Byron wants a solar revolution

The push for renewable energy in Byron shire took another inspiring leap at the Byron Solar Revolution symposium on Saturday. And why wouldn’t it? In a solar future, as Professor Tim Flannery told locals, Byron could be in front as the first place on the east coast to greet the sun.

Video Sharon Shostak

2 responses to “Byron wants a solar revolution”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    The cart for solar needs pushing in the place when the sun shines first on the coast of Australia.
    We need a pole and a wire as we push a push poll to see what the sun’s power will shine on.
    The sun beams down on the coast while we stop loading the coal into the coal loader and the bailer.
    So take your beaming face to the Byron Solar Revolution symposium on Saturday and swtch the solar on.
    Enthusiasm is what we want for couples to stand for a non-polluting future for their daughters and sons.

  2. Ginty says:

    Go Byron. I’m glad I have my 12 solar panels on my house. Wanted to do it for years. I totally support the solar industry and hopefully we can make the Govt support us eventually.

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