Green values and the council’s dash for cash

John Wilson, Brunswick Heads.

My understanding of green party values, apart from the obvious, is that they include social and economic equality and encouraging and supporting people to work together in their communities for their communities.

Around three months ago Council workers started randomly booking anyone who parked in the park across from the Brunswick Heads surf club. People have been parking there for more than 40 years.

The council gave no warning and didn’t erect any signs to say that from that time anyone parking there will be fined. Many life savers were booked for parking there. Life savers who donate their time to training for and saving lives. Why did the council let this happen? Is this supporting the community? Just recently signs have been put up.

The proposed monster rate hike – how does the council think that pensioners and low-income earners are going to afford to pay their rates, even with the pensioner subsidies?

Affordable housing – the proposed monster rate rise will cause the price of rentals to rise as well. Who will be able to afford to live here?

I have voted for the Greens for many years. This is not a green council. I will not vote for the Greens again.

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