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Richmond Electorate

Federal seat of Richmond. Image AEC

Voting in the seat of Richmond

The sitting member for the seat of Richmond is Labor’s Justine Elliot who has held the seat for 17 years. Until 1990 it was considered a safe National Party seat when a surprise entry by anti-nuclear candidate Dr Helen Caldicott, persuaded to run by The Echo’s found Nicholas Shand, swung the seat away from the Nationals to Labors Neville Newell. Ms Caldicott only lost to Labor by 600 primary votes. 

Neville Newell held the seat until 1996 when it went back to the Nationals member Larry Anthony, who was part of the Anthony political dynasty that had seen both his father and grandfather held the seat before him. He lost the seat on the back of Greens preferences in 2004 to current Labor member Ms Elliott. 

The last election saw The Greens a -0.12 swing against them when they ran current (now Independent) Mayor of Byron Shire, Michael Lyon, while Labor saw a 0.66 increase of votes and the National candidate saw -0.75 swing against. 

Things are looking tight this election with well know activist, comedian, and local identity Mandy Nolan running for The Greens aiming to exert influence on government through the crossbench. 

The seat of Richmond usually sees the Nationals (36,979 first preference votes in 2019) gaining the largest first preference vote followed by Labor (31,807 first preference votes in 2019) and then The Greens (20,384 first preference votes in 2019). It is then The Greens preferences that get Labor over the line ahead of the Nationals. To win Ms Nolan needs to beat Labor in primary votes and then hope that the preferences of the majority of Independent candidates, who are objecting to the limitation of their freedoms during the COVID-19 pandemic and are funneling their votes to the conservatives, don’t push the Nationals candidate Kimberly Hone over the line.

Candidates for Richmond are:

Terry Sharples – Independent 

Monica Shepherd – Informed Medical Options Party

David Warth – Independent

Rob Marks – Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party 

Justine Elliot – Incumbent, Labor MP

Mandy Nolan – Greens 

Nathan Jones – Independent 

Kimberly Hone – Nationals 

Gary Briggs – Liberal Democrats

Tracey Bell-Henselin – One Nation candidate

So you want to be a councillor/politician?

This document was written without fear or favour, by The Echo editor Hans Lovejoy for the politically curious who are considering a tilt at public life, or those who are interested in the inner workings of local politics. My intention is to hopefully inform and engage aspiring political...

Richmond candidates 2022: The Nationals – Kimberly Hone

Kimberly Hone lives in the Tweed Shire and is running as a candidate for The Nationals in the federal seat of Richmond.

The floods are leaving people homeless and families split

There was a housing crisis on the Northern Rivers, then we had the floods of 2022 and the issue has left increasing numbers of people homeless and struggling to find alternative accommodation.

Richmond candidates 2022: Informed Medical Options Party candidate Monica Shepherd

Monica Shepherd is an organic naturopath based in Ocean Shores. She is running as a candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party in the federal seat of Richmond.

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Liberal Democrats Party candidate Gary Biggs

Gary Biggs lives in the Tweed Shire and owns a small business. He is running as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats Party in the federal seat of Richmond.

One Nation ‘ghost’ haunting Richmond

Less than a week out from the election, mystery surrounds the One Nation candidate and her connection to the electorate.

Mandy for Richmond: ‘I’m there to break things’

I am deeply curious about whether Mandy Nolan can unseat Labor’s Justine Elliot and win Richmond for the Greens in Saturday’s election.

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Independent Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones lives in Cudgen, owns a small business and is running as an Independent for the federal seat of Richmond.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Insights from the campaign trail

The election is almost here. Hooray. It’s time we got down with Elvis Presley’s suggestion of ‘A little less conversation, a little more action, please.’ I’m a big fan of action. I’ve been at this for 14 months, and as a writer who holds the ear of the community each week I’ve been cognizant not to turn this into a hostage situation. For twenty years I’ve talked about politics and social issues and shared insights into my personal experiences, but this is one journey where I’ve had to keep you locked out. 

Richmond candidates strut their stuff

With the federal election looming Saturday, candidates put themselves before the public at the Echo/BayFM ‘Meet the Candidates’ on Monday night in Byron. All candidates were present, except ‘ghost’ One Nation candidate, Tracey Bell-Henselin. 

Opinion: It’s time to kick Morrison out

'Grifters come in all shapes and sizes, from all kinds of background. This one is used to skipping just a step ahead of impending disaster and exposure. Many times in marketing and politics, which he sees as identical pursuits, his nimble lies have saved his career.' 

All smiles at Ballina pre-poll

People were queued out the door at the pre-poll booth in Ballina Indoor Sports Centre yesterday, with brightly dressed volunteers and AEC officials offering assistance to voters.

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Independent Terry Sharples

Terry Sharples is a retired accountant living in the Tweed Shire and running as an Independent for the federal seat of Richmond. Bay FM Community...

Who is candidate Terry Sharples?

Tweed-based Richmond candidate for the May 21 election, Terry Sharples, has described himself as a ‘True Independent’, yet there is little online information regarding his platform, funding and professional background.

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Rob Marks

Rob Marks lives in the Tweed Shire, owns a small business and is running on Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party ticket for the federal seat of Richmond.

Labor MP calls Greens election ad ‘untruthful and misleading’

Labor MP calls Greens election ad ‘untruthful and misleading’

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Independent David Warth

David Warth is an environmental filmmaker based in Byron Bay and running as an Independent for the federal seat of Richmond.

Labor MP responds to her party’s pro coal/gas agenda

While the Liberal-Nationals parties are wedded to fossil fuels through political donations, and their employees oscillate between government jobs and the mining sector, Labor have also supported the introduction of new gas and coal mines, despite the urgent warning to reduce carbon emissions by climate scientists.

Mystery surrounds One Nation candidate for Richmond

Less than a week out from a Richmond Meet the Candidates forum to be held in Byron Bay next Monday, mystery surrounds the One Nation candidate and her connection to the electorate.

What are your Richmond candidates standing for in this election?

We asked the ten candidates for the hotly contested seat of Richmond a few pertinent questions about who they are and what they represent.

The Greens’ big plans for homelessness services, homes

The phrases ‘affordable housing’, ‘public housing’, or ‘social housing’ rattle around in the realms of decision-makers, yet hundreds of people in the Northern Rivers are still homeless, and post-flood the situation isn’t getting any better.

Overseas nurses move to Northern Rivers to fill healthcare shortage

Sixty registered nurses from the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland are to join the Northern New South Wales Local Health District (NNSWLHD) before the start of next year’s clinical year. 

Labor’s hypocrisy on climate undimmed

Last week the Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen, delivered the Albanese Government's second annual Climate Change Statement, claiming major progress in emissions reduction while the numbers continue to scream that the opposite is true.

Fatal two-vehicle crash – Richmond PD

Just after 7pm Thursday, 30 November 2023, emergency services responded to reports of a two-vehicle crash along the Pacific Highway, Woodburn, about 35km south of Lismore.

Move Beyond Coal turning up heat on government

Move Beyond Coal says it will be staging protests at Labor MP offices around the country over the next week to 'turn up the heat' on the government to stop approving climate-wrecking coal and gas projects.