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February 25, 2021

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‘Hollywood’ drug squads over the top

I guess we have to thank Hollywood for the enduring myth that a black-clad squad of elite 'blokes', preferably with cool helicopters, from the capital are needed to crack down on really serious crime in hick parts of the country like Mullumbimby.

Other News

Stop motion animators needed

Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced digital animators with demonstrated experience...

Facebook fails

Adrian Gattenhof, Mullumbimby American spoilt brat Zuckerberg may have done adults around the world a great favour with his screamy...

Last minute water park unsuccessful as Jack Evans Boat Harbour PoM approved

A last minute attempt by Councillor Warren Polglase (conservative) to introduce a water park as part of the Jack Evans Boat Harbour Plan of Management (PoM)at last nights Tweed Shire Council saw yet another ‘workshop’ set up for councillors to discuss the implications.

Update: Main Arm raids… The police are in Mullum!

After several reports today from readers that there is a 'massive drug operation' and a 'gun and drug unit from Parramatta!', an intrepid Echonetdaily drudge wandered over to Barry Lomath Oval next to the skate park and netball courts in Mullum.

Saltwater mob style

Story & photo Melissa Butters If you’ve ever tasted the wild fish rillettes from The Bay SmokeHouse you know what’s...

PM’s vaccine

Martin Bail, Federal On 4 February, 2021 ABC News reported, albeit briefly, that the PM will ‘for the record’ be...

September 23, 2014

Issue 29.15

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In this Issue:

What we do in the shadows

You can be as scathing and snooty as you like about vampire movies, but one thing is for certain – they are unlikely to go away any time soon. Ever since FW Murnau’s definitive Nosferatu (1922), the undead bloodsuckers have been turning up on our screens with nocturnal regularity


The Maze Runner

You might have to cast your mind back a fair way to recall people being crushed to death by walls compressing. I fondly remember George Reeves’s Superman saving Jimmy and Lois from such a grim fate, so I was tickled to see it make a long-overdue return in this post-apocalypse, teen sci-fi flick.


Music roundup September 25

A fantastic line-up of music heading our way kicking off with Novocastrian Morgan Evans who is a star on the rise.


Winner of The Echo Good Life ‘Travel Tales Quickly’

The Echo’s Good Life weekly feature held a writing competition a few weeks back. Those who entered were placed under the pump. We gave them three days to submit a short account of a funny travel anecdote. We received a surprisingly healthy number of entries.


Good store waiting in the Pantry

Restaurants in remote and secreted places are becoming extremely popular and people also seem to have an inclination to run them. Finding a paying job or a pastime to go with that perfect lifestyle can be a challenging matter.


Eltham tapped into hospitality

Staying in a town pub can sometimes be a little gauche. Nestled in Eltham is a hotel just about as friendly and inviting as a pub can get. You’ll find good food and chattels, a large range of beers including local Byron Bay Stone and Wood and Coopers beers.


Culture September 24

Activities for the school holidays feature in this weeks Culture event starting with The Circus Arts Performance Troupe who are working hard to entertain audiences next week with their family circus show The Games We Play.


Feeling sensitive

Back in 2004 Touch Sensitive (aka Michael Di Francesco)’s debut single Body Stop was one of the first tracks released on Future Classic. Cloaked in anonymity, its cosmic vibes and Italo authenticity made it a cult favourite among DJ circles from East London to Brooklyn.


There is life before death in the Byron hinterland

Death is sometimes nature’s way of telling you to slow down. There’s one certainty in life and that is we eventually leave it. So, a little life before death is in order and most of us are already waking up in the closest thing to heaven.


Surf festival gains ground

With five weeks to go, the Byron Bay Surf Festival organisers are busy planning to extend the event from Main beach to north of the Surf Club and into Apex Park, as well as into Bay Lane behind the Beach Hotel.


The ‘terrordoodler’ ejected from Tigerair speaks out

The man booted off a Tigerair flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast last Saturday for doodling the word ‘Terrorismadeup’ on his notepad has told The Echo of his experiences.


Going to Churchill

A few years back when Troubadour Kim Churchill had his heart broken he bought a van and took to the highway. With a passion for rhythm and blues and a love of the open road, Churchill has gone on to find his way into the hearts of music lovers across the globe.


Local fisherfolk caught in the parking fine net

FIsherfolk have been caught in the net of parking fines designed to stop travellers parking up for the night on the Tweed Coast Road and they are seeking help to access their beaches at night without fines.

Family Court scrapped

Despite overwhelming opposition from Australia’s family law specialists and advocates, the federal Liberal-Nationals government and cross benchers scrapped the Family Law Court and subsumed it into the circuit courts last week.

Cavanbah centre gets a taste of 3×3 basketball

The Byron Beez basketball team in collaboration with the U League hosted a 3x3 tournament at the Cavanbah centre at the end of January that attracted 30 teams.

Northern Rivers policeman accused of youth assault acquitted

Magistrate Michael Dakin has ordered a common assault charge against a former Byron-based policeman be dropped after an altercation involving a naked youth in Byron Bay three years ago.