NBN health risks

Many of us who live on a hill in the Byron shire have been approached by the NBN – or will be in the not too distant future.

Currently, the decision to erect an NBN tower on private property rests solely with the land owner. The NBN negotiates directly with the landowner and neither party is obliged to consult the community.

Is this fair? Given that such a decision has implications for the neighbourhood (the main one being potential health risks), shouldn’t we, the community, decide what is – and isn’t – acceptable?

As it stands, the first you may hear of a tower is once it is erected. By then it’s too late.

Diana Sweeney, Federal

2 responses to “NBN health risks”

  1. Rob says:

    I’m sorry but what health risks? Wi-Fi has none and this has been proven time and again

  2. anton says:

    Please provide proof of your claim wi fi has been proven safe , ‘ time and again ‘

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