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April 22, 2021

Taking on the law as a ‘strawman’

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A large crowd gathered around the car at the centre of a police standoff in Mullumbimby's CBD recently, Photo supplied
A large crowd gathered around the car at the centre of a police standoff in Mullumbimby’s CBD recently. Photo supplied

Hans Lovejoy

There’s an underground movement gaining momentum where individuals are opting to challenge the legal system, specifically licences, passports, police and the court system.

But it’s not aggressive – it’s completely passive and draws upon what are considered our natural-born lawful rights to pursue absolute freedom.

Specifically it challenges the difference between the physical live being and the ‘dead’ name, which appears on birth certificates, licences, permits and certificates etc.

The capitalised JOHN DOE from your birth certificate is the entity governments and corporations interact with, and if it can be argued that the courts are engaging with that identity (ie the straw man) and not the living being, you will be given immunity from taxes, fines, taxes, debt and be provided freedom from corporate and government enslavement.

Happy, happy days!

It’s called the strawman theory and one local man experimented with that recently. So how did he go?

Mullum stand-off

Samnoelpearce, aka NOEL GEOFFREY PEARCE, was pulled over in Mullum’s Stuart Street on June 11, 2015 by police and refused to engage with them.

And while more police arrived and swarmed around his vehicle, he sat calmly, told the gathering crowd his name and said he will not be entering into ‘contract’ with the people wanting him to get out of the car.

Eventually two car windows were smashed, and he and police suffered minor lacerations after they dragged his arms across broken glass.

Video footage shows police dragging him from his vehicle onto the road and then into a paddy wagon.

Sam later told The Echo that he was shaken deeply by the experience and also suffered internal bruising and a torn muscle in the right shoulder from the incident.

After being handcuffed, he was taken to the station and charged on ‘seven issues’ and released to attend court two weeks later.

Sam says that using the strawman theory in court means first asking the magistrate to clarify which identity the court is talking to.

‘With my birth certificate in hand, I asked twice which identity the court was asking to recognise. As I did not contract with them with my birth certificate NAME, I was told to leave.

‘They then heard my case in my absence and I was fined about $3,000 and a warrant was issued and I spent two nights in Grafton jail.’

It was after a video link with a magistrate that Sam says he was forced to sign acceptance of his birth certificate name and received a two-year good behaviour bond, ‘otherwise they were not letting me out of jail.’

Charges dropped

‘The magistrate was actually okay’, he says. ‘He seemed to respond to an apology man-to-man – I said I did not wish to bring ‘dishonour’ to you personally or to the police or the court’.

There are two states of being, Sam says: dishonour and honour. ‘Being in honour in one’s life represents an incredible amount of personal power and no-one can take that from us’, he says.

Sam says he wanted to ‘experiment’ with the police and courts, though did say he wasn’t seeking to do so publicly. ‘I am fully aware that without a licence or registration, I did invite the police to take me on.’

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Sam’s ‘experiment’ is that he claims two charges of driving with no licence were dropped. Sam believes it is because there was ‘no surety for the NAME of NOEL GEOFFREY PEARCE.’

‘Beating the system is not my primary motivation, but improving the wealth and health of our community is,’ he says.

Sam is adamant he knows others who are untouchable by law owing to their deep legal knowledge and experience with how to react with law enforcers and courts.

Most importantly he says ‘paperwork’ is needed to be completed before attempting to use the straw-man theory.

‘I did not complete the paperwork and thus fell into dishonour.

‘You really have to know the topic before attempting to undertake it,’ he says.

‘There was one guy hauled up in court before me who attempted to reject the court’s authority and his strawman identity but it didn’t go so well for him.

‘We have to finish the paperwork BEFORE we act as he and I did’.

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  1. The vast majority of Australians enjoy a peaceful life because they respect the rule of law. If you don’t Noel I suggest you go and try living in Syria for instance and see how your attitude stands up there.

    • The vast majority of Australians are ignorant to the fact that our legal system is designed to trick them into parting with their money and giving up their human rights. This ‘underground movement’ is actually a large group of people who are studing the law – and are shocked at how many of the statutes and acts, that our government creates, are in violation of the true law and have no real crown backing.

  2. A remarkably naive and context-free article. This movement is actually a far right extremist belief system. In America it has been identified as posing a bigger terrorist threat than Islamic extremism. They have been responsible for a considerable number of murders of police officers. The Oklahoma bomber, the perpetrator of a massive terrorist atrocity, was a propounder of this ‘philosophy’.
    The last thing Australia needs is the spread of crackpot extremism of any stripe. Dressing it up in buzzwords like liberty and freedom doesn’t alter its pernicious nature.

    • Thanks for shedding further light David. Agreed, there is no ‘liberty/absolute freedom’ in this – only arrogant and aggressive extremism, as you say.

    • I find it disturbing the views expressed here. All here have little to no knowledge of the AU constitution the Magna Carte or our civil liberties, and to top it off making claims that those following the path have been labelled as dangerous as terrorists, FFS, that is MSM propaganda it’s self. All acts and legislation created do not overwrite the constitution, this is not a interpretation or my own beliefs, it a bloody fact and all this legislation is not LAW, and that too is a FACT. For those that have left a comment, please tell me if you understand what your person is and you being a living being, if you cant then you are part of the problem.

    • Of course I’m sure those in power at the time conceived the Magna Carter a terrorist threat.

      Governments aren’t about human rights, governments hate an educated population because they’re hard to swindle.

      When I see people who carry on about the threat of such movemovements I realise that there’s a government stooge in one form or another, who for some reason actually believes politicians are honest and legit and are out to help the people. While this may be true of some it’s not something to rely on based on historic precedent.

      Constant alertness and constant willingness to stand up for our rights is the only protection we will have against potential government abuse.

    • David Sanderson, you obviously havent looked into the fraud we have been under since birth because if you had then you wouldne be making the kind of statements that you do. One thing I have noticed is that people who see life through a fear based mindset always attack others for their beliefs.disagreeing with anything anyone says is a fundamental right but to attack the person who has that differing opinion is nothing short of ignorant.You have confused your information here. The people who are protesting their loss of freedom are not the ones who are causing violence and turmoil I read a comment on here where someone mentioned Syria and the problems they face as opposed to the freedoms we have in Australia. The problem in Syria is outside forces trying to impose their will on a sovereign nation.No one in Syria wants war.except the invented Is- is who r all foreign mercenaries paid by the highest bidder.The real criminals r not the ones mentioned on mainstream media.Has anyone been to Allepo? Go there have a look and then tell me it you wont be changed profoundly

  3. Yes, there are already deeper levels of corruption and misuse of power, legal knowledge and counsel afforded to some in this country, yet why ADD to the corruption via such an act? What is the true purpose in this, I have to ask? This act that does not speak to me of any ‘true freedom’ or concern for the public welfare, but rather an arrogant defiance and blatant passive aggressive behaviour, guised under a seemingly delusional, false ideology of what true freedom and consideration for all actually means…
    Interesting that this article only appears to irresponsibly further fan the flames.

  4. Agree with the other comments. When this unlicensed and unregisterd man damages your car or your child and you end up paying for his actions as he does not recognise the law, how happy will you be? Stand up for your rights by all means but don’t be a dick just because you want to be a dick. The police have a hard enough job as it is. They deal with the lowest of the low and the most dreadful of situations day in and day out. I totally support all they did on that day, and yes I was there listening to all the clap trap about ‘the poor old man’s right’s” that was going on around the incident. He wasted police time, jammed up the street and basically made a fool of himself. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. The age of the simpleton is over. Whether that be the politics of black and white or the belief that all will be fine if you have nothing to hide… power corrupts and with that comes a need to continually test the apparatus that control our social systems. To believe that our controllers have our best interests at heart , as comes across in the previous responses to this article shows a complete lack of reality towards the thousands being hit hard by the far right politics this Nation is currently leading us into. I for one know from experience that the harder it becomes to challenge the authorities placed over you the harder it becomes to live the life many of us believe should be an option. Why do so many people get the shits whenever individuals put their heads above the water… and challenge our status quo. Why do people feel more threatened by a man challenging his right of sovereignty and Citizenship, or an extreme Muslim viewpoint on National TV than they do about our rights and freedoms being eroded and ignored via legislation and the politics of isolation and xenophobia. It saddens me and I see no good coming from narrowing the small freedoms we have. The further to the right we behave the more young disenfranchised youth will want to go to Syria.. this is a simple fact and yet we seem blind to its inevitable conclusions.

  6. Total waste of police time having to argue with this idiot, I hope they charge him with obstructing the police in lawful pursuit of their duties.

  7. Oh gods that is such bullshit.

    The Australia government is very clear. Parliament can pass any law it wants, and laws pass by parliament automatically over ride common law. They can do this because they’ve got the guns.

    I’ve been watching activists try this stuff for years. Judges can not and will not listen to this drivel. And you can’t force them to. Seen a few people go to jail when they didn’t need to, because they insisted on this shit.

  8. It is good to see that some people are actually looking into their rights as people. Taking away all the corporations and over governing that is in fact unlawful if not also illegal.
    Most believe what they have always been told and led to believe without doing the hard and long research needed to uncover the truths.
    Nobody in authority wants the truth to come out and very few of them even realise the truth. If too many people knew and acted on their rights governments would be unable to gain so much revenue from the people.

  9. If the Australian constitution act 1900 were adhered to then there would be no need for any of this.The high courts were never lawfully created and in fact it is/was impossible for them to have been lawfully created because that would mean that PM and deputy PM and High court judges at the same time.Phuh…
    That Party politics was only brought into the Australian constitution by means of a fraudulent question 1984-6 and no matter which way the vote it was to be put in.Our freedom we derive from the constitution and any that break the rules are treasonous as the courts and the police display that they are all the time.1352 law on treason makes it every persons duty to hold them to account according to the law.
    Next problem I encounter is that Australian government is not The commonwealth of Australia government as firstly they have a different logo and they gave an American business number as do all the states.So therefore Australian government and the state governments are corporate entity’s which cannot be a government ha ha its so stuffed up its actually laughable.

  10. Bullshit! This is a story taken from ridiculous US sources. For crying out loud, just have a look at your own birth certificate…your name is NOT CAPITALISED.
    Or does that also feed into some other lunatic conspiracy theory?

      • Hi “steve”.

        I have looked at my full birth certificate many times. The only capital letter in my surname on my birth certificate is the first letter. Every other letter in my surname on my full birth certificate is in lower case. My birth certificate is not a legal fiction – it is an accurate official record of the date I was born, the names of my parents and the nanme they gave me at the time of my birth.

        However, I note that your entire post here is in capital letters. Therefore your entire post is – by your own definition – a “legal fiction”.

  11. OK, I can see his point – as trite as it might be. But, you know, there are legal arguments and there is life.
    I would suggest Mr Pearce/PEARCE stop drowning in his own self-important triviality and get a life – one that requires breathing, food, drinking and lives with the rest of society under the contract of civil obedience. Otherwise he can go live in a mythically idealised ungoverned society. All laws would be irrelevant, so there would be no recourse to the coutrts, when, for instance, someone decided to steal Mr Pearce/PEARCE’s car.
    Like I said, get a life Mr Pearce, not a half-baked concept that would only nourish a right-wing rights-of-man nutter.
    This is no underground movement, and as it is certainly not representative of non-violence. It invites violence, as the story shows. The only thing this can be described as is an invitation for people to become, like Mr Pearce/PEARCE, disenfranchised from a system that is there for their protection.\
    It you don’t like a system, any systyem, then engage with it and make change. Ignoring it is just plain dumb.

  12. All this is rubbish.
    Precept 1 – we wish to live in a civilised society so that our daily lives and posessions are safe
    Precept 2 – we give up the right to unilateral action to an agreed system that can enforce and regulate this
    Precept 3 – Regardless of constitution, et al, the overwhelming majority of people have agreed that police and courts exist. Insurance is based on compliance. Use of roads and schools etc provided under this system only avaliable to those that work under that system.
    Precept 4 – All these things can be varied by the majority of the public electing people that support the system they want.
    Precept 5 – Most public do not think for themselves, and go along with MSM. So the enemy is therefore Mr Murdoch, and simple complete boycott will remove his power.

  13. Of course we want to live in an orderly society. Some people think that means our current society should not be questioned. Nothing could be further from the truth, it’s mostly based on deeply conditioned lies. One of those lies is, an orderly society is not possible with autonomous, empowered individuals.
    My prediction; that’s the only possible sustainable society.

  14. hey hans,
    i’m under the impression that sam was unregistered and not wearing a seat belt. he also refused to be breath tested. if these are all true you’d think they would’ve been mentioned in the story?? if someone refuses a breathtest then there’s at least some reason to suspect that maybe they’ve been drinking. that’s probably a pretty fair point don’t you think? along with the other misdemeanours it’s probably reasonable for police to want to check he’s not a danger to the community or himself. wearing a seat belt is a pretty reasonable law i’d think as it saves lives and can prevent serious injuries. injuries that not only affect the person but their families, emergency services, hospital beds, etc. registering your car also gives you compulsory third party insurance so if someone is injured killed in an accident then there is some financial compensation and help for their family. i can see that some of the straw man stuff might be helpful in some cases…but i find that it’s also trotted out by self indulgent folk who expect to be respected but in sam’s case gave pretty much no respect to others including the police…who in this case may have just been trying to protect the community and sam himself. sure maybe they were heavy handed but what do you want them to do with people who may be a danger to the community? say ‘oh well..he’s locked himself in his car…better just let him go then’?
    i also find that those into the straw man thing often fail to grasp that a ‘system’ of governance includes not only the law but economics and many other factors. so when people don’t want to pay speeding fines, etc (laws designed to protect the community), complain about govt ‘revenue raising’ and don’t want to pay tax they will often in the same conversation complain about things like their welfare payments being reduced, the state of byron’s roads, the state of healthcare and the tragedy of serious car accidents.
    sorry sam, if you want respect then give it.

  15. It’s interesting to read about, as an abstract, nutterish set of beliefs, but I’m surprised Hans ran so uncritically with it. There’s nothing new or radical about what Pearce believes. As a rugged individual, he’d have been quite happy a century ago lording it over natives in some far-away colonial outpost, as long as he was left to his own devices to do as he saw fit. These days we know it as the antebellum far-right, a dangerous, deluded flight from the modern world and all its complications. ISIL, for instance, or the American militia movements.

  16. ignorance of the law is no excuse for any offence committed;
    common law is a jurisdiction that must be established prior to and in the presence of the administrative court;
    contempt is the very nature of dishonour;
    dishonour creates only controversy;
    learn to ‘identify’ ourselves correctly;
    we have the right to remain silent;
    indicate overbourne will via vis compulsory, among other things.

  17. 2008 – 133 officers with criminal convictions


    2014 – 437 officers with criminal convictions


    so much for the “rule of law”. Clearly something very, very wrong with the judicial system. And getting worse, thanks to the sheep-like behaviour of the majority of so-called Australians.

  18. Theres lot to speculate who is right who is wrong but as a whole governing community not a corporation controlling man and woman but all at peace and harmony maybe there would be no conflicts,issues with the individuals because their behaviour would be different than in this controlled society yes all man and woman must be liable for their actions, there is a higher authority that controls us all and not the ones who said we must obey here on earth at this moment,time is near we as humans are going back to what was intended and get out of the corruption put on us.

  19. A lot of ignorant comments from those with no knowledge of the process. Indeed the gentleman who is the subject of the article displays only the vaguest understanding of the process. This is to the advantage of the status quo as most people will read this man’s experience and conclude the process is worthless. However a little research on the process will indicate how little this man knew.

    For instance he should never have allowed things to escalate to the point of window breaking. Rather he could have said something like “I do not consent to get out of the car but on threat of violence and intimidation I will comply with your request”.

    As to the purpose for this process. Well ever wondered why American Pharmaceutical companies have been able to patent your DNA? Because your body was transferred as property to a trust of which government is the trustee and can deal with the property of the trust for your benefit. That’s why compulsory vaccination is probably not far off. As controllers of your body government need only deem it in the best interests of that property to be vaccinated and there you go. Wonder how it can be legal for government to remove children from a home, because they control the body as property and deem it in the best interests of protecting that asset. Wonder how your body can be conscripted for war, because the control it as property. Why are drugs illegal? Because they deem it in the best interests of the body they control. None of these issues strike a cord of concern with you? Don’t worry eventually one will because there need to control knows no end. The nanny state exists because we are all treated as unable to handle our own affairs – we need welfare, we have health issues, we can’t be trusted to do the right thing – so government is our nanny and will keep making rules for us to stop us harming ourselves because fundamentally we are not competent to handle our own affairs – and its all legal because your body (but not your spirit) was handed to government as property for them to manage for your benefit. When you misuse the body they as its managers will step in to protect it. Which is why suicide is illegal.

    • Most succinctly put..by far the most useful and enlightening comment here…thank you for the food for thought….
      Would you have any suggestions on where best to find accurate advice/blogs from individuals who have been successful and not been duped into standing under many falsehoods through our courts, or the processes to follow to become a Free Man on the Land, or discharging debt via the IMF fund linked to birth certificate please Ad?
      There is so much misinformation out there and I believe our time is short – any advice would be gratefully received. With thanks

      • Sal asks, “Would you have any suggestions on where best to find accurate advice/blogs from individuals who have been successful and not been duped into standing under many falsehoods through our courts, or the processes to follow to become a Free Man on the Land, or discharging debt via the IMF fund linked to birth certificate please Ad?”

        I believe most public libraries have a well stocked Fiction section.

  20. Is there any Company in AU that can assist with setting up access to your “Strawman” account as it appears quite complicated?

    • Apparently your Strawman account is set up for you the moment you are born.

      It’s setting up your Freeman account that’s the hard part.

      Especially for people who like “craig nicholls’ don’t know the difference between the “Magna Carte” (Great Menu?) and the MAGNA CARTA.

      Oh, no – I wrote MAGNA CARTA in capitals. It must be a “legal fiction”.

      • Never mind that, he also capitalised “AU”, confirming my long-held suspicion that “Australia” is nothing but a fiction.

  21. You negative people on here stagger me.
    Lawyers argue legal definitions in a court of law yes? Crims escape jail and conviction with the help of Lawyers yes? This Strawman concept is simply understanding law and its definition and protecting oneself from prosecution.
    Were you charged and faced say ten years in jail yet bore an argument that set you free which option would you choose? Jail or freedom?
    I myself will take the freedom and you negative nellies can take the jail time and all that comes with it after dark.

    • People I have done extensive research and the facts are simple…..Since the governments have all become corporations under the UCC [Uniform Commercial Code] by means of the UNIDROIT TREATY not one legislative rule or code is valid in the arena of law..true Law, that is, the police are all private contractors to these commercial corporations, meaning they swear an oath to the legislations, codes of the commercial world then start creating ‘laws’ that are in conflict with true Laws because it makes massive revenue for the ‘for profit’ corporation they are paid by. A crime is an act that causes injury or loss to another human. That is breaking the Law…..driving without paying tax on a registration of your vehicle is not a crime,.travelling without a for profit licence is only answerable to the UCC if your engaging in the making of profit while using your car as a vehicle for business….nothing to do with Law. The police no longer have any authority to do anything to anyone because the Australian government no longer exist but is a corporation.and .the police are the private contractors with their own ABN all registered to the United States thus are a foreign entity on Australian land. As a human I have not taken an oath to observe and answer to the legislations of the corporations so, I do not observe them..they do not apply to ANYONE that is not a member of the corporation…they have cleverly screwed up every ones head subtly again for total control and profit… Don’t believe me, do your own research before you criticise what you don’t know………

      • So well said Gale.
        Emotion, feelings, empathy, love, fear, grief, joy, respect, trust, compassion, gratitude, admiration,hope, honor, morals these are the virtues of and by people, humans, the people.
        Whereas the corporations you described are a thing, a god damn machine, incapable of any semblance of humanity.

  22. How does one become a member of this underground movement , i agree with the Mullum stand-off Samnoelpearce, aka NOEL GEOFFREY PEARCE. I disagree with the government.

    Please email your response.


  23. And here we go! Vaccinations, compulsory face masks, officials door knocking and wanting to enter private homes, stand 6 feet apart, don’t visit your dying mother in hospital, restrict funerals to 6 people, people who have committed no crime interned for 2 weeks because the State said so that’s why…whatever. All because the State, like gutless cowards, hide behind the skirt of “your welfare”. This virus has provided another opportunity for State control and it’s the perfect justification for anything and everything.

    Read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli. Statecraft IS a thing. Read Leviathan and find out why States must, at all costs, be omnipotent. Throughout human history that’s how everything has rolled…with only the briefest flashes of anything remotely resembling harmony or fellowship.

    Aint no fellowship or harmony right now boys and girls. Just a whole lot of human strawmen being told what to do by a small cabal of other humans…because they said so that’s why. The blind leading the blind because “ya welfareeeeee”.

  24. OK so how and where does anyone get, good accurate and well founded information on all this, from the right, tested sources?
    Sal asks, “Would you have any suggestions on where best to find accurate advice/blogs from individuals who have been successful and not been duped into standing under many falsehoods through our courts, or the processes to follow to become a Free Man on the Land, or discharging debt via the IMF fund linked to birth certificate please Ad?”


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