectrum tend to have a smaller array of bacteria and other microbes in their gut, leading to the theory that their biota drives their behaviour.

Chickpea gene collection a boon for world agriculture

Comprehensive genetic library of chickpeas gives one the world’s oldest, and most commonly grown, cultivated crops a brighter future.

COP26 update: Where do we stand?

As COP26 wraps up this week, where have we landed?

New loo protocols: Put a lid on it

Research flushes out the risks of bacterial infection in toilets.

How plants survive in the Atacama desert

Brought to you by The Echo and Cosmos Magazine Researchers identify key genes that help hardy shrubs adapt to the Atacama desert. In the harsh, arid conditions of Chile’s...

Origins of the mysterious Tarim Basin mummies revealed

Ancient DNA data has traced where the Bronze Age peoples of the Tarim Basin came from.

Do COVID vaccines affect male fertility?

Vaccines do have side effects, but there are some social-media users peddling myths that COVID-19 vaccines cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Tracking the hardening coast

Researchers are watching our shorelines get harder and simpler.

Entertainment in the Byron Shire and beyond for the week beginning 19 January, 2022

Welcome back to the Brunswick Picture House Brett and Chris from the Brunswick Picture House, and their entire team, believe that there is nothing better...

TreadLightly on the planet by recycling school shoes

Most Aussie parents know how quickly kids either grow out or wear out of school shoes. They either get handed down or thrown in the rubbish – adding to the millions of shoes that end up in landfill each year

Friends of Loft

Become a Friend of Loft with their new local loyalty member program. Enjoy member-only benefits and offers, invite-only events, and something special for your birthday. Member...

1,114 cases of COVID-19 in the Northern Rivers in last 24 hours

The Northern NSW Local Health District say that to 8pm yesterday, January 17, there were confirmed 1,114 new PCR cases of COVID-19.