Kingscliff’s Marine Parade should not be one-way

Carl Redman and I go back a long way.  In principle I agree with his assertion that Tweed shire councillors are the final part of council’s decision making process.

There are however, some unusual circumstances surrounding the Marine Parade one-way decisions.

Only four of the existing councillors were in office for all three meetings that progressed the bad idea to a bad decision.

One of these councillors, Katie Milne, attempted to have a trial carried out before spending the $650,000 on the final job.

This trial would have been relatively cheap and would have shown up all of the flaws in under a week. Unfortunately for Kingscliff, her fellow councillors did not support her.

Katie should be given credit for this. Three new councillors took up their seats in council only in time for the last meeting dealing with the one-way.

I believe that this flawed idea should never have made it to the council chamber for a decision.

Any planning engineer worth his salt would have known straight away that reducing the vehicle carrying capacity of one of Kingscliff’s main roads was a poor idea.

The ongoing growth of Kingscliff and South Kingscliff along with the prospective growth of Kings Forest and West Kingscliff will make it all so much worse.

If we do have planning engineers worth their salt, and I believe we do, then the possibility of the suppression of their advice is an even more serious issue.

This road should be returned to two-ways.

Ron Coopert, Kingscliff

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