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March 31, 2023

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Is polluting a lake in a national park to support new housing ok?

From Byron Bay to Evans Head to Casino the questions about how we deal with what is politely termed ‘effluent’, and how that may or may not destroy our local environment, demand real and urgent answers.

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Rethinking the tourism paradigm

The past three years have been a fairly challenging time for the Byron tourism Industry, after fires, floods, and a pandemic. According to local tourism organisation, Destination Byron, now seems the right time to rethink the tourism paradigm for Byron.

Dispatches from the polling booths

The political pendulum always swings, sometimes quite savagely, knocking out MPs. The late swing to Labor was detected a few days before the election by Newspoll.

Local skateboarders ready for Ballina contest and NCAS tryouts

The Fair Go skate competition will take place at the Ballina Skate Park from this Friday March 31 and...

Tamara Smith returned to Ballina’s Greens seat

Last night a packed Suffolk Park Hotel exploded with cheers at around 8pm when the ABC broadcast computer popped up a Green result for Ballina and the return of Tamara Smith to the seat she has held for the last eight years.

It’s Sunset and it’s Loooooong

If there’s one thing that indie music fans can all agree on, it’s The Long Sunset – the wanderlust music and camping festival set in the lush surrounds of the Canungra, Queensland hinterland on 29 April.

Tweed rail trail

In response to last week’s article titled ‘Tweed rail corridor rail trail not looking to the future’ (p.10) I...

December 21, 2022

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.28 – December 21, 2022

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In this Issue:

Mote and Beam

We are hypocrites. We criticise other countries, China and Qatar for example, for perceived breaches of human rights when our own record is poor at best and that of our closest ally is woeful. Our treatment of Indigenous Australians, including...


Changing the world

With reference to Mandy Nolan’s article ‘Changing the World with Non-violent Action’ Echo, (14 December).  We wholeheartedly support Daisy and others in their non-violent direct actions. However, we would like to point out, that there is nothing to be ashamed...


Collective effervescence on the dance floor

In the months after the flood, with Mullumbimby rattled and reeling, I started dancing on Friday nights. The ritual is now firmly entrenched and will not be easily abandoned.


Heads in the sand

I found the cartoon (7 December) depicting those who object to an Indigenous Voice as having their heads in the sand to be offensive.  The Voice is a contentious matter that, arguably, has serious consequences for all Australians. It should...


Fake gov and the environment

Following the fake federal environment minister’s recent announcement of alleged ‘new environmental laws’, which predictably won’t be in place for at least another 12 months, a few quotes from Bob Brown during a recent interview. 1. The reform package is...


Unaffordable Bay

Today I went into Byron. I dropped into the op shop first, but when I couldn’t see any clothing under $15 (and most much higher cost) I walked out. I must have missed the memo whereby they converted to...



I looked at a couple of stunning insect pictures in a lovely photography book by Jean Paul Ferrero.  Recently I saw a huge flock of white butterflies, but other than that the book made me realise that I see very...


Dog areas

Good to see a citizen group asking Council for more proactivity around the dog problem.  Our personal experience as responsible dog co-owners has been pretty er… awful. My partner had her leg broken by an uncontrolled dog on Belongil. Six months...


Is there an alternative to exploitation to sustain us in our...

It is interesting to note how the energy transition and decarbonisation plans have been gaining prominence in the media for some time now. We can see it on the front pages of newspapers, in political debates, in governments’ strategic energy transition plans and in companies’ apparent climate commitments.


Fed Sheds refused 

Overdevelopment got a serve last Thursday when a majority of councillors supported refusal of the long-equivocated Development Application for ‘Fed Sheds’ in Federal. I proposed refusal in August but lost the vote then, with the majority preferring to send...

Protection racket

The flurry of articles by Richard Jones, Mandy Nolan, and one reprinted from Cosmos Magazine in last week’s Echo have each reminded us of the enormity of the ecological crisis we now face, and the predictable reaction of powerful...


Editorial: Quick, someone else grab the policy lever

With 2022 wrapping up, there will hopefully be some much-needed time for everyone to pause and reflect on the year, and to take time out to do what’s most important – spending time with friends and family. 


State election

The last two state elections held here in the Ballina electorate indicate clearly it's a mathematical impossibility for the Nationals to win the seat. This is owing to the fact that the Labor and Green primary votes together easily...


Buoyancy NSW embraces seachange

After the clusterfuck that was Resilience NSW in 2022, premier Dominic Parrottoe recognised the need to face up to the wet future, especially for the Archipelago of Byron Shire.


Short Term Rental Accommodation outrage

As I finalise another submission on another state government push for higher density development (gifting to developers) to address their failure to deliver on social and affordable housing, they do a backflip on Byron’s short term rental accommodation (STRA).  Our...


So, were we wrong to protect Byron Shire? A 30-year perspective

So, were we wrong to protect Byron Shire? This question is often asked as our efforts have created a ‘desirable’ location but delivered extreme pressure on our community and environment. 


Soil dumping on Marshalls Creek found to be Council’s ‘stockpile’

Calls to immediately act after a large amount of fill was dumped on the Middle Pocket section of Marshalls Creek fell on deaf councillor ears at last week’s meeting. 


Disused rail to become part cycleway in Shire’s north

The long-awaited construction of a cycleway between Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads has taken a significant step forward, with Byron Council selecting a preferred route and commencing the design investigation process.


Fed Sheds DA rejected

A proposed light industrial development that divided the community of Federal has been knocked back by Byron Council, leaving a cloud of doubt over the plan.


Lib-Nats govt breaks election promise on 90-day rental cap

The Liberal-Nationals Perrottet government has broken their election commitment to Byron Shire on controlling short-term rental accommodation (STRA), the day before councillors voted unanimously on lowering the rental cap, in some parts of the Shire, from 180 to 90 days. 


Crimes in chalk

Good to read the reports in last week’s Echo on the climate emergency and NSW’s ridiculous protest laws. In Mandy Nolan’s article she notes that Extinction Rebellion activist Daisy Nutty faced charges for chalking the pavement outside MP Kevin...


Chimp the kelpie

Given the continued wanton destruction of native habitat and wildlife perpetrated by that crazed foaming-at-the-mouth hominid known as human I demand, for the sake of the very survival of the planet, an immediate emergency order enforcing a 23-hour human...


No accountability around pod villages

Claims of violence at a number of pod village sites across the Northern Rivers has been brought to the attention of The Echo, raising concerns over the safety of residents and staff at pod sites. 


Photo of the week – 21 December 2022

The Echo loves your letters and is proud to provide a community forum on the issues that matter most to our readers and the people of the NSW north coast. So don’t be a passive reader, send us your epistles.


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Putting their money where our house was

They took away our capacity to impose a 90-day cap in some areas in Byron Shire. This does not apply to residents who live on the premises they let. Just absentee landlords. Investors. People who profiteer at the expense of our community. People who own multiple properties and who use our region like a Monopoly board.


Appeal to locate man last seen at Casino on way to Tweed

Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a man from Grafton missing from the North Coast area.

Do you still need help to get two rooms fixed after the 2022 flood?

More than 80 Lismore residents have had help getting a few rooms in their flood-impacted homes re-sheeted and habitable following the devastating 2022 floods.  The...

$15,000 fine and warnings over illegal logging in Kyogle Shire

Urbenville-based logging company Rojech Pty Ltd were fined $15,000 earlier this month over logging operations near the entrance to the Border Ranges National Park in Kyogle Shire.

No street gathering policy for Ballina Shire

A majority of Ballina Shire councillors have voted against a Greens-led motion for a new policy enabling resident-led street closures for gatherings and play.