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April 21, 2021

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Local youth among those hardest hit by housing affordability crisis

A 20 per cent spike in rents is driving an increase in youth homelessness across the North Coast, the organisers of a national campaign to end homelessness say.

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Hippie fools

Edward Kent, Suffolk Park So, have the ‘hippie’ hipsters of Byron Bay figured out how the new global establishment party at...

Jack McCoy bringing surf show to Lennox

Legendary film maker Jack McCoy is bringing his acclaimed surf talk, film and live music event to the Lennox Head Cultural Centre on Saturday 8 May.

Upgrades for Lighthouse Parade in Ballina

One of the showcase areas of Ballina is about to get a safety and aesthetic upgrade, with the Lighthouse Parade Pedestrian Precinct and Road Safety Project commencing soon.

Eungella: Alleged domestic-related stabbing suspect charged with attempted murder

Police say a man will face court today charged with attempted murder following an alleged domestic-related stabbing earlier this year.

A bouquet for Lilac House

L Jenkins, Byron Bay Nicole Habrecht should receive free paint and brushes and a pat on the back from Council for...

Federal Government grants for infrastructure improvements – Tweed

Tweed Shire Council today announced more than $3.75 million in Federal Government grants for 10 infrastructure projects in the area.

March 31, 2021

Issue 35.42

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In this Issue:

inGrained Foundation grants program returns

In its third year, the inGrained Foundation’s Northern Rivers Large Grants Program returns with a $100,000 funding pool, ready to support a diverse range of local not-for-profits.


Blocked gutters

Kerry Gray, Mullumbimby A few days ago I inspected the stormwater drains down McGoughans Lane – the section between Burringbar and Fern streets and found that water was flowing the wrong way, pipes laid in some of the sections of...


Helena Norberg-Hodge, Byron Bay I am writing to voice my strong opposition to Council staff’s 'hard line proposal to prohibit secondary dwellings on all MOs and CTs'. Let’s be clear: such projects are not profit-driven proposals from big developers. Generally, they come from groups...


Not good enough

Alan Dickens, Brunswick Heads I have asked numerous times for clarification of what progress was being made on fixing the inflow/infiltration (I/I) problems with the sewer gravity mains in Mullumbimby. Can the mayor or any of the elected councillors explain why, if...


Housing debate in Byron Shire

Stuart Riley, Brunswick Head I read with interest the recent comment in The Echo on the housing debate in Byron Shire (17 March). I know l’ll get shot down in flames but I’d like to just mention a few things regarding development in...


What happened at Byron Council last week?

Were it any other town, the prospect of introducing some new timed parking spots would have barely caused a ripple at Byron Council.


The sacrifice for low wages – a paramedic speaks

Every time a paramedic goes to work, there is a pretty good chance they will save someone’s life.


Editorial – Dear diary

As if I don’t have enough to deal with, my empathy coach just cancelled my appointments because someone in his family ‘just died unexpectedly’.


McGoughans Lane Council fiasco

Robin Gracie, Mullumbimby The lack of maintenance to McGoughans Lane makes it a difficult area to navigate in the best of dry times; however, during wet periods, the laneway has become increasingly dangerous for use by pedestrians and motorists. Numerous approaches have...


Water truck stripped during floods in Main Arm

During last week's flood, a set of wheels on a water truck dropped off one side of a Main Arm causeway near Kohinur Hall. Then the truck was stripped both externally and internally while they waited for the flood waters to subside.


Budget cuts force ICAC to beg for funding: PSA

The peak body representing the public service in NSW says independent funding for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is needed now, ‘so the corruption watchdog can focus on its investigations rather than trying to find annual budget savings’.


‘If not now, then when?’ Time for an enshrined First Nations...

We need to be brave and take the question of a constitutional Voice to the Australian people, so that it can be guaranteed.


Groundwater contamination investigated in Byron Bay

Contamination by per-and-poly fluoroalkyl (PFAS) at Butler Street Reserve is being investigated by both the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Council.


Blowing in the wind in Ballina

Isolde Kopping, Lennox Head A note to Ballina Shire Council. It’s been 20 years since the legendary Bob Dylan performed in Ballina on 31 March 2001. That day we heard one of the greatest singers, songwriters, and activists of our times...


Greens as a party

Tom Tabart, Former Greens councillor The letter from Louise Doran (24 March) has points that I as ‘the resident from Drysdale’ she addresses would have to agree with. Yes the preselection of the current Greens councillors was hopelessly mismanaged and Byron has...


Helping koalas

Marianne Melnikas, Banora Point I wonder if Scott Sledge has ever actually farmed during his life? His demands for privately owned land to be reserved for koalas is ludicrous. A farmer who decided to rest land from cropping or grazing and...


Morrison PR fail

Eve Sinton, Upper Main Arm Scott Morrison just dug a deeper hole for himself with his disastrous press conference on women. It was all about HIM. ME, I, MY WIFE, MY CHILDREN, AND MY WIDOWED MOTHER. What he should have said:...


Building bridges

Duncan Dey, President, MARRA Main Arm Rural Residents Association (MARRA), on behalf of the Main Arm community, thanks Byron Shire Council for the recent three excellent and durable causeway upgrades on Main Arm Road upstream of Main Arm Store. This includes thanks...


And pork barrelling!

Ron Curran, Ocean Shores Is there any minister in the Morrison cabinet who has not been implicated in some way by rorts, cover-ups, shonky deals, illegal schemes (eg robodebt), or tainted by sexual assault allegations? Parliament House seems to have become a...


Cartoon of the week – 31 March, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 31 March,...

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 31 March, 2021


Interview with Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara can't wait to play at the Bluesfest and have a dance with her friends.


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Mandy on man bashing

On a recent post a woman called me a ‘man basher’. I was a little taken aback. I have been bashed by men, quite a few in fact, but I have never ever bashed a man. I have never bashed a woman.


Byron Bay Tempeh

There’s a reason everyone wants to live in the Northern Rivers, and a big part of that is the fresh food that’s made locally and the sustainable principles that many businesses make sure are underpinning that food.


Everything you could want for Easter AND 25% off

Easter is the busiest time of year for Kathy Quinn and the crew at the Mullumbimby Chocolate Shop, which has a great range of Easter deliciousness, but it’s hard to go past the unique chocolate bunnies and eggs.  


Fresh faces for Council elections

A very distinct, black flat-cap has just been thrown into the ring for the upcoming Byron Council elections, pegged for September 4.

Follow the buck$

JK Mckenna, Burringbar Give Fast Buck$ his own column in the paper. Let him speak. Let him be heard. Let’s also see some accountability from councils...

A bouquet for Lilac House

L Jenkins, Byron Bay Nicole Habrecht should receive free paint and brushes and a pat on the back from Council for maintaining her house in a...

Bruns boarding house showdown Thursday

The stage is set for a crucial debate over the Brunswick Heads ‘Corso’ development in Byron Council this week, with staff recommending that the developer’s revised plans be approved.