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June 24, 2021
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Another roadblock for major Kingscliff development?

Tweed Council clarifies that the Kingscliff DA for a haulage road that will allow '90,000 truck and trailer movements' to bring in fill from the M1 upgrade does not actually allow the developers to use the proposed fill at the site – developers disagree.

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Interview with Tania de Jong, one of the founding members of Mind Medicine

Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) is a charity that seeks to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness through expanding treatment options available to medical practitioners and their patients. Their focus is on the development of safe and effective psychedelic assisted therapies to cure a range of mental illnesses.

The knives are out

Paul Brecht, Evans Head Reading the letters section of The Echo I came across the two councillor’s Martin and Ndiaye...

Man missing from Cudgen

Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a man missing from the Far North Coast.

Murwillumbah mega-school – consultation done says Minister’s office

The challenge to the NSW Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell that she had sprung the Murwillumbah mega-school on the community with no consultation and needed to seek further genuine consultation with the Murwillumbah community has been rebuffed.

Water diversity

John Revington, The Channon A big thank you to Rous County Council (RCC) for acting quickly on the preliminary planning and...

SOS says there was no community consultation for ‘super-school’

Governments regularly resort to spin to deceive the public and avoid accountability says  Save Our Schools.

Stories about "Rose Wanchap":

Rose didn’t jump, she was pushed

Doug Luke, Byron Bay.  Congratulations, Byron Greens! I was secretary of Byron Greens at the time when Rose Wanchap ceased to be a member. Not long after...

Realtor’s rosy spin machine in overdrive

Lois Hunt, Broken Head. What a shock to see the full page advertisement in the Byron Shire Echo, announcing the realtor, Rose Wanchap, as a candidate for mayor.

Wanchap and her detractors stand for election

The bete noire of Byron Shire politics, Greens defector and realtor Rose Wanchap, has announced she will contest the upcoming council elections. But one of her chief detractors, Bryon Residents Group president Cate Coorey, has also announced she will run.

The immaculate Rose deception

Lorissa Barrett, Ewingsdale. Thank you Rose for your one-sided advertisement. The community you represent did not vote you in as an independent, they voted for you as a representative of the Greens, by voting above the line they voted for a party and the policies of that party.

Byron goes West as Rose touts for the big developer

Michael Hart, Mullumbimby. In reply to Rose Wanchap, the ‘champion’ of the proposed controversial West Byron housing development, it’s time to take a look at what this really means for our community.

Close Byron to tourists

Edward Kent, Suffolk Park.The greenwash 'Green Party' posturing is ineffective. Byron has slid into this mess on the back of the hippy escape from reality mentality and now it comes back to bite.

Rose: the developer’s hand maiden

Geoff Southward, Suffolk Park. Hard to know where to start regarding Rose Wanchap’s bizarre advertorial last week. Her Third-World housing price theories (just build more and the prices will drop – hey that’s certainly worked, er, nowhere) aside, the thought bubbles regarding the solar array etc for West Byron are totally beholden to the developer's intent.

Wanchap again called on to do the right thing: quit

Jan Hackett, Byron Bay. Dear Rose: In last week’s Byron Echo you took out a full page ad to justify your moral right to remain on Council after breaking the trust of the majority of the community who voted for you, longterm ratepayers who treasure our sensitive ecosystem, our threatened infrastructure and our quality of life in general.

Rose and her faction all for clearing koala habitat

Yvette Steinhauer, Byron Bay. I note the calls for Byron shire councillor Rose Wanchap to resign. I agree she has hijacked democracy in this shire. I am particularly aggrieved by her voting at the last council meeting to knock back the Council’s Koala Plan of Management.

Wanchap must listen to the community

Suzie Deyris, Byron Bay. Anything I can do that might reach Rose Wanchap and convince her to stand down or for re-election (at least), I feel I must do, for this town and community I love.

‘The Norway of Australia’: what does good electric vehicle policy look like?

What does good electric vehicle policy look like? NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean has announced an EV car package that he says will bring NSW on par with the world’s best. Is he right?

Byron market relocation proposal divides opinion

Community opinion appears to be starkly divided over the proposed relocation of the Byron Community Markets from the foreshore at Main Beach to Railway Park, which Byron councillors will vote on this Thursday.

Michael Lyon announces Byron Shire Council ticket

Byron Shire Mayor, Michael Lyon, has announced a group of candidates to run for the upcoming Council elections in September.

Old Byron Hospital future before Council

A significant decision about the future of the old Byron Hospital site will be made this week, with Byron Council choosing an organisation to manage the new community hub that will be created there.