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July 4, 2022

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Council advertising

Thanks Council, for the advertisement on page 5 letting us know that you co-hosted a conference. It is good...

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Council advertising

Thanks Council, for the advertisement on page 5 letting us know that you co-hosted a conference. It is good...

Sport and gender

Olympic golden girl Cate Campbell claims to have wrestled long and hard with herself before passionately promoting a ban...

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: War on the Wombs

The right to safe abortion is the cornerstone of the women’s movement. It’s the ground on which we stand to become lawyers and academics and policy writers and journalists and activists. It’s allowed us reproductive freedom and put us on equal footing with those without wombs; mainly cis men who, for centuries, saw our bodies as countries to rape and pillage. Our wombs were colonised – the cock was the flag that ploughed deep into our stolen earth.

Destruction of Brunswick Heads mahogany

The foulest crime against the planet was committed secretly in the heart of Brunswick Heads during the pandemic lockdown....

Festival/Byron Council relations strained, motion passes

The operations manager of the Byron Music Festival says her attempts to run the event this year were cruelled by Byron Council staff, who allegedly provided organisers with false information and spoke to them like they were ‘idiots’.

Cabarita Surf Club gets $500k funding boost

Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club has secured a $500,000 grant in the NSW Government’s 2021/22 Surf Club Facility Program.

May 4, 2022

Byron Shire Echo issue 36.47 – May 4, 2022

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In this Issue:

Will Morrison’s gas-led recovery delete the IPCC’s belief we need climate...

Most Australians know the news, or have had firsthand experiences themselves, of two years of floods, fires, coastal erosion, and storms, both here and overseas. In fact Australia has warmed on average by 1.44 ± 0.24 °C since national records began in 1910.


‘Unprecedented’ but not unpredicted – we are now suffering from our...

As Australians head into another election season just as many parts of the east coast are recovering from ‘unprecedented’ flooding since February, and the national psyche is still reeling from the trauma of the ‘unprecedented’ Black Summer bushfires before that, it is critical now more than ever to vote according to your environmental conscience and fear for the future.


Transparency and open government 

Like Adrian Gattenhof (Letters, 13/4), I voted for Council candidates I believed would really represent the community interest and employ common sense where required. It was bad enough when they failed to support a time limit on holiday letting,...


Safe as houses

We live in a safe seat. Isn’t it wonderful to feel ‘safe’. The downside is that we will never be promised a multi-storey car park for Mullumbimby railway station or any of the other magnanimous gestures that arrive in...

Please explain

In regards to the lost West Byron court case I understand that Council adopted a legal position to concede contentious points in the DA regarding flooding, drainage, sewer, traffic etc. on the advice of independent expert witnesses. I would like...


Dear George

I sometimes wish I was possessed of the humour and talent of GB Shaw, the great Irish wit and polemical playwright. He seemed able to find the humour in the most serious of situations and used a mordant wit...

Independent advocates of transparent government

So, now our ‘Independent’ advocates of ‘transparent government’ are holding important meetings that affect the fabric of our beloved town (Mullum) behind closed doors. C’mon guys, you can do better than this. Only Duncan Dey answered my pre-election concerns openly...


Assange abandoned 

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen and award-winning journalist. The US government intends to prosecute Julian under US espionage laws for his award-winning journalism. The Australian government has abandoned Assange to appease Washington, which seeks to apply US laws...

Live export ships no cruise

The reopening of Australian ports to cruise ships took me back to my first cruise as a child of ‘ten pound Poms’ in 1958. Although I was only six, I remember our five weeks on the rusty old SS...

Join the 11th annual Mother’s Day planting

The annual community Mother’s Day tree planting is near Durrumbul this Sunday, 8 May, 9am to 12noon.


The election this month

My excitement about the electoral result is rising fast! This is a stellar chance to reconstruct our democracy to deliver for all people. Anger and boredom are mounting steadily, the result of campaign lies and irrelevance that stoke fears.  A...

Flooding – northern Byron Shire community groups call meetings

The north of Byron Shire was, once again, seriously impacted by recent flooding and there are several community groups taking action and calling meetings to look at possible solutions and the development of resilience in these communities.


Rectifying an atrocious injustice by the Morrison Government

In March 2022, Liberal Party MLC, Catherine Cusack announced her resignation from parliament (effective in August) over the federal government’s handling of the flooding disaster on Australia’s east coast.


What are your Richmond candidates standing for in this election?

We asked the ten candidates for the hotly contested seat of Richmond a few pertinent questions about who they are and what they represent.


Editorial – Community must drive housing

It is easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to the need for housing on the Northern Rivers at the cost of both the environment and the amenity of the region.


Sad Anzac Day

Sad Anzac Day to see train tracks ripped up by Tweed Shire Council. Fathers of our Anzacs built, with bullock teams, the line that opened in 1894 between Murwillumbah and Casino  At the time, there was no such thing as...

Urban water supplies

I am grateful for the support of my fellow Councillors, who resolved last Thursday to turn what I consider is a ‘first sod’ towards NOT building the proposed new urban water supply dam known as the DuD (Dunoon Dam)....


Thoughts on development

Coastal engineer Angus Gordon’s thoughts on development and flooding in the Ocean Shores/New Brighton/South Golden Beach area don’t explicitly answer the question posed in the headline ‘Can residents be protected from the next heavy weather event’ (Echo, 13 April),...

Byron Council’s $10,000 emergency housing response

A team of volunteers who have helped hundreds of locals left homeless by the floods find temporary accommodation will finally be paid for their work, after Byron Council promised to find $10,000 in funding.


Utterly disappointed 

I am, along with many residents across NSW, utterly disappointed with our State government’s response to the need for truly affordable housing.  The ‘affordable housing’ boarding house in Bayside Brunswick will give us 42 boarding rooms, and out of those...

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: The Mothers We Miss

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. This complex role of nurture is so unappreciated, so deeply embedded into our sense of worth, so important to how we conduct our relationships, how we feel about ourselves. So here’s to the stories we don’t see. The mothers who exist in the margins. I see you. We see you. Happy Mother’s Day.


Cartoon of the week – 4 May, 2022

The Echo loves your letters and is proud to provide a community forum on the issues that matter most to our readers and the people of the NSW north coast. So don't be a passive reader, send us your epistles.


Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 4 May,...

There's a whole lotta good stuff going on


Free entry to Primex People’s Day

As Norco Primex 2022 gears up to be the biggest event in years, organisers have revealed Northern Rivers’ residents will be able to attend for free on opening day. The first ever People’s Day will be held on Thursday, 19...


Mother’s Day market feast

We have always talked about flowers and chocolates as a tradition for Mother’s Day, a lovely gift to be sure. But why not whip around the Mullumbimby or New Brighton farmers’ markets instead, and put together a simple but...


Teen missing from Coffs Harbour

NSW Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a teenager missing in the Coffs Harbour area.

A poem

Row upon row Lest we forget the rows of trees they planted to recall the rows of boys they sent to die in the war Jon Paul Summers, Suffolk Park

Destruction of Brunswick Heads mahogany

The foulest crime against the planet was committed secretly in the heart of Brunswick Heads during the pandemic lockdown. The rarest and most iconic...

Supply chain pain? Try localisation!

A community screening of Local Futures’ new film, 'Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution', will be held today, Friday, July 1, at The Farm in Byron Bay from 6pm. Damon Gameau and Pacha Light will be joining Helena Norberg-Hodge for a discussion afterwards.