SGB community centre makeover is rolled gold

Left to Right: South Golden Beach Community Centre committee members Kathy Norley, Angela Dunlop, Jaq Walsh and Robyn Quinn inspecting the upgrade. Photo contributed

Left to Right: South Golden Beach Community Centre committee members Kathy Norley, Angela Dunlop, Jaq Walsh and Robyn Quinn inspecting the upgrade.
Photo contributed

South Golden Beach residents are basking in the glow of their treasured community centre, which looks brand-spanking new after a half-million-dollar upgrade.

The renovation saw the well-loved community centre refitted with new foyer, kitchen, upstairs office and bathrooms – as well as increased floor space.

On the outside, the makeover included new decks with roofs on the east and north sides and external cladding.

The management committee has welcomed the upgrade to the community centre, which was built back in 1992 and had seen better days.

Byron Shire Council’s director of corporate management and community services Mark Arnold said attributed the success of the upgrade project to the energy of ‘a dedicated community group’, which he said had been ‘supportive throughout the upgrade’.

The group had given input into everything from design and funding right down to the finishes and the colour scheme, he said.

‘It’s been a rewarding project and one that we are sure will be valued by the community for many years to come,’ he said.

Mayor Simon Richardson thanked the committee and recognised that the South Golden Beach Community Centre was ‘a well-established place to gather, learn and celebrate’.

‘Under the leadership of Angela Dunlop, the group has been committed to gaining council support and funding for this project, and see the work through to completion.

‘The South Golden Beach community are very fortunate that they have a proactive community centre committee. It’s one of our key volunteer groups and we are grateful for their ongoing enthusiasm,’ he said.

Committee president Angela Dunlop said that the project has been ‘a long journey’ and it was ‘extremely gratifying to finally reach the finish line’.

‘Sitting next to the beachfront, the weather and salt air had meant that the building was due for a bit more than TLC. The renovations and additions will ensure that there will be many more community events held in coming years.

‘Since the work began, we’ve seen an increase in booking enquiries.  It’s a wonderful venue that is the focal point of our community.

‘It has a diverse range of uses including yoga, drumming and Bollywood classes, meditation groups, U3A table tennis for women through to weddings and family gatherings.

‘With its wonderful beachside location, the centre is accessible for everyone and we are very proud of what we have created for our community. We are looking forward to the reopening celebration once the hall is finally handed back to the management committee.

‘We are also seeking passionate members of our community to come on board our management committee.

‘It is an exciting and rewarding time to be involved, and we encourage anyone with fresh ideas who has a few spare hours per month, to contribute to managing this wonderful community asset. We particularly need people with IT, marketing and PR skills,’ Ms Dunlop said.

‘At only $15 per hour for regular classes, the centre is very affordable.’

More information on the South Golden Beach Community Centre can be found at

One response to “SGB community centre makeover is rolled gold”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    Dear Committee,
    And what may I ask is on at the Community Centre?
    What is at the centre of this community that you want to centre and broadcast out to the wider community?
    Any good ship will list and flounder on a sandy beach if the list is short for the community made up of varying kinds will stay behind their curtained house with their blinds down if they do not find something that will flutter their hearts. Are there any arts that the community can draw on and brush up on? That is a start.
    Something with colour they can paint the town red with and with personality to take the blues away as they age and retire on. And for the old ones with the only thing they have are memories and like certain people and persons at least someone has an old name from the past with that of Violet and the brand new ones and young ones that are green behind the ears with not much experience but will throw their hand in and help as if it seems their hands are not attached for their arms, for they need a place to belong. They need to sing and they need a song as they roll up in their thongs on the verandah.
    They need the company and the chin-wagging and the chatter. “Hey, did you know that the Simpsons have left to go down to Parramatta?” That is connection.
    They are the ones to get the cups of tea and say “How are you dear?” and they are the ones that never fear to connect with the lonely ones. The lonely ones are many and they are sprinkled in every community. They are the ones that need the community and the Community Centre, and they can be, with some encouragement, be the backbone and the strength that is needed to make a go of it as it is not the objects and the things like a golden beach and the weather. It is the banding together of the humanity of reaching out to each other in the community that makes a community human and friendly. Let’s get the party started. May I attend? I am just a writer.

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