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December 5, 2022

Fluoride fight is far from over, activists warn

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Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last year. (Picture Robert Hearne)
Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last year. (Picture Robert Hearne)

Anti-fluoride activists are hoping the newly-elected Lismore City Council will take a fresh look at the fluoride issue, and have welcomed the decision by the Mackay City Council in Queensland to discontinue fluoridating their water supply.

The Mackay council, which was forced to fluoridate by the Queensland Government in 2011, has now joined two thirds of councils in Queensland who have through concerted public and community concerns have rejected fluoridation.

Fluoride Free Northern Rivers spokesperson Leisa Webb said Lismore should follow the lead of Mackay.

‘The Jenny Dowell-led council with support of councillor Neil Marks in 2014 moved to hand over all fluoride decisions to the NSW Department of Health,’ Ms Webb said.

‘This has led to a situation where the fluoride plants constructed in the northern rivers are subject to overdosing and constant break downs spilling highly concentrated toxic water into the plants.

‘As there has been no reporting about these hazards occurring or the clean up and disposal of the waste into the environment FFNR have called on Lismore City Council to suspend the plant operations and hold an urgent inquiry.’

Ms Webb said the a survey of candidates prior to the recent local government election had shown that a majority of the newly-elected council were against fluoride.

‘The makeup of the newly-elected Lismore Council from our pre-election candidate survey clearly indicates that the council has reverted to its traditional 50 year position of opposing water fluoridation,’ she said.

Prior to the election, Isaac Smith, Elly Bird, Greg Bennett, Vanessa Ekins all said they were opposed to fluoride, while Cr Neil Marks and Ginapiero Battista voted in support during the term of the last council.  Activists believe newly-elected councillors Adam Guise, Darlene Cook, Eddie Lloyd and Nancy Casson would make up a majority against fluoride is they supported the position taken by the heads of their electoral groups.

‘The success of conservative councillor Greg Bennett could be explained by his opposition to fluoridation at the expense of the National Party pro fluoride advocate Cr Neil Marks,’ Ms Webb said.

‘The widely reported recent statements from the NHMRC on the safety of fluoride are highly misleading. The NHMRC failed to disclose the Therapeutic Goods Administration will not register water fluoridation as a therapeutic on the grounds that it is NOT therapeutic, meaning no therapeutic claims can be made on water fluoridation.

‘The report also failed to disclose that 25 per cent of 12 year old children in NSW now have fluorosis, a visible sign of fluoride over dose, with 4 per cent of that is classed as being moderate to severe.

‘Fluoride Free Northern Rivers have a new office at 10 Club Lane in Lismore which is dedicated to research, information and fund raising. Over the last 12 months FFNR have prepared a detailed legal brief for Counsel with an aim to mount a Federal Court challenge.’

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  1. It is great that the majority of councilors in Lismore are against fluoridation as it ishould be removed from the public water supply to give EVERYBODY a choice about it. For me it has caused hypothyroidism. Diagnosed 9 yrs ago after avoiding fluoridated water and everything that contains it, it took 6 months for my TSH levels to return to normal and 8 yrs for the recovery of one of my thyroid anti-bodies, the other anti-body count is still high. Needless to say my lifestyle is not easy – I am unable to eat anything other than fresh fruit, veg, meat or homemade. Nearly everything made in Australia is made from fluoridated water which also contains arsenic, cadmium and lead (from the Australian Drinking Water Standards) – I’ve even been advised not to consume organic yoghurt by one manufacturer as they can’t guarantee it is not made using fluoridated water. So, we make our own yoghurt, bread, sauces, stocks, soups. As an Australian citizen, I respect any other fellow citizen anyone who believes these poisons are good for you – you should have the right to add as much fluoride to your own water but do not add it to the public water supply – those of us who do not wish to consume these poisons also deserve the right to choose.

    • The available medical and scientific evidence suggests an absence of an association between water fluoridation and thyroid disorders.

      Many major reviews of the relevant scientific literature around the world support this conclusion. Of particular importance are:

      an exhaustive review conducted in 1976 by an expert scientific committee of the Royal College of Physicians of England;
      a systematic review in 2000 by the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York; and,
      a 2002 review by an international group of experts for the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), under the joint sponsorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

      None has found any credible evidence of an association between water fluoridation and any disorder of the thyroid.

      So if the amounts of the chemicals listed are below the Australian drinking water guideline, there is no danger to human health

      I notice the writer says nothing about the 35 chemicals that are, or could be added to make the water potable.
      Could any one of these cause her problem ? Or is there a hidden agenda to blame fluoride

    • Fluoride poisoning is beginning to be recognized and reversed as you testify.

      I have been on fluoridated water as a child of a US Military dentist for 60 years and acute exposure to HF and SiF4 fumes at work studying lead pipes in the basement of DC water treatmenr plant. I have dental fluorosis and a host of medical issues as a result. After parathyroidectomy, elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) persisted until I started avoiding fluoride at my nurse daughter’s suggestion. After 30 months, my PTH dropped to midrange normal, less antibodies against my thyroid, goiter shrunk to 60% previous size. Neurological symptoms (numbness, forgetfulness, anxiety) and gut and bladder irritation improved within months with no more kidney stones or pancreatitis. Lingering symptom is arthritis now after three years.

      Fluoride poisoning from water fluoridation is chronic, insiduous, subtle and almost impossible to recognize especially with the medical and academic community sold out to profluoride propaganda. We are on our own to end this grotesque experiment on our bodies. (Harold Hodge, original profluoridationist, also experimented by injecting radioactive isotopes into people without their consent in 1940’s) BRAVO to Lesley to figure fluoride poisoning for what it is and to make us aware of the slow process of detox and healing. We all need to be aware that the multifaceted symptoms of fluoride poisoning may not all be reversible. Horrific to think what fluoride poisoning is doing to fetuses and infants brains especially if their mom’s are already fluoride saturated.

  2. It is immoral for the government to force a drug/chemical, fluoride, on everyone against their will. It results in a condition that no doctor or dentist will ever allow;

    1. Offer a drug to people, without their consent, they have never met and never examined.
    2. Offer a drug with absolutely no control over the dose (one glass, three glasses, eight glasses, who knows?).
    3. Offer a drug with no way to treat side effects (allergy, dental fluorosis, brittle bones, and much worse).

    We have a situation in which infants fed formula reconstituted with fluoridated water are receiving much higher doses of fluoride than adults! It is no wonder that in children it lowers IQ, causes ADHD (see “Journal of Environmental Health” by Malin & Till, 2015) and the CDC reports that 41% have enamel damage (dental fluorosis).

    Colgate has just announced a Fluoride-Free toothpaste to help young children

    • maybe willie could post the peer reviewed papers that say Fluorideat.7PPM is a drug??

      Also the same quality papers that say C.W.F causes I.Q loss ??

      The malin and Till has a quality rating of Poor, From the peer reviews.

      And the CDC stats have been “massaged” by the anti fluoride lot as per usual

      In regard to CDC/Beltrain-Aguilar, that “41% of all children” is composed of 37.1% with mild to very mild dental fluorosis, both of which are barely detectable, benign conditions requiring no treatment, and which have no effect on cosmetics, form, function, or health of teeth. The other 3.8% are those with moderate dental fluorosis, a condition which manifests as white areas on teeth. Whether or not these moderately fluorosed teeth require any restoration depends on the preferences of the patients and their parents. Some may be concerned enough with the cosmetics to desire treatment, others may not. There was not enough evidence of severe dental fluorosis to even be quantifiable.

  3. Those who support fluoridation must have a secret agenda as fluoride is a known neurotoxin and as toxic as lead and arsenic. To know more about this medical fraud watch this short interview with Dr A.K. Susheela who has more than 40 years experience in treating those suffering from fluorosis (fluoride poisoning).


  4. What’s wrong with you people. Flouride has been proven to be effective in reducing tooth decay. I am in my mid-eighties and have been using flouridated water since the sixties. I am still hale & hearty with far more teeth than would have been the case had I not done so.

  5. The fact that Mackay City Council in Queensland is discontinuing fluoridating in their water supply and that 25% of 12year olds have fluorosis is evidence enough to put a stop to this maddness. Of course to this must be added the inability to regulate dosage, the uncertainty of its impact on the environment and the questionable sanity of those who promote mass medication make fluoridation of our drinking water a big no no.

  6. A lot of our milk is made from powder, therefore it also has fluoride in it, but there is no mention of it in the contents. There is no mention in the contents of any liquid purchased that it contains fluoride. No bureaucrat is qualified to prescribe anything for ingestion to the masses. We have had to pay a plumber to install a reverse osmosis filter, only to the kitchen sink, can’t afford it to the house, and then pay a plumber to change the filters every 6 months. Then the Council increase our water rates to pay for the fluoride. Our democratic rights have been violated. The only thing the Council has the right to provide is “clean water” not to treat us, especially when the majority of people don’t need it or want it. The TGA will not approve it as it is not considered a medicine.
    The State Health Dept gave Rocky Creek Water Board $10 million for the infrastructure. This is only one Council in the State. Where did they get the money from, at a time when they were closing hospitals, beds and decreasing staff numbers. This needs an urgent inquiry. Check this site out:


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