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July 22, 2024

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Rail, trail or both?

Not-for-profit Northern Rivers Railway, and Northern Regional Railway Company, are working to extend a climate-friendly passenger train service to...

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Mrs Elliot

It’s very unfortunate that Justine Elliot has so little confidence in herself or her party that she needs to...

Regen Ag program on offer

Farm entrepreneurs in agrifood, agtech or agriwaste who are in start-up, or scale-up mode, are encouraged to apply for a eight-week, fully funded accelerator program at the Byron Community College.

Free coercive control community forum tonight in Kingscliff

What is coercive control? Is it really something we can define and work out how to respond to? The...

Nelson Bay dominate NSW Croquet championships

Following from the recently finished pennant season and the Northern Rivers Croquet Association Championships, local players took on opponents...

Maintenance work Blackwall Drive, Wardell

Maintenance work is being carried out on Blackwall Drive, Wardell starting Monday 22 July.

Taking action to preserve forests for the Great Koala National Park

It was pouring rain, and dark, as my 14-year- old son Omar, Frankie our faithful Jack Russell, and I made our way four hours south to the traditional logging town of Taylors Arm, west of Macksville. Taylors Arm was made famous in Slim Dusty’s song, The Pub With No Beer. 

December 14, 2022

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.27 – December 14, 2022

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In this Issue:

Calls on Byron Council to improve ‘Dogs in Public Spaces’ strategy

A group of community members from across the Byron Shire has come together asking Council to ‘make further amendments to clarify and improve the [Dogs in Public Spaces] Strategy and re-exhibit it’.


Defend the right to peaceful protest

Violet Coco received a 15-month jail sentence for blocking one lane on Sydney Harbour Bridge. No bail was granted until the appeal in March next year (election month). The premier was pleased and the ALP leader supported it. Both are equally odious. As...


Byron Council didn’t listen on Natural Burial Ground

The news that the Natural Burial Ground (NBG) on the Vallances Road site had been rejected by Council at their last meeting came as a complete shock and surprise to everyone in the community who has been working hard to make this happen


Old Man Shouts At Cloud #5: One word leads on to...

While playing Word Chums with a friend the other day I accidentally invented a new word: ‘wordrobe’. This is how so many of the great discoveries come about.


Editorial: Ambitious targets to be ignored again?

The sense of déjà vu is overwhelming. An international conference to tackle the already known causes of the ecological disaster unfolding around us. 


Young people with specific learning disabilities need better assistance

In Australia, especially in regional areas such as the North Coast, there is a severe lack of funding and support available for children with specific learning disabilities.


Beginning and end

Is the Liberal Party finished? Are they now a dying refuge for a generation that is entering nursing homes and fading into obscurity? The era that championed capitalism, expounded the importance of neoliberalism and the free market has passed....


Linnaeus again

In response to Linnaeus article (30 November). Thanks to the mayor for proposing the back zoning and councillors for support. It doesn’t rescind the zone change that allowed the inappropriate ecotourism facility and Community Title but may restrict future...


Your right to protest – where do your local politicians stand?

With the public’s right to protest under the spotlight, where do those who represent us at the state level (or aspire to), stand with the current law that sent activist Deanna ‘Violet’ Coco to jail for 15 months?


Fed Sheds DA a ‘structural tension’ with town masterplan: councillor

Councillors have approved a masterplan for Federal that envisages a pedestrian and cycle-friendly town with a safe and vibrant Main Street running beside an upgraded park that forms the heart of the hinterland village.


Corrupt politics in the climate era

As the world now knows, Violet Coco parked a truck on a lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stood holding a flare, representing a distress symbol to highlight the climate emergency. She blocked traffic on a single lane for about twenty-eight minutes before she was arrested.


Time for a rail trail

The consultant’s report by Burchills Engineering Solutions (October 2021) to inform Byron Council on options for the Mullum-to-Bruns cycleway makes the following points (page 29) when summarising Option A (the Rail Trail): ‘…the rail corridor north from Brunswick Heads...


Going postal

The Echo reporting about ACP and Council motion Thank you for your support of a postal bank, which could revitalise small business and farming areas and provide real competition among the arrogant big four banks. They are closing regional branches at...


Close the Rail Trail

How or why should we close The Rail Trail down? It is clear now ‘due procedural process’ was not followed. The federal government Department of Infrastructural Assets personally decided not to ask for approval for the rail trail from...


Bioenergy plant

Ah, Council is applying its new Hokey Pokey policy to inform the bioenergy plant proposal: You put your bioenergy plant in, you take your bioenergy plant out, you turn around and shake it all about. You put your bioenergy...


A sad farewell for young Jack

Yeew! That greeting is synonymous in my family, as I’m sure it is for many of you, with Jack.


Dogs, dogs and more dogs

Council staff I have personally spoken to freely admit to a ‘dog problem’ in and around Byron Shire. Having been bitten by a dog some 700 metres past a ‘No dogs’ sign on Brunswick Beach I can attest to the...


Large Suffolk development heads to court

The Suffolk Park Progress Association say they will request that elected councillors retain a decision-making role in a large mixed-use complex proposed for Clifford Street, after the Sydney-based developer commenced court proceedings against Council for refusal.


Global Ripple rehomed after fire

One week after the Global Ripple OpShop was devastated by fire, the much-loved charity is rising from the ashes on a wave of support from the local community.


Cartoon of the week – 14 December 2022

Letters to the editor The Echo loves your letters and is proud to provide a community forum on the issues that matter most to our readers and the people of the NSW north coast. So don’t be a passive reader, send...


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: A Better Way

Last week I shared stories about two women who experienced rape and sexual abuse who found the system so traumatising they couldn’t go through with a court case. I talked about the need for judicial reform. About the urgency for a legal system that prioritises victim care.


BJJ champion to hold training day in Lismore

Rekindling The Spirit will present a training session for the Indigenous youth and young people of Lismore on Saturday 17 December featuring  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  World Champion, Thalison Soares. The venue will be the Success Martial Arts. Contact: [email protected]


Local basketballer ready for top-level challenges

Local basketballer Harley Kent has been selected to represent NSW in the U/20 squad and is keen for the national titles that will be held in February next year. Harley has played with state squads for the last couple of...


Byron Breakers are on top of the table after a big...

Despite strong performances from the locals and other contenders the Byron Bay Tri club has maintained its top place on the North Coast Triathlon League after the second event of the season held in Yamba earlier this month. The Clarence...


Byron Beez basketballers win silver in Coffs Harbour

Byron Bay Beez U/18 girls basketball team travelled to Coffs Harbour last weekend, and came away with a silver medal in the Bronwyn Vigors Tournament. The team was only picked the week before, and this was the first time they...


Heilpern’s piece

Re Heilpern’s Echo piece last week. I am not Jewish, but married into the local Israeli community. If you call a fear for my...

Common knowledge

It is common knowledge shared by Byron Shire Council (BSC) water and sewer engineering staff and the director of infrastructure that approximately twelve houses...

Mrs Elliot

It’s very unfortunate that Justine Elliot has so little confidence in herself or her party that she needs to publicly crap on the Greens’...

Tikkun Olam

David Heilpern's brilliant article 'Zionism, antisemitism and Israel' stands in complete contrast to former Israeli defence minister Moshe Dayan's recommendation that, 'Israel must be...