Developer buys Byron chicken farm, what next?

Terry Agnew is the purchaser of the chicken farm at Byron Bay so he now owns over 60 acres of West Byron. So I guess he has even greater plans for our beautiful town than we were first made aware of.

What peeves me off the most is that when I called the real estate agent who sold the property he told me that ‘a local investor’ had purchased the property. Bullshit! Local my foot.

Terry Agnew may have the money, the contacts, the gift of the gab, but he is not a local, if he was, then he would not be trying to rape, pillage and plunder our town.

If he were a local he would know the joy and beauty that this town brings to both locals and visitors to this town.

If he were a local then he would fight tooth and nail to stop developers ruining this beautiful place, if he were a true local he would plead with the developers to stop.

No means no, Terry and we will fight you all the way. We don’t care how much money you have, we don’t care how many contacts you have in government, we don’t care what you believe we want.

We do not want this ugly over the top development and we do not want you trying to tell us what we want. What part of no don’t you understand? The n or the o?

Lois Vickery-Hall , Byron Bay

One response to “Developer buys Byron chicken farm, what next?”

  1. Neil says:

    Lois, you state that Terry Agnew is going to “rape, pillage and plunder the town” in relation to the potential to sub divide the Inghams site for development. The same thing can be said about the greedy holiday let owners who don’t care about protection of residential amenity!

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